Overnight hotel in MGA for redeye arrival

Hello All:

I wonder if anyone can recommend a secure but reasonably priced hotel for a quick overnight stay not far from the airport. I am taking the Spirit red-eye for the first time, arriving at an ungodly hour. I'll take a shuttle south in the morning. Main thing is reliable pickup at the airport in the wee hours, and a secure place to sleep. I have stayed at Las Mercedes and Camino Real many times, but prefer not to spend the money to support the pool and grounds.

hotels i Estel!í

I have put this off and don't know why. I stayed at the Cuallitlan Hotel in Estelí. Fabulous! Few places in the world achieve what Marisol Rodriguez has done in Estelí. Great pricing, willing to help, laid back, what a great experience! The room choice is a cabaña. I spent two weeks there, I do like the North Star Hotel in Dublin and also The Willows{ closed} a restaurant in Honolulu but I can't say enough for the Cuallitlan.

Masachopa Rental

Clean, furnished 1 Bed, 1Bath, Kitchen, Living room house for rent in "downtown" Masachopa. $225 weekly. Longer rental negotiable. 2 blocks from the beach.

PM if you would like to see pictures.


Good morning all. I will be down mid June and need a hotel in Leon and Esteli. Suggestions please? Thank you.

The Challenge of Pitching Nicaragua as the Next Paradise –

The Wall Street Journal is now on-board with the launch of Mukul, it would appear. The video embedded on the linked page has an interesting discussion about how the high-end travel agents and other jet-setter confidantes will need to do some convincing of their clients in order to have them travel to a country like Nicaragua. Also interesting and not news to those living in Nicaragua, Mukul had to establish a training program that started from the basics to train the staff on things like what bidets are, how to pour coffee, make a bed, communicate with the guests, etc.

Managua: Hotel Villa Angelo

I have now stayed there on three different occasions and decided it is worth mentioning. It is not a fancy tourist hotel but it has proved to be a convenient place to stay if you find yourself needing to get some things done in the middle of Managua.

Their location is extremely convenient. Within three blocks you will find INTUR, NicaBox and Paul Tiffer's office. Within half a dozen blocks you find Plaza Inter, TicaBus, King Quality and La Casa de Mejia Godoy. For those willing to walk further you will find MINREX, MINGOB, other government offices and Naturaleza.

Eco-Lodges Delux

There is an article in Ottawa Citizen about five high-end Eco-lodges in Nicaragua. No dispute that the places described are high-end but in the information accurate? If so and the places have any guests then there is more money in Eco-tourism than I had expected.

Here is one example. They are talking about Morgan's Rock. It was not the most expensive option offered and all are low-season prices.

Wiwili place to stay?

Anyone know a good place to spend the night in Wiwili, Nueva Segovia / Jinotega?

One of the best places in Nicaragua..

This is one of the most beautiful spots in the country, as in geography, and culture

Resorts close to Managua (dog friendly)???

Howdy all. In-laws are arriving here in just under 2 weeks. Most of their stay is already planned. We are looking for a 1 night stay on a resort thats fairly close to Managua. When I saw close, I mean under a 2 hour drive. We stayed awhile back at the Vista mar resort,which is near Masachapa. Would like to stay somewhere else. Will be 5 adults and 1 dog. Were happy to just chill and drink Tona's!! Any recommendations would be super. Thanks,Scott

Trip back home

So Im taking a trip to Nicaragua, the 7th-17th of Sept. I want to go to Granada and the isletas, I would like some recommendations for hotels, dont have to be luxury, just clean and safe, maybe even cheap. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

no vacancy

just thought i would post/inquire as to hotel vacancies in managua. i neglected to reserve a room in managua on wednesday as my plans kept changing at the last minute. i arrived into managua about 5pm and discovered the first 11 hotels full. started to get real worried 2 hours later when my cabbie told me he had to head back to the coast and abandon me. eventually found a place in centro. never experienced this before. i can understand mercedes being full, but is this the norm for such a large city?

Hotel in Managua

I need to make a few trips to Managua this year and will need to stay a few days each time. I am looking for an inexpensive hotel. It needs to be near the center of town.

I know there are tourist hotels for $100 and backpacker hostels for less than $20. I would like something between these extremes. A comfortable bed, quiet and internet are more important than a bar, swimming pool, english speaking help, etc.

Matagalpa hotels with piped hot water

I know of three hotels in Matagalpa city that have "real" hot water (not electric showerheads). Each is nice, and has advantages and disadvantages. We enjoyed our stay at each of them, and can recommend any of them if you are in Matagalpa. If you're not a fan of the "suicide showers", at least you have some options.

Hotel in Jinotega for two days

I've seen good reviews in guide books for Hotel Cafe. Any opinions on it as a first place to stay when coming to Nicaragua? I've used their on-line form and also sent an email in what I hoped was sufficient Spanish and in English.

Muchos gracias for the help from NicaLiving. I hope I can improve my Spanish over the week enough to get rooms and food.

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