Time to quit ...

... smoking. Does anyone know whether Champix, Zyban or the patches are available in Nicaragua? Can't find them here in Jinotepe.

Leon Cathedral, 1888

Leon Cathedral, 1888

See rest of the story at http://www.nicaliving.com/node/21780

Check clearing times

Does anyone know how long it currently takes to clear a check drawn from a North American bank and deposited into a Nicaraguan account?

One Of The Two

One Of The Two

kittens immediately found the bag of Santos Gaitan coffee and claimed it for her afternoon nap.

It does have a wonderful smell . .. .



was the first beneficio we visited. Located in Palacagüina they buy quite a bit of coffee from small producers in the area (and a couple of good sized cooperativas, the Laureano Flores cooperative located one Km from my farm sells their product to Prodecoop).


We Taste Every

We Taste Every

bean . . ..

Well, maybe not every bean, but every load of coffee that comes into the Buenos Aires is sampled, roasted and tasted by a certified taster. The beneficio is in Ocotal and the coffee is all Dipilto.

Buenos Aires has developed a following in China, Japan, and South Korea. These customers receive their coffee in quintal sized vacuum packed sacks, overpacked in neat cardboard boxes. But, at $450 /quintal Olman can easily afford the packaging, and his new Ford 150.

Different Strokes

Different Strokes

. . for different coffee processors. . .

Pic is of the Santos Gaitan beneficio in El Paraiso, Honduras, one of four I visited last week.

All of the beneficios we visited (three in Nicaragua, and Gaitan in Honduras) are moving towards a more consistent processing modality. Gaitan invested in 10 of the drying towers seen in the background. About 10 meters tall, the coffee arrives at the beneficio wet from the immediate washing and is then loaded into the dryers.

Question about importing alcohol

I know, we're doing it wrong! I want to know if anyone has experience importing alcohol from the US to Nicaragua. We will be looking to transport about a case of wine in for a celebration. Certainly, we know the local flavors would be easier and we will have FdC as well, but for our own reasons we'd like to import some wine that's not presently available in Nicaragua.

Unfortunately, the internet seems to have failed us in our search for information on this topic, but I know someone amongst the clever bunch at NicaLiving has surely done this! :)

Any help or advice is much appreciated!!

Nicaragua textile exports expected to reach $2.5 billion this year

For Nicaragua, it sounds like a big number. An article in Fiber to Fashion says that textile exports are expected to reach $2.5 billion in 2014. The reality is that it has been higher.

To put it in perspective

Preliminary numbers stated that in 2013 the value of exports of Nicaragua totaled US$2,566 million, 13.95 percent less than the sales of 2012. And the textile sector exported around US$2,150 million, according to the presidential delegate PRONicaragua.

Nica's Finally Made It

...when last night's Wheel of Fortune Prize Package was eight nights at Pelican Eyes (SJDS)...

More Socialist Success

stories from Venezuela:


Would Nicaragua REALLY miss the Venezuelan money? Don Daniel would, as would the Orteguistas, but would the cessation of the money really affect the average Nicaraguan?

Provisional Residency as businessman

Recently I found another way to obtain residency. It is as businessman or businesswoman. Immigration granted a client of mine provisional residency based on establishing a Nicaraguan Corporation (Sociedad Anonima). It was a provisional residency for one year and it can be renewed.

Cuba container port now open

I previously mentioned that Cuba, with help from Brazil, was opening a huge container port and free trade zone. Well, it is now officially open.

From a Reuters Article,

Cool site for ag, gardening, machinery, etc. Nice fit for Nicaragua - opensourceecology.org

Cool site for agriculture, gardening, machinery, etc. It seems like a nice fit for NicaLiving - www.opensourceecology.org

Thought this might be useful to some users here. It is a site that has a lot of "open source" tools for home, farm, and business. all the tools, etc can be built with standard items that are not branded, model specific, etc.

Here is some of the tools - http://opensourceecology.org/gvcs.php


corruption or user fee?

If a person is pulled over by the transito and given the choice to pay up or get a ticket, is it corruption or a user fee?

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