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Question about CityPark rides

Every year in mid September CityPark comes to Ocotal. It's a number of rides for kids, but the quality is much better than the rides that come here a month earlier for the Fiestas Patronales.

I used to take my housekeeper's kids and nephews to CityPark, and we all enjoyed it. Unfortunately for me, I'm no longer in Nicaragua in September. Last year I gave my housekeeper money to go in my absence, but I miss watching the kids having fun there. My housekeeper thinks that after Ocotal, CityPark goes further north into Honduras.

New expat general info source.

Expatriates Stack Exchange: New. Still in beta.

At best, only peripherally related to anything Nicaraguan, but this is another resource.

From the site...

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????? why dose everyone say..leon is so hot??

i have been there several times..never really stayed there just day that area really much hotter than the northern beaches hotter than sjds???

Private Transfer Service from MGA to Jinotega or Matagalpa.

I have been living here in Nicaragua since 2005! My husband and I are starting a new business... private transport (in a 4x4 truck) from/to MGA to/from Matagalpa and Jinotega area. Please check out our website for more details. We are responsible, safe and dependable and look forward to serving the members of NicaLiving and/or friends and family that may be coming to visit! Thank you for your support!

Selva Negra guests

During my last two vacations at SN, English-speaking foreign guests outnumbered Nicaraguan guests by a factor of two to one.

I do not recall meeting a failed wannabe science fiction writer / failed vocational college supply teacher among the guests there.

Tourism business example

We have lots of tourism ideas discussed on NL but they usually turn into opinions of whether someone thinks another hotel, another bar, ... is a good thing or a bad thing. What we seldom have is what I will call for lack of a better description "a new idea". So, I am going to borrow one and toss it out.

What's here in the North Central highlands and what's not here for international tourists

Selva Negra is a destination, but most of the people who go there are Nicaraguans. Most of the people who go to Ometepe Island are Nicaraguans, but it does get international tourists (not in enough numbers to have bred up a service cadre that speaks English, though).

The house next door to me is the weekend get away place for a Leonese couple and occasionally, their teenaged daughter. They've got money (BMW and a new Toyota), speak the Spanish of educated Nicaraguans, and dress well.

nagaroti..between mga and leon

went to nagaroti..for quisillos?? today..never been in the town..always thought it was on the right hand side of the leon..its on the left side..was really impressed..the town was super clean..and they just built a new park in front of the catholic church..and it was supper nice..they put some money in doing a nice stop..mga /leon..wouldnt want to live there..its in the middle of nowhere for me..but was impressed

John Mueller's Expat Files

From the Department of For What It's Worth Department...

"The Expat Files: Living in Latin America" podcasts, by John Mueller:

He does seems to be selling information seminars, judging by a mention in the second podcast I heard, but he was low key on that.

He's obviously a professional voice artist - really smooth, good production values, at least mildly entertaining. Not country-specific as far as I can tell, but what do I know? There maybe some meat in there somewhere, depending on what you're looking for.


my brother who lives in the visiting for a month..took him there saturday..used to go there a lot 6-7 yrs ago..when i was living with my wife..good hasnt changed much..bad hasnt changed much..had a good time walking on the beach..and a good meal at the restaurant in the center of town

Why Don't Tourists Spend More?

La Prensa
Tourists are spending less than six years ago...

Several other good articles there today 7-24 on the home page we have discussed here.

Easier than on coffee beans

Ecuador is starting a tourism promotion campaign using stickers. That is, stickers on bananas.

It sounds like a good idea but it just isn't going to work on coffee beans from Nicaragua. From the story in Gadling:

More and more often, ads are showing up in unlikely places. Soon, grocery store shoppers will find a tiny ad promoting tourism to Ecuador in a curious place: on each of the 24 million tons of bananas that are exported from the country each year.

Revisiting Pot Tourism

We have previously talked about the idea of developing marijuana tourism in Nicaragua. The biggest issue was, as expected, how the US would respond to doing it. Well, with the law changes in the states of Colorado and Washington, it may be worth revisiting the issue.

An article in Activist Post talks about how the pot tourism idea is evolving in Colorado. (Visiting the article is worth it just for the graphic.) It offers a new data point.

Crime threatens Paradise

not good news...


Raiders sow fear in Little Corn Island Crime threatens to Paradise

Business owners alarmed by increasing aggravated robberies, demanding police presence

Wilfredo Miranda Aburto | 01/26/2013

The constant assault alarmed owners of Little Corn Island Hotel.

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