Peru turns left

The COHA report characterized the recent presidential election in Peru as, "A Choice between Aids and Cancer"


What, if anything, will the U.S. do about the "pink tide" sweeping through Latin America?

"Democracy Now!" in Nicaragua and Honduras

Exiled Honduran President Manuel Zelaya Returns. A special 1-hour program. To be contined on June 1, 2011.

Amy Goodman is on the ground reporting on the return of President Manuel Zelaya to Honduras. He returns after 23 months in exile, following a June 28, 2009 coup d'etat in which hooded members of the Honduran military kidnapped him at gunpoint, taking him first to a U.S. military base in Honduras, then flying him to Costa Rica.

Paul Oquist; a good gringo.

This gentleman is the same US citizen , adviser of Daniel Ortega in Public Policies (with minister rank), that in a interview the last year , asked for 20 more years for Daniel Ortega.

“Es absolutamente necesaria ahora la continuidad de las políticas, la continuidad del liderazgo del comandante Daniel Ortega, la reducción de la pobreza no es algo que pasa de la noche a la mañana. Se necesita como una generación, una generación son como 20 años, mínimo se necesitan de 10 a 20 años para reducir la pobreza”, dijo Oquist.


NICARAGUA.- FSLN: el poder de dos figuras en la sombra

This is an article from the Socialist Central American Party website Elsoca,org.

I finding interesting this articles , because is the point of view of "authentic socialist activist" and has some interesting facts about the electoral tactics used for the party government.

Talking about Nicaraguan issues.

Many times i have receive comments, like : "is about Nicaragua, not the party government".

Clearly this is a rejection of those than don't want to talk about or feel they can step on prohibited grounds and then... could be inappropriate or counterproductive for their interest.

In other instances, is very often in this site. to see in whatever discussion , the US bashing.

So my concern and questions is :

" Really we can talk about Nicaraguans issues , leaving aside the political facts that surround and affect the whole life in Nicaragua. ?"

U.S to Open a New Military Base in Honduras


Could be normal I suppose. Regional peace and all that.


1. (C) Summary. On September 25, German Ambassador Betina Kern convened a meeting of the Elections Group (an informal group to monitor election-related issues chaired by the German Ambassador and comprising EU member states plus Japan, Canada and the U.S.) with Roberto Rivas, President of the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE), to express joint concern on a range of elections-related issues, including the elimination of political parties, mounting violence, and a lack of transparency.

12. (C) Following the meeting, Electoral Group

Is the USA meddling in Nica politics . .. again?

No, it's the American Chamber of Commerce of Nicaragua.



The Sacarrín Effect

Fyl asked about more info on Fabio Gadea mantilla in English. I submitted this article in the post about Gadea candidature.

But i feel this is a extraordinary article, that just not portrayed Gadea personality, but also cover the coming elections .

Gadea candidature.

Many people is making controversial and negative critics about Gadea’s appointment to run for the first office.

Maybe Nicaragua is not different from some other cultures, even from the aborigines history, is well know that the elders always has been considered like the naturals guides to conduct and resolve society matters.

But also in the struggle of our country for the last 35 years, a reference point still in the memory of our people.. like a wellbeing era. And so is natural that they associate that time with the old people that represent part of that society (the good part).

Ortega Interview

Was not aware of this interview till yesterday. Interesting. Offers some opportunity to analyze the situations.


Presidential Vote Comparisons

We just experienced another of the now somewhat typical statements about Ortega getting a small percentage of the vote. With elections coming up this year, I decided to do some homework to put Presidential vote percentages into perspective.

WikiLeaks and Nicaragua

About the Nicaragua leaks, The Economist stated that they seem to confirm conventional wisdom about DO. In fact, they go as far as stating the real story should be how little the embassy knows beyond what appears in the papers. They also mention there may be other more secure communications "not yet breached by WikiLeaks", erroneously suggesting WikiLeaks as the leaker. The alleged (we still presume innocent until proven guilty) "cablegate" leaker is a former army private, Bradley Manning, now in custody for 7 months.

"U.S. ratchets up Contra War II against Nicaragua"


A Wayne Madsen Report article from the Online Journal

Meanwhile in the END, the flames of some of the content of that article are being fanned by Diputado Francisco Aguirre Sacasa. who thinks that the Republicans have a "Fatal Attraction" for Nicaragua”


U.S.’ Valenzuela to Meet with Ortega in Nicaragua

"Amid growing concern in Washington, D.C. about the Sandinista government’s anti-democratic tendencies in Nicaragua..."

Full article from the Tico Times.

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