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Housing development between Leon AND THE BEACH ?

Anyone know of any new housing developments in this area ?

Thanks, Tim

New land law

Does any body have info on the new proposed law about vacant land ?

Hi, all.

Any comment on Sooner Real Estate ( ’s service is appreciated. Thank you.

Attorney General committed to establishing indigenous ownership of Pearl Cays

I personally would love to see a ban on all 3rd party (extranjero) real estate rip-off artists (not "Realtors" because that only exists in the US) in Nicaragua who apparently have a history of taking advantage of the indigenous people. Greedy, greedy, greedy. And I mean you! You deserve what's coming.

Ortega denies government backing for property takeovers

More controversial subject matter from the Nicaragua News Service:

Ortega denies government backing for property takeovers

Nica Housing Survey Results

Here is a summary of the results of the Nicaragua Housing Survey that was run in January through February 2008. My brief analysis is below. You can also view the actual survey and the result table.

Nicaragua Real Estate Survey

*** LAST DAY *** The housing survey that I threatened to do in an earlier post is now up and running. If you have plans to move to Nicaragua (part or full-time) in the future, it is worth filling out. You can access it here.

Real Estate Survey Soon

There seems to be a lot of different opinions as to what someone might want in Nicaragua as far as a place to live. No surprise there. But, what we have is a lot of opinion plus a bit of "based on what is available, this is what sells". I would like to take this up a notch.

Land measurement: caballería

We have been looking at some land and found one where its size is defined in caballerias. Say what? Well, comes to the rescue. And it also explains what a solar is--something I have wondered for ages--and even a peonia which I had never heard of. From that page:

Little Eden Cay

The NZ Hearald a rather inaccurate story about Little Eden Cay. I leave it up to NL members to fill in the facts.

A Wellington family are selling their Caribbean island after an idyllic but at times nightmarish experience living there for two years.

Interest in Escrow Services

This discussion comes from where nicareal said they are now offering escrow services.

Honest Real Estate Sales

Every few weeks I hear another Real Estate purchase story that, well, went wrong.

Piracy in Nicaragua

15 or so months ago when I had just started hanging around Nicaragua there were video rental stores in every barrio.

To recap:

As a precaution have the seller know what it is exactly that you expect from him/her [your contract] before you sign anything. Most indigents respect the fact that all they have is their word. Help them help you.

need help

I was in Nicaragua in October of last year and signed a contract to buy an acre of land. It was with an American developer who has a large project there. I wired him the money in 6 weeks or so and I still have not received the deed. He related that there are serious changes that have occurred in the rules with regard to deeds, etc. Several months ago I emailed a Nicaraguan attorney I have dealt with in Grenada and he confirmed that indeed he is also experiencing difficulties with deed. Two months ago I received an email from the developer that the end was imminent. Still there were delays (i was told that the judge took a vacation). Needless to say, I am very concerned. Any advise?

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