Moving to Ometepe Island

My husband and I woke up at 3 o'clock this morning and simultaneously made the decision to move to Nicaragua in June. I've been increasingly aware of coincidences that have occurred in leading us to Nica and we had been wrestling with the idea of moving for some time now. I think we reached the decision to move by just letting it go. Struggling with the pros and cons got to be too stressful. Sometimes you just gotta give up control and let yourself be pinned to the mat. I feel relieved that the decision has been made. The opportunities for a new life in Nica were knocking at the door and we've been given the key.

Opportunity in Nicalandia

I came to Nicalandia about six years ago disallusioned with Costa Rica where I resided for a couple of years.After numerous disasters in C.R. I arrived here to live almost peniless.Soon things we take for granted were not only not here but the locals had no concept.What opportunity.Having lived in Mexico in the seventies for about seven years there were no illusions of life in Latin America.

Can't wait to get back...

While standing in the lengthy customs line upon arrival in Managua last June I noticed a group of young Americans had deplaned from the Continental flight just after our American Airlines flight arrived. I discovered that they were a college Spanish class from an Iowa community college on a field trip to Nicaragua. A light bulb went off over my head. I'm a college instructor (though in matters Justicia Criminal, not Spanish). I ought to be able to figure a way to get some of my college students to Nicaragua in the future.

Since that magic moment of brilliance I have been working to make the idea of a service learning college trip to Nica a reality.

I'll keep the blog posted on my efforts and whatever success they may bring on behalf of my students.

Fish dinner on the beach.

Fish dinner on the beach.

Jeffery and his new friend, Maria, enjoy a "see food" feast our last night at the Suyapa Beach Hotel.

View from Suyapa Beach Hotel

View from Suyapa Beach Hotel

Sunset from the Suyapa Beach Hotel patio. June, 2003.

Introducing myself

While I was in the shower (I do my best thinking in the shower) I realized that if we are a community then we should know a little about each other. So, here goes. Hopefully this will encourage everyone else to create their first Blog entry.

I am a baby-boomer that grew up in Los Angeles, California. I played with electronics as a kid and got my ham license in 1960. Technical stuff has always interested me and after graduating from college I went to work in the computer industry. I have done programming, systems analysis, designed hardware and just about everything else. In 1983 I started a company that specializes in technical documentation and training on UNIX systems. That grew into a company that publishes the magazine Linux Journal.

Dance 10 . . . Looks 3

I'm thrilled that there's another Nica site. This looks like it will be fun. A definate 10. The name has me a bit peeved. You only get a 3. I'd give you a 0 but because you thought enough (or not) to use my group name for this web site I have to give you some credit for appreciating a great title. Best of luck. I'll add what I can!

About this site

First, let me promise that my future blog entries will be about Nicaragua, not about geek/computer stuff. But, I needed to talk a little about what we are doing and I decided a blog entry was the most appropriate.

Notice that I said we. The geek side of me is just here to facilitate this place on the web. The only way it will work is if we all start contributing. This system, called Drupal, has some amazing capabilities that can help us all get information organized and available to others.

Before we get too far, if you are confused, click on FAQ in the upper right. That is where the site documentation lives. More is on the way.

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