Is HushMail secure?

Mike recently said it was (in communicating with non-HushMail users. I think not. My case is presented at . Let me know what you think (there).

Why Repression Continues in Honduras

That's the title of the article but there is a lot of Nicaragua information in it as it compares Honduras to Nicaragua to see how their histories diverged and why.

The New Nicaragua

Canal or no, the country is moving in the right direction.

Miss Gay Nicaragua Vows To Fight Homophobia

BEST WAYS TO Cash $US DOLLARS for Cordobas

(Additional note for Canadians at the end of this post)

Please note that this a thread about how to cash $US dollar bills for cordobas. It is not intended to be a thread about how to transfer money from overseas into Nicaragua. Also, it is based on my personal experience. I am open to correction and hope that people will weigh in with their own observations.

In order of preference ….

#1 Casinos

New forums added

I have added a new forum called Regional to A42 with, so far, sub-forums for CA-4, Central America and The Americas. While the Where? section was initially set up for only country-specific items it is clear that there needs to be a place for regional information as well.

Sketch Artist

I am looking for a sketch artist for a project of mine. I never see any at the tourist markets, ect. Maybe a student?

Any ideas? Thanks

Health care comparison

Democracy for Monsanto

How the US is telling El Salvador that Monsanto has more international rights than their own government. on A42.

More CA-4 adventures

Every time I think I understand how the CA-4 agreement works, something different enters the equation. My latest is posted on A42 in the CA-4 forum.

Social Security benefit letter

A friend has been trying to get a Social Security benefit letter from outside the US. He has been told that is no longer possible. The details are in the A42 forums.

Is this now true?

Communication Styles - True or False

This is from inter, part of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Question about CityPark rides

Every year in mid September CityPark comes to Ocotal. It's a number of rides for kids, but the quality is much better than the rides that come here a month earlier for the Fiestas Patronales.

I used to take my housekeeper's kids and nephews to CityPark, and we all enjoyed it. Unfortunately for me, I'm no longer in Nicaragua in September. Last year I gave my housekeeper money to go in my absence, but I miss watching the kids having fun there. My housekeeper thinks that after Ocotal, CityPark goes further north into Honduras.

Solís more open to Pérez proposal to de-militarize the drug war

While the Chinchilla administration seemed more open than Ortega on the idea, nothing happened. Now there actually might be progress.

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