staying with a van?

drove to costa rica in 04 stayed six months it was way to much money to plate my van in c.r.,drove back to the states,,Im thinking on driving to nica and stay for a year or more,,how much hassle will that be with my van?i would like to rent or by in the country away from the city,,need to be close to the surf, thanks, in advance

Firearms into NICA

I have residency. Asked about this and was told can bring in two. Also told the best way is to ship in baggage and declare. When here the customs people will give me the paperwork to complete to get them in. Not anything to do before...just send in and eal with it.

Sounds really easy.


Any real experience?

Import Duty on Household Goods

Assuming no pensionado status, any idea on the duty when importing various household goods. Say the load is valued at 10K? Is it a fixed percent. I realize the assessed value may be higher than what mine is so let's just say that is what they say it is worth.

Any info appreciated.


Bringing car into nicaragua -- redux

This topic has been beat to death, BUT in posts that are fairly old.... AND the topic never seemed to be made clear. There was a lot of "i heard" and "if the law hasn't changed." So here I start it again.

Custom Broker Referrals

We have a 20ft container coming into terminal Managua from Canada the beginning of Nov and were wondering if anyone had a referral for a custom broker in the Managua area to help us clear our household goods.


Bringing Guns Into Nicaragua

We are a couple of weeks away from moving down to our finca, and I want to bring both a shotgun and my pistol. Anyone got a copy of the current gun law ? Or info on getting whatever documents are required ?

Agricultural Restrictions

May I bring seeds for various plants to Nicaragua? These plants will be for personal use, not commerical use. If anyone has any information regarding restrictions/requirements I would appreciate any

necesitamos ayuda

hello everybody boy do i need help. we have a container bobbing around on the Atlantic as we 'speak' and no import papers. This extraordinary state of affairs has occured due to a major %&*! mistake by our abogado.

Used car question?

2 buds from Texas drive a 92 suburban 4x4 tru Mex-Nic,and now are in Costa Rica and want to sell the truck. The NADA value is around $4000 and they say the Tax is based on the engine size and the Tax is high.

Driving a Nica vehicle out of the country

I´m interested in buying an old Land Rover in Nicaragua (Jinotega) and driving it to Honduras and beyond. Has anyone done this? I´ve read the how to register a vehicle FAQ, but I´m just checking on what the actual border process is like when a gringo is trying to drive a truck with Nico plates on it out of the country.

Container shipping (or shipping containers)

Some of you must have shipped their domestic stuff to Nic. in 20 or 40 foot containers. Any information about how bad it was would be very useful.

driving a north american vehicle while on visa in NICA

Will be driving to C. America shortly. Will be staying a year, primarily in Nicaragua, and some in C. Rica. In CR you can only drive a N. American plated vehicle for 6 months. At which point the vehicle has to be plated with CR plates, put in storage, or removed from the country. What are the regulations pertaining to bringing a vehicle into Nicaragua, and using it there over an extended period of time. Namely flitting back and forth from Nica to CR and back. Incidently, has Nica now got unleaded gasoonline?

A car in Nicaragua

We want to drive to Nicaragua (have done that before) and this time leave our car there for future use. Anybody know about how that is done? Import taxes? Permits, etc?

how to classify a farm for export

I would appreciate any advice on how to get my farm in nica classified for exporting citrus, avocado, and banana to the US. THANK YOU !!!!!

How to ship my 4X4 SUV to Managua from SF

Hello, does anyone know the best and the most economical way to ship a 4 X 4 SUV to Managua from San Francisco?

I heard some terrible stories about how bureaucratic and corrupted it is at the Aduanas.

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