NHL Playoffs on TV

Does anyone know of any bars or other public places that will telecasting the NHL Playoffs? I know that Sky TV here was carrying regular season games this year.

Is it still baseball season?

We were hoping to go to a game in Rivas in the next couple of weeks, can anyone advise what night there is a home game if at all?

Ultramaratón Fuego y Agua

This is some peoples' idea of fun. The article features the winner of a 100 km (62 mile) ultramarathon on Isla Ometepe. He finished the event, which included a run up Volcan Maderas, in 13 hours and 8 minutes.

“This is some of the most technical and muddy terrain imaginable up into the crater, around the crater lake and down through what is called the “Jungle Gym” where runners are reduced to hand-over-hand maneuvers through trees and roots so thick you are 3-4 feet off the ground at certain points, climbing down embankments with ropes,” he wrote.


Belize's loss was Nicaragua's gain. A ProNicaragua News release and some background on the event that had been previously held in Belize.

Surfing - ALAS Latin Pro Nicaragua 2011 warmups

Stoeckl Breaks World Record On Volcano In Nicaragua

And now for some extreme mountain biking.... Austrian Markus Stoeckl set a new world speed record for serial mountain bikes on gravel, reaching 164.95 km/h on the Cerro Negro volcano.

Outboard engines

Anybody know locations in MGA and SJDS for dealers...I know Pellas is Yamaha, but people does not seem to know location of the OB shop in MGA or if there is one in SJDS. Also..Merc/Mariner?

NEW Paintball Jungle course opened in san juan del sur - Surf Ranch

You are here in San Juan Del Sur, because you are looking for an adventure, and paintball in our jungle river course is a great way to start. Join in on our daily games or tournaments. Each of our games are based on one of our 25 scenarios. A scenario is based on a past, present, future or fictional war, giving different missions to each game.

There is an onsite snack shop and gear rental shop. You will be suited up with one of our M-16 assualt rifle paintball guns,

Sports Fishing (from Rio San Juan Fishing)

This is where the "tall tales" can go but the current discussion is revolving around lodges and fishing excursions.

Surf sopts in / near Poneloya

Not real familiar w/ the Poneloya area - can anyone who surfs and is familiar please let me know of any 'good ' spots in the area. Send private message if you want.Promise I won't tell.

Thanks, Tim

Fishing and Hunting Lodge in ALAMICAMBA, RAAN

Semana Santa Fishing Report

There appears to be some confusion about this post. What is here is by Dud (Mupitara) but has been posted with his permission.

El Lunes, 05 de abril de 2010 a las 9:48
Wednesday, March 31, 2010

After midday, I took the 19´ Carolina Skiff and piggy-backed (actually turtled) the 12´ aluminum Starcraft to Limbaika to meet Jorg and his wife Vera. Jorg brought his own 15 HP outboard motor and rented the Starcraft from us.

pick up basketball game

Does anyone know of a secure place to play in a pickup basketball game in Managua?

Surf Camp

Not to be a kill-joy but how many ' surf camps ' can Nica hold ??? I've been surfing Nica for about 10 yrs and constantly see new surf camps popping up. I guess the supply / demand thing will answer my question. It's just a little disheartening to see the crowds that the camps bring !

Boxing Fans!

I'm out of the country until this coming Tuesday and I'm going to miss the fight tonight. Chocholito is defending his title in Mexico. I'm sure they will broadcast it in Nicaragua. If someone in Granada or nearby would be kind enough to tape it for me I'd be grateful!

Thanks, Bobby

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