if any one goes near plaza inter in mga..take a walk down the street toward the lake..they have a lot of real nice displays..for the holidays..and yes its safe to walk ..lot of security..

Arte Fina de San Jose de Cusmapa

Arte Fina de San Jose de Cusmapa

San Juan del Sur

Saturday Nov 30 Market Exclusive- Sports Park. 9 am to 12 pm

Arte Fina de San Jose de Cusmapa

Gorgeous woven pine creations by a co-operative of 42 women. They live in pine forest on the border with Honduras. Baskets, coasters, Christmas ornaments.

Tax rate comparison

An article in Tico Times talks about a new World Bank report on tax rates. It shows that the top two tax rates in Central America and the Caribbean are Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

The information is interesting but if you decided to take a serious look, there are important things to consider:

Buying on time in Nicaragua

My currently very obviously pregnant sister-in-law (see, another baby's coming blog) bought - on time, a while ago - a 32" LED Sony TV, one of those big flat, digital marvels, not for our apartment where she now lives most of the time, but for her boyfriend's place in Sutiava (a suburb of Leon) where she used to live half the time or so. She 'purchased' - actually took it away after signing contracts without any money down - from El Gallo Mas Gallo, or GMG Comercial Nicaragua Sociedad Anonima, as it is referred to in their papers.

Politics and patrolling Nicaragua's new waters

After the ICJ awarded a big chunk of Caribbean waters claimed by Colombia to Nicaragua, there has been a lot of anti-Nicaragua politics. Colombia has left the ICJ jurisdiction and both Panama and Costa Rica have been doing saber rattling with regard to expansionist Nicaragua.

Could we divide up Nicaragua like this?

I just read an article in the Washington Post titled Which of the 11 american nations do you live in?. The article is about the US, not about 11 sovereign countries and is an interesting read.

It got we thinking if we could divide up Nicaragua in a similar way. You need to read the article to understand what a similar way means but it does seem possible, interesting and, most important, useful.

Honduran election results

The Real News Network talks about how the election went down.

Nicaragua #2 in safety in Latin America

A new UN report rated Nicaragua as the second safest country in Latin America, slightly behind Chile. This is from a report by UN Human Development Agency. An article about this appears in Nearshore Americas.

Looking at the upcoming election in Honduras

I previously posted something about the upcoming election in our other neighbor to the north, El Salvador. It was less than a pretty picture but it looks like Honduras can be less pretty.

i like this idea..

Socio-Political side of the canal

Most articles about the new canal focus on whether is is really good for Nicaragua, will it happen and such. Most of them are rather speculative but on such things as who this Chinese businessman really is.

This article, titled The New Nicaragua Canal: China Barges In – Analysis is quite different in that it looks at the world socio-political aspects of the canal. Not just in Nicaragua or the region but in the world.


Is anyone on the site growing it commercially or otherwise?

My agronima suggested this as a cash crop as well as a useful nutritional source . . .

It smacks a bit of tree-hugging permaculture to me, but I wouldn't let that get in the way of making a buck . . . .

This is what the sprouts looked like on my first and only chia growing effort:

French Solution To

Venezuelan consumer goods shortages (at least one recent shortage):

Personal secretary to Ortega

It's interesting to read about Oquist ( Swede ) born in Illinois and Nicaraguan Citizen.

Here is the CV

Interesting to read.

60.000 liter steel tank for sale

Could have been a nice boat to, very solid and good shape $ 6.000

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