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Cash Deposit; how much currently?

Hi all When applying for a Cedula there is apparently a Cash Deposit to be paid: The deposit, I'm told, is mandatory and provides the government of Nicaragua with the necessary funds to deport you if for any reason they find it necessary. Does anyone know what this deposit currently amounts to?

Getting Nicaraguan citizenship

More CA-4 adventures

Every time I think I understand how the CA-4 agreement works, something different enters the equation. My latest is posted on A42 in the CA-4 forum.

Social Security benefit letter

A friend has been trying to get a Social Security benefit letter from outside the US. He has been told that is no longer possible. The details are in the A42 forums.

Is this now true?

hague convention and reality

It is (was) the time to renew my residency and I was expecting a much simplified process because Nicaragua is now a signature of the Hague convention. Although renewal is easier than the initial issuance of a cedula, it can still be a frustrating process.

This is what I typically needed.

1. photocopies of my passport and my old cedula 2. passport photos 3. certificate of health 4. police record

Citizenship through ancestry

Their are lots of ways to get residency and, then, citizenship in Nicaragua but I had never thought of this one. I have heard of this being used to get citizenship in Ireland, Italy and other countries but never Nicaragua. I don't know the particulars but, if you have any Nicaraguan ancestors, you may want to check it out.

Here is what I know from an email from SovereignMan. It is not on their web site yet but it should appear soon:

Or maybe not so much a matter of deporting criminals from the US

Sometimes, the NY Times does the sort of thing that only a paper with significant resources to wade through raw data can do. And, so, yeah, maybe not all of the deportees did anything that would have put them in jail had they been US citizens.

Seems like the over five years bans are more likely to be due to criminal actions.

How to change your address with SSA

Executive Summary: Send them a letter via snail mail.

I wanted to change my address with the Social Security Administration. Simple enough, particularly in the world of web sites. I thought.

New Passport

For someone needing a new US passport, the San Diego passport office at 401 West A Street will provide a new passport in a few hours.

No proof of travel is needed, but an on-line appointment IS needed. I made my Monday appointment with a Friday evening phone call (automated 24 hour service).

How to legalize my documents to apply for Residency in Nicaragua.

One of the most complicated parts of completing a Residency application is how to legalize the documentation required. Basically any applicant must bring to Nicaragua in originals: a) Birth Certificate. b) Police Record Certificate (usually is a simple letter saying the applicant doesn´t has any criminal record in his/her city), (for a US citizen INTERPOL doesn’t provide information, so it must be obtained from the local police). - c) Health Certificate, which is a letter (on letterhead) from a doctor explaining the applicant is in good health and doesn´t have any contagious diseases.

Cedula renewal how-to

This is what worked for one American pensionado in Esteli in late 2013. Your mileage may vary. Someone living in Managua or there for other reasons may be able to expedite this a little. We made a few mis-steps that cost us some shoe leather, but nothing like the hassles of the first time around.


I`m going through the renewal of my pensionado visa and have found some improvements in the bureaucracy. Before going to PN (used to be Transito) I stopped at Banpro to get the 30 cord minuta. I noticed that the PN minuta forms were the only ones they had, but didn`t give it much thought because that was the one I needed. Saw the Express line was about 1 1/2 hours long, so I took the form to the Old Codgers line at the main bank lobby and got out of there in about 15 minutes.`

Obtaining Nicaraguan Citizenship

Here are some tips on getting Nicaraguan Citizenship from a Nicaraguan Citizen. This is not the process but some useful tips.

  1. If you don't live in Managua, think about why you really want Nicaraguan Citizenship. It may not be worth it.
  2. You will get told what documents you need. Carefully make sure you get exactly what you are asked for.
  3. Having a copy of a needed document in your residency file does not count (and vise versa). [My residency expired while waiting for the citizenship process to complete. That's how I learned this.]

Border Run North

I made a border run yesterday to Honduras, entering and leaving at Las Manos north of Ocotal. We left at 1:30 from Condega. The process was painless, and relatively quick. The longest delay was waiting for a car permit for Honduras to be generated. Cost was $2 out of Nica, $12 back in, about $3.50 to enter Honduras, and $12 for the Honduras car permit. $5 to fumigate the inside of the car against dengue mosquitos on re-entering Nicaragua.

Any Nicaraguans who have acquired US citizenship?

Responding to a thread from about a week ago, I realized that there's very little information on this, at least in English.

Is there anyone anyone out there who's gained US citizenship and wants to share their story? Were you able to keep your Nica citizenship? How do you handle immigration on both ends? Does anyone ask where your other stamps are? Were there any pitfalls around being able to work or leave the US during the citizenship process?

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