Nicaragua: Cuba must be included in the Summit of the Americas

From A42.

Are there TukTuks in Granada?

If so, how popular are they and who uses them?

Solar power in our future

We have talked about PV solar power here many times. I have lived off-grid as have at least two other NL members so we know it works. What's relatively new, at least in this region, is grid-tie PV systems. Some are commercial, others are home systems. What generally is getting in the way of more of these systems are laws (that benefit big-scale power producers).

An opinion piece titled Reader Supported News looks at how this is changing, and why.

Moving day

Today NL (and some other sites) are moving to a different server. This is a short move so I expect minimal problems. It is simply moving from one server at DreamHost to another. Thus a problem is likely to be a temporary DNS lookup issue.

Reminder Why Ortega Offered Snowden Asylum

Are Americans really safe living in a country ruled by Ortega - A lifetime dictator who pushes anti-American propaganda at his people?
After Greenwald's "Best selling book" and Nightly News anchor Brian Williams’ wide-ranging, exclusive Snowden interview - More continuing proof of Americans' distaste for Snowden:

A42 email issues

Update: OK, I now claim it is "really fixed". The email should come from and there is now an SPF record for A42. I will bow three times to the east. Let me know if you encounter any problems.


Due to the "server disaster" which required to scramble for a new home, there has been an email issue on the site. (Thanks Doug -- while your message confused me I did some testing and figured out what was happening.)

Pila & Antenna

Pila & Antenna

The top of the rock seen in The Promised Land:

Bean Runner

Bean Runner

Not to be confused with Blade Runner, one of my all time favorite movies.

The idea: Run to Honduras, load up with 20 quintales of red beans at 55 cents /pound (these prices are in limps), drive back to Nicaragua, and sell them on the street for 75 cents /pound, netting $400 -- less combustible . . .they were really nice beans too, clean and uniform. That makes me competitive with the Sandinista distribution in MGA, AND you don't have to be FSLN to buy my beans . . .

Fascinating Bit Of Sandinista History

This incident comes up in all the books about the war. Until now, I didn't know the perpetrator.

Curious that it would be a Swede that authored the bombing. Does sound like something Borge would do, but we can't ask him now.

So, ALBA Medical School

was only open a short time according to the following article dated the first of December:

"To be sure, Venezuela isn’t retreating into a hole. Maduro last month ordered the creation of a medical university in Venezuela to turn out doctors from around Latin America. He’ll present the proposal at this month’s summit in Caracas of the Bolivarian Alliance of nine leftist nations that includes Bolivia, Cuba and Ecuador".

hague convention and reality

It is (was) the time to renew my residency and I was expecting a much simplified process because Nicaragua is now a signature of the Hague convention. Although renewal is easier than the initial issuance of a cedula, it can still be a frustrating process.

This is what I typically needed.

1. photocopies of my passport and my old cedula 2. passport photos 3. certificate of health 4. police record

Expat misadventures in kiteboarding schools

At different times, the writer started two kiteboarding schools (one based out of San Juan del Sur but actually on Lake Nicaragua) but closed them both when polluted water was making the customers ill.

In the article, they mention an interesting google maps feature. If you zoom in on water and see fish bones, you can get toxic [sic] reports.

sball edit: The locals provided some much needed fact checking of the original article and its author.

Global Warming And Obama-nomics

Less disposable income in the US should mean less tourism and investment in Nicaragua. Continuing stagnant home prices means fewer retirees can bail and seek an off-shore retirement opportunity.

Nica economy seems to be chugging right along. Maybe Nica tourism is all that anyone can afford now.

My take: socialism advances in the US with all the associated downsides, and capitalism advances in Nicaragua and the country prospers.

Snowden Interview: Call Me Ed

Clearly nothing to do with Nicaragua but some will want to discuss it. I moved the post to

Urban Farming

An article in NationOfChange talks about some ways urban farming (and not just veggies) can be done. The article is not a how-to but rather intended as inspiration.

There are some examples presented but the two things you should take away from the article are:

  1. If grow organic locally works in Brooklyn and Singapore, it surely will work in the tropics.
  2. Creativity is the key.
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