Rioting Grampas

One of the most important rules of political survival in the West is as follows: Don’t piss off senior citizens.

One way to piss them off but good is to make election promises to them and then ignore them once the votes have been counted.

Citizenship through marriage....anybody done it?

Hi all....

I am considering immigrating to Nica.

Have lived for over a decade in Southeast Asia.

After all these years I still struggle with visas...

Citizenship in Asia is a pipedream, marriage or not.

I have been following this forum for several years and I am attracted by the prospect of becoming citizen through marriage.... I know that you have to be married for three years, to apply....

Anybody done it....any hidden snags and such..?

Thanks a lot.

Traffic in Managua Sunday

"Please be aware that traffic patterns countrywide could be disrupted as road closures occur and crowds gather to vote. Partisan celebrations and/or demonstrations may occur on voting day or after the polls close, particularly near voting centers, major intersections, party headquarters or government offices. According to the Nicaraguan National Police security plan for the municipal elections, road closures will be emplaced in Managua in the vicinity of Metrocentro and El Periodista."

Since when someone without a Cedula can not resegester a car in Nicaragua

Not sure if this is the place to post this, anyway.....

In Masaphopa and having a great time!

A friend stopped by Sunday and said he needed to register his car and was wondering how to get to Transito. He went Monday and everything was fine until he got to the final window and was told that he could not register his car with just a Canadian passaport (he is the process of getting his residency). The question is, has the law changed recently. In my vicarious experience, in the past, a passport was sufficient.

Hiding Out In

Nicaragua . . lifted from TRN:

What's noteworthy about the article is the absolute lack of any information on the Nicaraguan position regarding the "abbduction". . .It also shows the public nature of emails . . .the long reach of US law; and it's application for "social justice" purposes. All we can hope for is change in November (hope and change, get it :) ?

Employee set up for medical and workmens comp if injured / wife etc

As a new resident to San Juan del Sur... now with a cuidador employee ( with young wife and one small child )... I am wondering on the set up requirements with regards to legal needs / responsibilities of myself as an "employer" for health coverage and in the case of an injury where the cuidador cannot maintain his responsibilities to take care of the house and unemployment insurance or Workman's compensation ?. he also has a young wife and 2 year old child if they are covered in both regards ?

Honest and honorable lawyer?

Is it possible to find in Nicaragua a lawyer, honest and honorabl, to take care of a civil cause, in my absence? Is there a lawyer which will not see in me a pigeon to pluck as much as possible?

On this Web site, we always refer to the same lawyer. But, he take care rather of causes in purchases of ground or house.

I already had to deal with 2 lawyers. Unfortunately, they were so corrupted that they were real crooks.

Thank you for passing on to me the address and phone number of a good lawyer, chiefly, honest and man of integrity.

Thank you in advance.

International Travel with Someone Else's Kid

Assuming we can get Margarita a passport (her dad is around but, at least the moment, we don't seem to have a clue where her mother is), it is likely Ana and I will take her somewhere outside the country. My question is what, if anything, would be needed to allow her to travel with her aunt (Ana) and/or myself.

Actions Against Another

I find it interesting that this topic fits both the threads and One has to do with corrupt lawyers, the other to do with dealing with a crook. The connection seems to be that both really have to do with corrupt lawyers but in very different circumstances.

Filing a Complaint Against a Real Estate Agent

Someone used the contact form to ask the question "How do I file a complaint against a real estate agent?". It's a fair question so rather than ignore it like I do with so many other messages sent using the form, I am going to try to address it.

First, I need to say that the site is here to ask questions. The contact form is there to help people with site issues (such as they can't get their login to work). If you have a Nicaragua-related question, log in, look around and if you don't find it addressed, ask.

no fotos allowed?

is there any validity to a law which disallows pictures to be taken of small children by foreigners?

Contract With Cuidador

Would it be possible to contract with your cuidador and/or maid on an annual basis? I don't intend to skirt any labor laws or attempt to save any money. My thinking is this: If you had an annual contract you could choose to simply NOT renew it if you were dis-satisfied with the relationship.

Copyright Laws in Nicaragua. They do exist, but are they being enforced?

This thread was spawned by a discussion on another subject and seemed to develop a life of its own.

We know Nicaragua has now (Finally!!!) copyright laws with some rather stiff penalties. Question is: Is the legal system ready to enforce the law or is it just something to be applied when it is convenient?

divorce lawyers

can anyone please give me the names, phone numbers and emails of good divorce lawyers? i am in the united states so i would need the lawyer to do everything and send me the legal documents after the divorce was final so i could have a legal copy. thank you.

Labor Violations in Estelí

This is a rumor (meaning I am a couple of levels away from the source) but it is likely true and not a good thing if true. I was told that one of the cigar factories in Estelí didn't pay aguinaldo and vacations to its employees in December. The story comes from an employee who commented that the owner seemed to have money to buy a bunch of "3 for C$1000" fireworks but not to pay us.

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