WATERFORALL - 1st Hemispheric Assembly of Red VIDA - Summary

Subject: [WATERFORALL] 1st Hemispheric Assembly of Red VIDA - Summary Report

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Summary Report from the 1st Hemispheric Assembly of the Red VIDA

Sword Play


Sword Play

By Chris Floyd Published: February 18, 2005

You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason

scare tactics from Washington (Moonie) Times: Nicaragua seeks stash of missiles

warning: political post!

The Rev. Sung Yung Moon's Washington Times is spearheading the latest effort to try to tell Nicaragua what to do about it's own army and what kinds of weapons they are supposed to have . . . gee, the next thing you know they'll be electing those "Marxist" FSLN politicos . . .


This was sent via a Yahoo User Group to my e mail this morning. Just wishing to share it. 1/14/2005

To: Dr. Cesar Gaviria Trujillo, Secretary General, OAS

What happend to revolutions in Nicaragua and Iran


I have been interested in Nicaragua since perhaps 17 years ago. I read a book "A journey to Nicaragua" at that time and it made me very interested about Nicaragua.

There is something else. A revolution was happend in Iran and Nicaragua at the same time about 25 years ago in 1979. Though my and your country started with the same story they ended very different.

Stephen Kinzer's "Blood of Brothers"

Does anyone have a copy of Kinzer's "Blood of Brothers" (about the history of Nicaragua) I could borrow? The local Peace Corps volunteer lent me several photocopied chapters and I'm hooked. Post here or email me at suppliants(at)yahoo(dot)com

Political Stability

What concerns do you have regarding the political climate in Nic? Do you have any concerns regarding property rights and potential property redistribution by a socialist-type political element? Is it true that some major US companies will leave Nic if certain political elements gain control? Does the ex-pat maintain a double minded world-view - whereby, on the one hand, he hopes to maintain the status quo vis a vis the Conservative President Bolanos who runs the country in accordance with US desires and interests (like destroying the old missiles) but which also protects (US like) individual property rights; and on the other hand, the ex-pat also hopes for a more independent Nicaragua that is capable of sustaining itself and caring for it's people and environment on it's own terms? Is it not a little frightening to own property in a country where there is a distinct possibility that with the next election, a group can come in and take your land away? Why would any major multinational companies, say they would pull out if a particular political party gains control? Does a genuine threat to their livelihood in Nic exist? And does not this same contingency threaten the little man's property rights as well? I am sure I oversimplify here. Please share your thoughts on this.


The political murder of La Prensa journalist María José Bravo

La Prensa journalist María José Bravo, age 32, was fatally shot in Chontales on November 9 by the PLC ex-mayor Eugenio Hernández González. This was the classic "hit" of which has plagued journalists in Latin America for years: truth-tellers do so at the risk and sometimes expense of their lives. Her obituary in yesterday's La Prensa called her a "martyr of journalism" who has now joined the ranks of heroes such as Pedro Joaquín Chamorro (the most famous journalistic martyr in NIcaragua - assassinated in Jan. 1978). And today the assassin is trying to say it was an accident - he had a .38 pistol in a bag which he dropped and, oops, it went off and just happened to kill the pesky journalist.

The return of the Caudillos - vote por el Coronel Aureliano Buendia!!!

Ok folks, first thing first, I do not care about politics, so having say that, here's an article from the economist a friend sent to me last week, so check it out if you one of those who likes to debates the pro and cons of political candidates. To me most of them are just a piece of... well you get the idea.

'Struggle For the Future of Nicaragua'

From reading recent postings on the election, I thought some might be interested in this editorial from the Washington Post:

Struggle For the Future of Nicaragua

By Salvador Stadthagen Saturday, November 13, 2004; Page A29

US defense secretary to visit Nicaragua


Sort of ironic, I'm leaving for Nicaragua Thursday, looking SO forward to being out of the U.S. politics and Rumsfeld decides to drop in for a visit the very next day.

Nicaragua: Results of Local Elections 2004

If you are able to read Spanish go to http://www.laprensa.com.ni and click onto politica http://www.laprensa.com.ni/politica/politica-20041108-01.html for the lastest tendencias. I am neutral, just giving the info.

Gringo Relations

There has been a lot of argument about how Nicaraguans see Americans, and the like. I live in a house with Nicaraguans in Estelí, and since non-Nicaragüenses can't answer these questions very well, I've decided to translate some of the opinions presented, and have them respond.

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