Interesting article in Nicaragua Dispatch

Things appear to have been happening inside the FSLN. This, along with some of the articles Juanno posted, seems to be part of it:


Two quotes from Humberto Ortega:

"Each generation has to assume the responsibility of challenging political and economic leaders to build a better and more inclusive country, Ortega says."

The Waiver is GRANTED

The imperialist yankee empire, enemies of mankind, have extended "The Waiver" for another year.

US Embassy press release (in Spanish)

Coming to the Aid of War Criminals

There is an article in Counterpunch titled Coming to the aid of war criminals. What it is really about is the US Congress threating to withold aid to Nicaragua because of unresolved compensation issues. Note that I filed it under Politics because that, to me, best reflects both the issues and the suggested solution.

Ortega mourns Kim Jong-Il

Daniel Ortega, winner of the Muammar Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights, has joined other great democrats such as Robert Mugabe and Raúl Castro in mourning the loss of Kim Jong-Il, who was one the few remaining giants in the struggle for civil rights, freedom and peace.

Life sure is getting lonely at the top for Danny Grouse.


Impuesto! Impuestos! Impuesto! Cost of doing business....


some thoughts on how things are.... i pay INSS for only 4 employees right now. They are very well paid. Let's see how this affect us when it comes into effect. It may end up cheaper hiring independent contractors.

Edmundo Jarquin on "Ortega and his Magic"

Interesting reflection on Ortega, The Election and the Results.... http://www.confidencial.com.ni/articulo/5574/ortega-y-su-magia

Edmundo Jarquin is certainly best Nicaragua has to offer in terms of politicians.

14 Murders per 100K population (over the last 3 years)

We were lower than Costa Rica and Panama, and only in 3 years things got worse. It goes back to the Al Jazeera article about the correlation between socioeconomic situation and violence. More proof that people are actually worse off than they were previously, not only that, the gap between the have and have not has widened.


P.S. The number of Firearms has little to do with the increased rate, as the number of firearms have most likely remained same over the past few years if not decades.

Al Jazeera on Ortega and sexual violence

There is no new information in this opinion piece from Al Jazeera but I am struck by the astuteness of its analysis.

I do not agree with all of its premises: Most notably, the statement that “Ortega has poured money into health, housing and education programmes and extended support for farmers and small businesses” is very debatable ... unless you agree that this includes donating zinc roofing sheets to party militants and the promise of one-time, election-year bonuses to underpaid, barely-literate teachers. But that is irrelevant to the central message of the piece ...

A New Somoza in Nicaragua

Alvaro Somoza...is the son of Luis Somoza, the second of three Somoza dictators who ruled Nicaragua between 1936 and 1979. ... "My father started the social security system in this country," Alvaro said. "The minimum wage was established by my father; the labor code, the right to syndicate. I could go on and on and on and on."

From Public Radio International's "The World": http://www.theworld.org/2011/11/somoza-nicaragua/

Interesting Article about Venezuela y Nicaragua - ALBANISA


it is not hot off the press, but i do not recall hearing about it here. If this kind of embarrassment continues, Bye Bye ALBA.

Big doings in Honduras

Well, something more MUST be happening in the cabinet meetings. Maybe not.


It's not progress-vs-poverty so much as growing inequality

Much of what follows, written by John Githongo (in a NY Times's editorial, 23 July 2011), applies to little Nicaragua, and indeed, to FYL-osophize the issue, more & more to the great northern superpower that bore many of us, and influences life here, for good & bad.

I quote pertinent fragments from "When Wealth Breeds Rage."

"As food and fuel prices rise, inflation is driving millions ... below the poverty line just when the world’s great aggregators of economic data have been preaching the opposite: that growth will benefit all. ...

Nacrotraficantes Try to Corrupt Nicaraguan Military

An article in In Sight talks about organized crime's attempts to corrupt the Nicaraguan military. The good news is this article talks about the lack of success of such efforts. Articles about what is happening in the other countries along the cocaine pipeline are generally a lot less positive.

Sounds pretty chaotic in Venviolencia

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