Nicaragua, Honduras and hypocrisy

Reading this article in the Washington Post, I'm more than sure that our country is a forget land in this world.

Is the first article i found in the in international press that address in a general description the wrong doing of the governments, linking our situation to the last political struggle in Honduras and the reaction of the international community. But will require more than an article or more than one page to point out all the facts.

The Latin American Revolution - a 4 part audio series

"Summary: A four-part audio documentary about the remarkable process of progressive social change taking place in Latin America. Written in 2009 and produced in 2010. Most of the interviews were recorded at the 2009 World Social Forum held in Belem, Brazil."

Nicaragua's political future

A new (16 June) COHA report [http://www.coha.org/] on Ortega & Nicaraguan politics by B. Riley does an excellent job of explaining recent goings-on. From El Pacto's duopoly changing election rules in 1999, to CSJ's Judgement 504 that allows Daniel to run for re-election and its 'amparo' ruling which meant that "Ortega may run for the presidency repeatedly because the constitutional ban does not apply to him. The FSLN mayors are similarly exempt from the ban.

The Julian Pinder Film


Has everyone seen this? The trailer is in the link below.


I don't know enough about the situation in SJDS to comment but I do object to the jump from Reagan's limousine to the shot of the helicopter gunships and then to the bodies lined up in rows.

Cuba Has Massive Sugar Shortfall

Production this year down 100,000 MT. Worst in 100 years. attributed to poor management of growing and processing. Weather was not a factor. Not a great time for this to happen as production shortfalls primarily caused by heavy rain in India and Brazil have pushed world sugar prices to a 29-year high, nearly tripling in the past year.

Pancho para Presidente 2011

Since Pancho apparently lives in Canada, I was not sure where to post this.

I think we need a category: Political jokes.


Ponder Greece

As well all dissect NICA economics and how that relates to the people and the country, consider this. Greece, a country which few would call even close to "developing" just needed a $150 billion bail out. OK, so things go wrong...happens to the best of countries in these times. But, consider that it is estimated (by the Greeks) that about $30 billion in taxes are evaded each year. Not too many of those years for there to be no deficit. A recent finding is that when asked to check if they had a pool at their house, 347 residents of Athens said they did. Aerial imaging shows 16,500 pools.

Say what you will

but in other countries they also have rowdies in the congress.




Let's hope if it breaks out here, it will be no worse than this.

Freedom House: World Press Freedom 2010

Freedom of the Press 2010: A Global Survey of Media Independence was recently released. A fuller picture, including executive summaries, charts, methodologies, rankings, etc. are via the link; select Latin / regional countries (U.S. & Canada were 24 & 26) are listed below.

Rank / Rating / Country

16 / 16 / Jamaica

26 / 19 / Costa Rica

67 / 30 / Chile

88 / 43 / Bolivia

88 / 43 / El Salvador

92 / 44 / Panama

92 / 44 / Peru

95 / 47 / Ecuador

95 / 47 / Nicaragua

100 / 49 / Haiti

126 / 59 / Honduras

The word of the day: "thugocracy"

Thugocracy seems to be the word of the day. It slowly crept into our "On-line" vocabulary and some people are using that noun in everyday conversation.

Why are we so intent on being "hip", "cool", "with it"? What is wrong with using descriptive language? Are we so pressed for time that we have to reduce everything to Twitter like sentences?

yesterday,was another great day in managua..

the kids at the rotunda at plaza inter were haveing a blast shooting off there homemade gov.issued hand held cannons..i think its great the freedom these kids have..to shoot them off, and the police standing there besides them..they also had the rotunda blocked off for most of the day..freedom at work..hope no one got hurt..

What happened to the posts?

This is a re-post of recent post about the destruction of Holiday Inn private property. There may have been a picture but why use as excuse to take remove all the posts?

Follow the Money

In http://www.nicaliving.com/node/17075, mjt brings up the important point, "follow the money". While that thread is about Honduras (thus, posted in "Regional News") where the money comes from is generally is the bottom line in politics. Some countries, the U.S. being a prime example, try to legislate rules for who gets to buy political favor and how much but the reality is that political favor will still be bought. Let's look at Nicaragua.

Humberto says "Work Together"

In an article in Latin American Herald Tribune, retired General Humberto Ortega says there is a "crisis of credibility" in the Nicaraguan leadership. It's a strange article, mostly in what it doesn't say.

Election Results on the Atlantic

I have seen nothing in the press about the municipal elections in RAAS and RAAN held last Sunday in the press other than comments of alleged irregularieies. I went to the CSE web site and obtained the following information. In RAAN, I read the following:

  • FSLN won 8 municipalities
  • YATAMA won 6 municipalities
  • PLC won 1 minicipality

In RAAS, I read the following:

  • FSLN won in 7 municipalities
  • PLC won in 8 municipalities
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