Import Laws on Vehicles

I'm sure this hes been dealt with before but I am new to this site and can't see any info in the history. What is the actual age limit of importing a vehicle to Nicaragua. I have heard 10 years, 7 years, and 5 years from different people. I have a vehicle that is 8 years old, trying to find out if this would "pass" the required age to import.

Report For School

I am doing a report for school and my father said I could post some questions here. My mother was born in Nicaragua. I have been there 1 time. I am 12 years old. What is the favorite game children play? What is Nicaragua's favorite food? When does the school year start and when does it end? What do Nicaragua people have for pets? What is the favorite sport? Where do you like to go for vacation?

Bringing my dog---advice sought

I am planning on bringing my Chihuahua to Managua with me. So far, I have her vet records in Spanish (not a problems since all her heath care has been handled in Mexico), a Spanish letter from my vet attesting to her good health. I really don't understand wbout the "government official" letter requirement---will any goverment official do (like the mayor?)

transporting cats by airline

Somehow this "thing" won't let me post to the "who know how to get a cat from Nica to USA or Europe" sending me into a loop, so I had to post it separately.

Temperature regulations are valid, when you transport an animal as cargo.

Getting an export license

I am trying to finish the process of getting an export license in Nicaragua.

My husband and I went to Nicaragua in January 2005 as retirees. We moved our household goods, car, son and pets and after many months were able to get our household goods and car through customs without paying any tax. We were able to get our permanent cedulas after a lot of money and effort. Now we are temporarily living back in the States, but are coming back to Nicaragua as often as possible, and at least once a year to keep our cedula and visas legal. We really love Nicaragua!

bringiing a car to nicaragua

i'm moving to nicaragua this summer for a few years of work and, i thought i was doing the smart thing by buying a 1990 (4 cyl) toyota 4runner. i put a chunk of change into fixing it up for the drive and started buying some spare parts.... but i found out today from the school that i'm working for that you can not import cars 10 years or older....

who knows how to get a cat from Nicaragua to USA or Europe?

My daughter who is living in Estli, adopted a cat. Now she plans to take the cat with her back to Europe but there are tremendous difficulties. It seems she will have no luck with it. She visited a Vet and she called her airline but nobody is really sure what she has to do.

Importing Automobile To Nicaragua

Hi All,

I want to import my 1995 Nissan from the USA to Nicaragua. Does anyone know the process (laws, taxes, registration, etc...) required to do this?

Thanks, Chris

Advise for a USA vehicle owner in Nicaragua

Can anyone attempt to offer any advice as to whether or not I can leave Nicaragua and return to renew the permiso temporal for my vehicle with USA plates? I want to stay in Nic. But I am not too excited to pay the taxes for nationalization yet.

Bringing a horse to Nicaragua

I bought a finca near SJdS recently and am considering bringing several of my paint cow horses to Nicaragua from our ranch in Texas. I've ridden the little local criollo horses in Nicaragua, know their prices but I'm interested in crossing my paint horses on some of the Andalucian/Paso Fino types in Nicaragua.

FS Toyota truck, 4wd in nica

i've driven my truck from the us, and will be continuing without it.

1984 toyota truck, 22r (2.4l gas) engine 4wd, lifted, 31" tyres, camper shell ~170k miles. several new parts: carb, distributor...

Nicaraguan law regarding importation of vehicles

This is what Nicaragua customs has to say regarding importation of vehicles. I included the link for Nicaragua customs web page it has the answer to many questions,unfortunately in Spanish only.

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