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This forum is for discussion of Nicaraguan culture, comparisons of Nicaraguan culture with how similar situations are handled in other cultures and, in general, Nicaraguan cultural happenings.

Communication Styles - True or False

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mga..saint day...dont think u can go to pricemart..

big holiday here..banks and stuff closed..big parademight be a lot of horse in the parade..if ure into that in the afternoon..up around will be a real mess..


Feliz Cumpleaños para Nicaragua! 35 years, I'm looking forward to spending next year in Nicaragua joining in the celebrations.

Charles Slane


For those out there who know the Atlantic side, you no doubt have listened to the Caymanian Cowboy Andy Martin on the radio or while sipping a beer at whatever your favorite hangout is. His song Taxi didn't used to apply to the coast but every time I listen to it, it seems more relevant. Got to take the good with the bad I guess. Here is a link to the song:

Traditional Nicaraguan Foods Eaten around Pascuas (Easter)

The word 'pascuas' carries the Old Testament sense of Passover, making the sacrifice of Christ's life a deliverance from a 'modern' sense of bondage, whereas the anglicized name 'Easter' is for the bunnies, IMO. (Druids, besides oaks, worshipped rabbits, I learned someplace or other.) It happens the first Sunday after Spring begins ('equinox' is near meaningless here in the tropics) in a new lunar month (begun with the full moon).

Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Guatemala

I just posted my personal observations on Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Guatemala on A42. I encourage comments as to why I am loco.

Christmas in Nicaragua

Christmas in Nicaragua resembles Christmas elsewhere in that it varies much with the individual and family. For some it is deeply religious, for others it is a more secular holiday that provides an excuse for family gatherings, and for others still it`s a giant exercise in hyper-consumerism.

Has Estelí become anti-gay?

An article in GayStarNews about a trans-gender woman being stabbed and beaten by a group of men in Estelí. The article goes on to discuss the police response.

When González tried to file a complaint to the local police station she was laughed at and told she was asking for trouble because she ‘went looking for men’.

Right or wrong, I think the police response was pretty accurate. But, has something changed in Estelí?

Really Interesting Phrases

I've always wanted to be able to say: that really sucks! and now I can:

"Bueno, lo que realmente me pudre . . ." and this is cute too: .." “ ...pescando mordidas .. ”

And (my kind of girl): " En una ocasión salí del carro a gritarle a un taxista: ¿Tenés que pitar, jodido?" I take it "jodido" is the Nicaraguan equivalent of "pendejo" or the English "butthead"?

" me sacaba el dedo… " But how do you give the finger?

And finally:

Maybe Nicaragua Isn't

19 de julio -- Let's celebrate?

So it's that time of year to celebrate the overthrow of Somoza. So, how should we celebrate?

First, let's dedicate the fiesta to the $andini$ta Youth who spend most of their days dazed on guaro and sitting in indoctrination classes celebrating "comandante" Daniel and Comrade La Chamuca.

Next, we'll totally disrupt the transportation infrastructure of the country (especially -- oh most especially Managua) by commandeering over half the public transport for 3 days.

Then, just for shucks and grins, we'll make an admitted pedophile and Marxist the guest of honor!

DEATH, personal aspects

How does modern, technology-driven society deal with death? Mostly by profitably 'helping' others to avoid confronting it.

Because Nicaraguans - Latin American cultures - face death so very differently, dare I say, so much more maturely, it seems a fitting new forum topic. Death from the visible-to-all mayhem of wars is barely one generation removed from today's Nicaraguans. Putting the once-loved body in a box, covered with a flag &/or 2 meters under glorious marble, barely lessens death's sting.

Looking for ex-pat speakers to talk with student group..

First off, happy Semana Santa to everybody!!

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