Dance 10 . . . Looks 3

I'm thrilled that there's another Nica site. This looks like it will be fun. A definate 10. The name has me a bit peeved. You only get a 3. I'd give you a 0 but because you thought enough (or not) to use my group name for this web site I have to give you some credit for appreciating a great title. Best of luck. I'll add what I can!

About this site

First, let me promise that my future blog entries will be about Nicaragua, not about geek/computer stuff. But, I needed to talk a little about what we are doing and I decided a blog entry was the most appropriate.

Notice that I said we. The geek side of me is just here to facilitate this place on the web. The only way it will work is if we all start contributing. This system, called Drupal, has some amazing capabilities that can help us all get information organized and available to others.

Before we get too far, if you are confused, click on FAQ in the upper right. That is where the site documentation lives. More is on the way.

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