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Sad News - Judge Jim Richards - Che Guevera

Sadly, one of our long term members, Che Guevera, Judge Jim Richards, lost his battle with cancer today. He leaves behind his wife Laura and a young family. The Richards family reside in Fort Bend County, Texas.

Jim was one of a handful of people here on the site who I felt I got to know. In his last e-mail to me, he said he was enjoying the pool where he was sitting in Nicaragua but I learned later that he had gone into respite care.

Contact for electric buyback plan

I am looking for a government contact to whom I can present an idea for reforming laws related to electric energy generation. Something that clearly would benefit the world and will also help Nicaragua attain a higher level of power from renewable resources.

I am sure it won't surprise anyone here that I am talking about PV solar. Right now, being off-grid in parts of Nicaragua makes a lot of sense but what I what to suggest is that a favorable law that allows users to sell power back to the grid is in the interest of the consumer as well as in the interest of all of Nicaragua.

May 13, 2014 - Nicaragua seeks to de-dollarize economy
Nicaragua, one of the most unofficially dollarized economies in Latin America, is asking the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for help to strengthen its currency.

Rain, Finally

We had a nice, gentle, extended rain last night.

Cooled things off, should knock down the dust. I'm beginning to suspect that the dust might be responsible for all the respiratory illness I see in the kids during the summer.


I just changed us (back) to Google search from the built-in search. There are two reasons for this:

  1. I want an "on-site" search to search both NicaLiving and A42. This is the only practical way to do that.
  2. About half the database table space for NL is search information. I am attempting to get the database down to a more reasonable size and decrease database queries.

The one thing I am not sure I like is that the search results replaces the current window or tab. I can change that but I figured I might as well wait for all the complaints. :-)

Bad boy

Bad boy

Animals that push over fences or cross fences to get to crops are fitted with a wooden collar to slow them down.

What convict cichlids do when they're bored

What convict cichlids do when they're bored

The pair that did this lost their territory in the big tank, which now has two breeding pairs in it. I pulled them and put them in a new tank which didn't have a substrate (intended for use as an isolation or grow-out tank.

I may get rid of the substrate in the big tank and put in pool filter sand and another less prolific cichlid.

A friend caught this female and her mate and some of those babies to take to his house, but the male finned the plastic bag and ended up damaged while I ended up with water on the floor.

Ghost Of Christmas Future

more specifically, the future of ObamaCare:

My vision: Post Office has little to do, but they are government employees and union too, can't lay them off.

So they become the first point of contact under ObamaCare.

"I'm really sick, sir, I need to see a doctor"

"Fill out this form, press hard, you're making several copies. You'll receive a notice of appointment withing ten working days in the mail".

"Ten days???"

Internet security on steroids

Normally in Nic. when I go online on a different compu, I get a test question of the ``what is your dog`s name `` type. Even if I fat finger it, I get a second question and move on.

On a recent trip the the US I got the royal treatment. I got the ``you are using a different compu`` message. Hotmail sent a code to yahoo. OK, Yahoo sent a code to Gmail. You guessed it, gmail sent a code to Yahoo! Eventually I found that one would send the code to my cel in Nic., so I called down to Nic and the person with my phone gave me the code and I proceded to unlock the whole mess.

Has the average Nicaraguan benefitted from the relationship with Venezuela?

40% (8 votes)
20% (4 votes)
Don't know
40% (8 votes)
Don't care
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 20

A Moment That Changed Us


My only thought: It's a shame the museum had to open under Barak Obama's tenure as president. We could have waited another two years . . . .

?has it been hot lately?

?has it been hot lately?

the misery season winds down...

Put Your Trash Here

Put Your Trash Here

I didn't have much hope of success when I had Franklin (muralist, welder, Condega renaissance man) build this for me.

We clean the street and sidewalk in front of the house everyday, and the clean street was a magnet for wrappers, bottles, corn cobs, you name it.

Greenwald's No Place to Hide

Today is the release date of Glenn Greenwald's No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State.

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