Do bug zappers kill zancudos?

Do bug zappers kill zancudos?

One nights catch, although we are having an exceptionally bad year due to the Dec. and January rains.

The key to using these is to put them away from the house, the manufacturer recommends 25 feet. The light attracts them and the grid kills a percentage of them, so having it away from the house gets the zancudos away from the house. Also get rid of any white exterior lights so the bug light does not have any competition.

Nicaragua's Ortega sacks Central Bank president

Nicaraguan Central Bank President Alberto Guevara was fired on Monday is the factual part of the news. This news was reported in an article in Tico Times.

From the article:

Presidency spokeswoman and First Lady Rosario Murillo said Guevara would leave the Central Bank and fill a different governmental role, although she didn’t say which one. Murillo said the decision was made by President Daniel Ortega.

Flea Time In Nicaragua

Flea Time In Nicaragua

Not happy, but tolerated the baths with flea shampoo well.

Yari and Shelley doing the honors; I don't have the touch. One cat and three kittens, and only one half-hearted bite. These guys know who butters their bread.

Fleas showed up all of a sudden, probably brought over by that rangy yellow tomcat next door who sneaks over every night to load up on my cats' chow.

There is a skunk trap and a distant relocation in his future . . .I hope he has family in Dplito .



All are familiar with the ubiquitous chicken BUS, but did you know that there is a motorcycle variation?

Pic only gives the guy half his due; there are an equal number on the other side of the bike but I wanted the kid in the picture.

Corinto weather

Hi, I know its hot there but am wondering if anyone could tell me when the coolest time of the year is for specifically Corinto? When I try to look it up it only gives me weather in Managua. Thank you for any help you can afford. Zia

Anything New Actually

happening at Seaside Mariana?

I mean,, like construction?

How to legalize my documents to apply for Residency in Nicaragua.

One of the most complicated parts of completing a Residency application is how to legalize the documentation required. Basically any applicant must bring to Nicaragua in originals: a) Birth Certificate. b) Police Record Certificate (usually is a simple letter saying the applicant doesn´t has any criminal record in his/her city), (for a US citizen INTERPOL doesn’t provide information, so it must be obtained from the local police). - c) Health Certificate, which is a letter (on letterhead) from a doctor explaining the applicant is in good health and doesn´t have any contagious diseases.

Formalized Street Address

San Jose, Costa Rica now has uniform, easy to read and spot street and avenida signs. About ten feet high, on the corners of every block.

They really help . . makes navigating the city easier and encourages walking. The city already had a great system of alternating north south, east west streets, avenidas, that made your location easy to determine, if you knew which avenida, street you were on.

Of course, ANY signs in Nicaragua would be a big help . . . How about a few less Ortega billboards and put the money into directional signage ??

Zipline at Mombacho Volcano near Granada

Zipline at Mombacho Volcano near Granada

Zip-line through the forest canopy at Volcano Mombacho near Granada. This is me on the last leg of the zip-line doing the typical tourist poses for the camera. The entire tour took about 1+ flying through the trees. For the plant enthusiast the trees had signs indicating their species, and for the daredevils, like my girls primos/primas, you could go on the zip-line upside down or superman style. That wasn't for me, as I wanted to enjoy the view.



This is the other Mary of Las Penitas, which is located in the courtyard of the family beach house.

Got this statue of a nice Jewish lady from a statuary shop in Leon several years ago. I told them through the wife, I just wanted a simple concrete lawn statue, instead got a cathedral quality sculpture.

Previously, I had offered to just donate her to the Poneloya church were my oldest daughter was baptized, if I could not put her on display.

FOR SALE ~ 2011 Toyota Tacoma 4X4--Taxes paid

FOR SALE ~ 2011 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 Available March 1 $ 30,000 NO TAXES TO BE PAID Year: 2011 Make: Toyota Model: Tacoma Purchased: July 2011, from Toyota dealership in Florida Trim: Extended Cab Pickup 4-Door Options: Locking Toneau Cover, Bed Liner, Chrome Running Boards, Alloy Wheels, SR5 Package, MP3 connection, Tail gate lock, 4-Wheel Drive, AM/FM/CD Player, Backup Camera, Tow package; Bucket seats, Sliding rear window, full size spare tire/rim. Drive Type: 4x4 Safety Features: Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag with on/off key, Side Airbags Mileage: 15,000

How much cash can I bring in?

Can anyone tell me how much cash it is legal for me to bring with me into Nicaragua when I fly in?

Searched the Nica government websites and could not find an answer.

What if US health insurance "worked" in Nicaragua?

There is an interesting article titled Medical Travel: If Bill Gates Wanted to Do Something Good for the World in Truthout that offers a good start on a question. While the article is about the idea that someone with a lot of money could start an insurance company that encouraged cost-effective health care, we can ask the same question about Medicare.

????? why dose everyone say..leon is so hot??

i have been there several times..never really stayed there just day that area really much hotter than the northern beaches hotter than sjds???

Private Transfer Service from MGA to Jinotega or Matagalpa.

I have been living here in Nicaragua since 2005! My husband and I are starting a new business... private transport (in a 4x4 truck) from/to MGA to/from Matagalpa and Jinotega area. Please check out our website for more details. We are responsible, safe and dependable and look forward to serving the members of NicaLiving and/or friends and family that may be coming to visit! Thank you for your support!

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