Will the continued Chavista revolution ...

...under Maduro with Cuban 'advisors' achieve the neo-socialist ideal: a classless society, all equally poor?

Today's Cichlid picture -- the male who appears to have spawned with two females.

Today's Cichlid picture -- the male who appears to have spawned with two females.

Tried the Sony a3000 with an adapted 50 mm lens and got this one of the tank's dominant male. My landlord came by to pick up the rent this morning and looked at the tank. Apparently fish like this would go for $20 a fish in Costa Rica. The local name for the small cichlids is mojarra. He's a friend of my Spanish teacher and her husband.

Rent isn't going up -- lo mismo. He'll bring over the new contracto sometime before the middle of April. At that point, I'll have been in this house for a year.

Orchid beginning to bloom

Orchid beginning to bloom

This is one of several that another expat who loves orchids gave me.

More Convicts

More Convicts

Courting couple.

Michael Ratner on Cuba

The Real News Network has a feature called Reality Asserts Itself. They have just concluded a seven-part interview with Michael Ratner. It is chronological and pretty much presents how Ratner's life evolved based on what was happening in the world. (He is now about 70.) The whole series is very interesting and well worth watching.

Of particular interest here, however, is part 4 which is titled

Is Nicaragua "Roundup-ready"?

I think the answer is no. That answer isn't unique to Nicaragua but it certainly has the right conditions to make glyphosate more of a problem than in some other places.

An article in MDPI, the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, takes a serious look at glyphosate and kidney disease. Unlike many generic studies meaning ones that average results over the world, this one focused primarily on Sri Lanka.

Here is the abstract from the article.

Coffee Prices Surge

This Is Very Good News!

Unfortunately, it probably didn't happen soon enough to help the small grower,, his coffee was already gone.

Four months ago everyone was talking about how coffee was going to be selling for less than $1 /pound.




All the pets and a newer yet aquarium

All the pets and a newer yet aquarium

This is Lola and the fish. I had a low tank made for the space where I'd had two five gallon tanks. It will be for plants and gouramis or local killies if I find any. The ten is full of guppies and the big tank has three female convicts on eggs.

More friends in the neighborhood

Rafael Correa's tweet tells us what just happened in El Salvador:

Rafael Correa ‏@MashiRafael 30m

Terminaron escrutinios en El Salvador. FMLN vencedor.
Felicitaciones al presidente electo, compañero
Salvador Sánchez. Un abrazo al bravo...

Or, we have how Bloomberg put it:

What kind of computer do you use to read Nica Living?

Desktop computer
18% (6 votes)
41% (14 votes)
6% (2 votes)
Smart phone
0% (0 votes)
Whatever is in front of me at the time!
35% (12 votes)
Total votes: 34

New Passport

For someone needing a new US passport, the San Diego passport office at 401 West A Street will provide a new passport in a few hours.

No proof of travel is needed, but an on-line appointment IS needed. I made my Monday appointment with a Friday evening phone call (automated 24 hour service).

Satellite internet equipment and Nicaraguan law?

I've been in touch with an outfit in Houston that can provide internet via SATMEX 5 or SATMEX 6 to our remote spot in Nueva Segovia using a 1.2 meter dish and a transmitter. Does anyone have experience getting a small transmitter and cable through Nicaraguan customs? Likewise, is it easy or even possible to pick up a dish that size or thereabouts in Nicaragua? Are there laws about having a transmitter for personal internet use??? Man, do I feel ignorant!

Commercial walk-in freezer for sale

For sale, a large, used walk-in chiller in excellent condition. With very few modifications the chiller could be converted into a highly energy-efficient walk-in freezer room.

The internal cabin is 8 feet X 8 feet X 10 feet high, which is large enough to hold literally tons of food or seeds.

The compressor is a top-of-the-line 2 HP Copeland (single-phase), and takes R-22 Refrigerant to maintain a medium temperature range down to just a few degrees above zero.

I was at Humberto's store to pick up food and buy a heater for another new tank and take some photos of his tanks

I was at Humberto's store to pick up food and buy a heater for another new tank and take some photos of his tanks

This is the characin that's local to the rivers here and which has been recommended as something that can take care of itself with the convicts, Astyanax aeneus, a very common and very hardy local tetra. Get to around three or four inches long, perhaps longer. This one fish shares a tank with cichlids at the store.

Costs of cement & blocks

One quintal of cement currently (3/10/2014) sells for 237 cordobas here in Jinotepe. A machine-made, certified cinder block currently retails for 18 cords. How does that compare to other places in Nicaragua?

Does anyone know how much of volume discount you get when you buy cement by the tons?

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