International Man on Nicaragua

There is an article about Nicaragua in International Man. International Man is a project of Doug Casey and tends to focus on the financial side of internationalization.

The article, titled Ahead of the herd: Nicaragua's enormous potential is written by a person who traveled to 40 countries in nice months and decided Nicaragua was his favorite destination.

Patiently Waiting

for that promised Global Warming to kick in, every year it seems to get colder, earlier.

I had a pipe burst this afternoon,, highly unusual for California, this time of year. It doesn't usually get bitterly cold until after the first of the year.

Al's basking in his 10K Sq Ft Malibu mansion with it's enormous carbon footprint (year, yeah, I know, he planted some trees). I'm going to have to provide freeze protection for my pipes -- for the first time ever.

Even Nicaragua seemed cooler this year than last ??

Ten dead in Northern Nicaragua in shootout

The story is changing as I post this but The Guardian has at least offered two possibilities. What seems to be certain is that the shootout was between police and, well, some group, and ten are dead.

Older house for sale across the street from the new building

Older house for sale across the street from the new building

This is about ten or twelve feet wide with a square garden around the same in the back. New roof, new metal rafters. Interior rooms are cubicles whose walls don't reach the roof.

Going up in Jinotega

Going up in Jinotega

I'm not sure if this is going to be a private house, a private house with a business on the ground floor, or a small hotel, but it's going up in Jinotega and the construction has been fairly rapid. The edge of the garage is on the right.

What would it cost YOU to live in Nicaragua? has been an interesting thread about why retire in L.A. As is typical, cost of living comes up with a typical array of opinions. I would like to assert that attitude and experience have a lot to do with the answer.

Cracks in the drug war

A leaked draft of a UN document on the war on drugs reveals that Latin America is not monolithic in support. No surprise there but the leak is a nice look at the debate rather than just seeing the documents where everyone appears to be in agreement.

The story is told in an article in The Guardian. The following related comment can be found in Annie Machon's newsletter.

Kegerators and equipment

does anyone know where i could get a kegerator? same with soda kegs and c02 restaurant/beverage supply stores exist? I have been homebrewing my own ales and a draft beer setup would be great

Why retire in Latin America

There is an article in the Christian Science Monitor titled Why US baby boomers are retiring in Latin America that is rather good. If you already moved and are happy with your decision, you probably don't need to read it. On the other hand, if you need a bit of a kick in the rear or need something to explain to your friends back home why you moved, it is a pretty decent starting point.

Global Age Watch 2013 (world rankings)

There isn’t much country-comparative analysis along these lines. The Global Age Watch Index is “…the first global index to rank countries according to the social and economic wellbeing of older people…”.

parque national de feria economia familiar...managua

parque national de feria economia wife and i went there was great..they hold it every sat. and sunday..12noon till 9pm..packed with nicas..i didnt see another gringo..

Making a Legal Connection

After December 16, all persons who are using an illegal electricity connection and have not submitted a formal application to the TSK-Melfosur International distributor, could go to prison.

The chairman of the Committee on Infrastructure, Jenny Martinez, said to give an extension to the illegal customers would require an amendment to the law "Six months was a fairly reasonable time for people to catch up".

December 16 will mark the 180 days granted to almost 200 thousand illegal connections.


if any one goes near plaza inter in mga..take a walk down the street toward the lake..they have a lot of real nice displays..for the holidays..and yes its safe to walk ..lot of security..

Arte Fina de San Jose de Cusmapa

Arte Fina de San Jose de Cusmapa

San Juan del Sur

Saturday Nov 30 Market Exclusive- Sports Park. 9 am to 12 pm

Arte Fina de San Jose de Cusmapa

Gorgeous woven pine creations by a co-operative of 42 women. They live in pine forest on the border with Honduras. Baskets, coasters, Christmas ornaments.

Tax rate comparison

An article in Tico Times talks about a new World Bank report on tax rates. It shows that the top two tax rates in Central America and the Caribbean are Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

The information is interesting but if you decided to take a serious look, there are important things to consider:

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