Sebastian said this tank stand would be sufficiently strong to handle the tank.

Sebastian said this tank stand would be sufficiently strong to handle the tank.

Some other helpful guys were trying to tell me that I needed some additional cross braces and stuff.

Edward Snowden before the EU Parliment

Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil, has been talking with Germany about a direct fiber optic cable between the two countries. For Latin America this would be a great thing because virtually all traffic currently is routed through the US. This would offer faster Internet connectivity between the EU and Latin America and would likely drive the expansion of connections in the region near Brazil.

New Pescera -- 124 gallons, 6 ft. by 20 inches tall by 18 inches wide.

New Pescera -- 124 gallons, 6 ft. by 20 inches tall by 18 inches wide.

Sebastian and Huberto brought this today. The filter and water changing gismo are coming tomorrow and I'll have to go fishing sometime fairly soon. It's going to be set up for Central American natives, though I drew the line at decorating with car tires.

Why Bitcoin (for the third world)

Many people, probably most people see Bitcoin as yet another currency. The big question then becomes "why would I want to use just another currency?" Trying to see it as a very different thing is difficult.

If you are trying to sort this out, a discussion between Andreas Antonopoulos and Stefan Molyneux available on is a good time investment. It is titled Bitcoin vs. The Federal Reserve.

The New Nicaragua

The New Nicaragua

But, some things never change:

" ....and all the more so when my microscopes, destined for a rural health clinic, were seized by customs....."

Brazilian Carnival Pics

This is what Nicaragua needs !! Carnival

That would bring the tourists. What say you, Granada or SJdS ?

Or dispense with the feathers,, etc, and just paint the costume on as we did in Key West during Fantasy Fest:

Just don't read the caption above the pic . . . .

You Saw It Here

You Saw It Here


Finally,, the canal plan and the dredge that is going to dig it.

I would have thought that they would have made it - - - straighter. Those big ships are hard to turn . . .

Sick Danny

The President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, who turn 69 years old this year and who suffers from lupus, a disease which shortens the lifespan of the afflicted, unexpectedly cancelled a meeting in Managua with the President of Peru, , Rafael Correa.

Now with more machines

Now with more machines

The Alcaldia has had a bladed grader in along side of the bucket machine, and today, they brought in the roller. I have no idea when all the work will be done, but people are working.

Legatum Prosperity Index

It is hard to compare country X with country Y in a meaningful way because so many indices are meaningless. To offer a simple example, saying that heating oil is cheaper in Minnesota than Nicaragua is meaningless when you don't need any in Nicaragua.

Enter the Legatum Prosperity Index. (That link points to the Nicaragua entry.) While there is an overall rating list, the details are available and pretty interesting. You can compare Nicaragua to your home country on all sorts of items.

A government here to help you

Earlier this morning I read an article about US Corporate welfare with Boeing at the top of the list. (Corporate Welfare) Then I just read a newsletter that actually talks about a government is here to help you. The specific government that is being talked about is Chile and the subject is agriculture but the article is an interesting read.

Internet censorship in Nicaragua?

Hi everyone! My SO has been unable to load links that I've sent her for at least the last week. Is anyone else experiencing this? I know there was talk of implementing a law about what could be said online in Nicaragua some time ago (maybe a year?), but IDK much about these things.

Help is much appreciated!

Mods: I wasn't really sure where to put this so feel free to move.

Got bad water? Got shrubs? Problem solved, maybe.

Just found this at Slashdot today: "Water Filtration With a Tree Branch"

Russia and Costa Rica "humor"

Russia in planning to expand its military presence into other areas including Latin America. As bad as this may sound, it is certainly not unique to Russia.

First, Merco Press has an article about Russia's plans:

Venezuela - the beat goes on

An ex-general of Venezuela interviewed on CNN said his country is being taken over by Cuban military. It made me wonder.

Later I read this rather interesting comment,

"Where is the outcry of the free world about the invasion of Cuban troops in Venezuelan soil? The silence or omission of the press about this..." by Susana Font-Fontenot, NYT (2/25)

This petroleum-rich neighbor would certainly be a feather in Cuba's cap, assuming they could keep a string of Ma-burros in the presidency there, and an army of street toughs as their dupes.

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