Baggage inspection at MGA

Arrived at MGA on Tuesday. Found that there is a new secondary inspection at a separate counter for anything deemed suspicious by the X-Ray. I had a 15 year old stereo receiver in my suitcase, so I was flagged. Long line of gringos and Nicas for secondary inspection, and they were retaining lots of stuff. I got to keep the old receiver, but they retained a small renewable energy monitor that I made the mistake of packing in the original box and not having a receipt for it.

Handguns´s taxes at Customs in Nicaragua.

Handguns´s taxes at Customs in Nicaragua.

Some years ago I posted:

How can I bring my handgun to Nicaragua? and there are more than 9,000 visits. That is why it is imperative to know the news about it:

"Custom Department of Nicaragua nowadays is charging around 70 or 75 % of taxes on handguns".! The procedure has change a bit, nowadays the gun at the airport is occupied by Custom not the police.- I was told is a way to avoid the introduction of more guns.- Best Regards, Paul Tiffer Attorney at Law

Airport Customs

I have not been down since New Years and I have heard that customs has gotten real bad. Going through all your stuff and questioning everything. Has anyone had a problem lately?

Survey of Aduana/customs and other Nica government practices- ASAP!

To whom it may concern:

Your prompt, honest answers are appreciated to the short survey linked below. The survey is in response to recent published concerns about problems with importing NGO humanitarian aid and personal goods (for Nicaraguan legal residents). Your answers will be _anonymous_ except with expressed permission.

The hope is that the cumulative results will enable informed and positive discussions with interested Nicaraguan authorities.

Thanks so much for your help. Feel free to distribute where appropriate!

Exporting small consumer goods - any advice?

I'm considering starting up a small social enterprise that would rely on the export of the consumer goods to the US. The volume would not be much or very frequent. Anyone have experience with this type of thing? What's the easy and most economical method? Thanks!

Customs and CA-4 Travel has been a good thread about customs at Sandino Airport. I am (still) wondering about customs when traveling among the CA-4 countries and specifically for those with residency in one of the countries.

Special Import Rules for Donatons?

A friend recently got a message from a person bringing God to Nicaraguans. He has been in Nicaragua for years and told my friend that people on missions from the US can import things that will be donated. The implication is tax-free. There is no indication that the organization involved in the US is a 501(c)3 and on the Nicaragua end there is nothing beyond there being churches.

Importing a car.... (note: the NL consensus is don't!)

Me and my Nica wife currently live in Costa Rica. Planning on moving to Rivas/San Jorge. I will initially be a perpetual tourist but will go for residency. My question is about a car. We have a Tico car and want to bring it to Nicaragua. I have done this in the past with a document I had to get here in CR and was able to use the car in Nicaragua.

The question is. If I initially bring the car as a "tourist", what do I have to do to register is in Nicaragua and how long to do it? I have also seen some posts about the age of the vehicle but am not clear on that either.

Thanks in advance.

Importing house hold goods under Law 694

Would anyone know if there is a paper or something to file with Nicaraguan authorities to allow a shipment of household goods and a car which is allowed under law 694 to be cleared without duties / taxes pending the approval of an application for such ? I thought somewhere I saw this was possible ... I have addressed this to my intended broker in Managau but would like to get some other confirming info on this if I can as to pay duty on a shipment can be a huge amount of $$$

Bringing guns to Nicaragua

Contrary to past practices, I am not going to state how I did it, how long it took, or anything of that nature. However, I am going to put out a warning about some shortcut practices that people say they used in the past.


We are getting ready to load our container with goods for our Finca in Tola. Have any of you loaded your own container? How detailed does the list of contents ( manifest) have to be? We will be loading household goods as well as tools and equipment for the farm. For instance we are wondering if listing a "box of books" or "toolbox with hand tools" is sufficient or should each book and tool be enumerated? Thanks in advance for your advice.

How to bring a boat to and keep in Nicaragua

I'm paying an arm and leg to keep a 39' Beneteau sloop in San Diego and I'm deciding to bring her here to NIcaragua.

Does anyone know any details about customs, how long I can keep her in the country, what laws govern this? Do I have to form a Nicaraguan corporation?

I'm here under La Ley Pensionado Rentista which allows me to have a tourist related business tax free for ten years, etc. I'm also a Permanent Resident (Cedula). Does any of this make a difference?

Any information, leads, thoughts, most appreciated.


Bills of Lading on Containers with HH goods

Ahhhh, such a mundane topic among the world altering ones we so often discuss. Nevertheless, boring as it sounds, read and heed or suffer. There have been a couple of recent disasters in this regard posted on here lately. So...

1 Make sure the bill of lading is properly filled out by your shipper. Number of items, who it is consigned to (customs broker).

2. Be sure you have the original copy of the bill of lading. This is crucial, without it you will not be able to get your stuff.

Customs/Shipping Notes

Thought I'd give a snapshot of my recent (past 6 months) experience with getting my stuff (small container) and car here, as well as shipping in some other stuff along the way.

Overall, it was pretty smooth. Biggest thing is getting by the "first time for this and it is a big deal" feeling. If you follow some guidelines, get some advice, and have a bit of perserverance, it can work. I have graded on 1-10 (10 great)on my own scale of what is important.

1. Bernuth Lines (Miami)...8. No spanish required.

Bringing a cat

My daughter will be spending the Summer in Nicaragua and she wants to bring her cat. Traveling from Florida in June and then back in August. Can anyone tell me what the Customs requirements will be? And what about coming back to the US? Any experiences or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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