DarkSide of Bitcoin


Is there really a point to an untraceable currency unless you're a pedophile, terrorist, or drug dealer?

Hope For Snowden

in forty years. He'll get a reality show . . like Ollie.

In the meantime, it's a lot better in Russia than when Lee Harvey, Kim Philby and Guy Burgess were there. There's shopping now, it's not all communist gray anymore, and there's Pussy Riot for entertainment. Snowden just did a softball interview with Putin; maybe he'll move into journalism now that he doesn't have any more secrets to sell.


Not the charismatic figure that Ollie is, but MSNBC might pick him up . .

Liberia CR hotel

I will be visiting Liberia CR for a couple of nights. Can anyone suggest a clean, quiet, comfortable budget hotel there?

7.5 Quake in Mexico

Could be bad, was a shallow quake and close to major tourist destinations, might be bad.

Citizenship through ancestry

Their are lots of ways to get residency and, then, citizenship in Nicaragua but I had never thought of this one. I have heard of this being used to get citizenship in Ireland, Italy and other countries but never Nicaragua. I don't know the particulars but, if you have any Nicaraguan ancestors, you may want to check it out.

Here is what I know from an email from SovereignMan. It is not on their web site yet but it should appear soon:

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Ecuador is helping

Nice but maybe they should wait for the big one.

Ricardo Patiño Aroca ‏@RicardoPatinoEC 7m

Con inmenso cariño para hermanos nicaragüenses, Ecuador envía mañana avión con 9 ton. de medicinas, alimentos, frazadas y productos limpieza

The Middle Class Is Not ''Normal''

About Nicaragua? No but about what gets discussed here quite often in a whole assortment of ways. Here are a few:

  • Nicaragua has a small middle class. That needs to be fixed.
  • In the good 'ol USA, we have a big middle class.
  • We need to stop handing out things to people -- they need to work to get them.

Convict baby

Convict baby

The kids are growing fast. I do dried food in the morning and live grindel worms around lunch time, and then either another feeding of either dried food or crumbled krill and maybe another serving of live worms. This one is not quite half an inch long, but the babies have enough neurons to understand that the turkey baster in the water means food.

Probably will replace my ten gallon tank with a 30 gallon tank so I can quarantine fish before adding them to the big tank and have some room to grow out baby fish if the parents breed again and decide to eat older fry.

good article on the treamors..

MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) — Thousands of Nicaraguans woke up in the streets Monday after a sleepless night rocked by two strong earthquakes, part of a string of tremors that have kept the Central American country on edge since late last week.

New quake shakes Nicaragua; nation on alert Associated Press New quakes cause panic, no deaths in Nicaragua Associated Press Magnitude 6.6 quake hits southwest Nicaragua: USGS Reuters 6.1-magnitude earthquake shake Nicaragua Associated Press Magnitude 6.4 quake strikes near Managua in Nicaragua -USGS Reuters

What's wrong with NewEgg, Amazon, ...

NewEgg, Amazon and others have made it very easy to buy things on-line. Combined with a freight forwarder such as Aerocastillas or TransExpress in Florida, everything should just work. Should but many times it does not.

After an initial mistake of ordering multiple items where one was sold by Amazon and others where you pay Amazon but come from other suppliers I realized the problem. You end up with two or more shipments going to your freight forwarder. You pay for two packages to be forwarded and two sets of customs charges (that is, fees to broker -- the total tax will be the same).

ZunZuneo's Nicaragua connection

There has been a lot of discussion about the "Cuban Twitter" project of USAID. Alan Gross even cited it as the reason for his (now ended) hunger strike. Unfortunately, most of the news has been in the form of politics. That is, people supporting intervention in Cuba and those against said intervention.

New eathquake alert Sunday night

Nueva alerta de terremoto / New earthquake alert

(English below)

13/04/2014 Domingo / Sunday 8:30 p.m.

El gobierno nicaragüense llamó hoy aquí a extremar precauciones ante la posibilidad de un nuevo sismo que tenga como epicentro una de las fallas de la ciudad de Managua.

Hace unos minutos ocurrió un sismo de 2.8 grados en la escala de Richter a solo ocho kilómetros de profundidad y a dos de Managua.

Esto es una señal preocupante pues puede significar la activación de fallas que van debajo de la ciudad, sobre todo la conocida como falla del Estadio.

Lunar eclipse

Apparently we will getting a front-row seat of the lunar eclipse on Monday night and Tuesday morning. It will be a full eclipse and reach its maximum at about 1:45 a.m. Tuesday morning. I doubt that I will be able to stay up that late.


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