Internet censorship in Nicaragua?

Hi everyone! My SO has been unable to load links that I've sent her for at least the last week. Is anyone else experiencing this? I know there was talk of implementing a law about what could be said online in Nicaragua some time ago (maybe a year?), but IDK much about these things.

Help is much appreciated!

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Got bad water? Got shrubs? Problem solved, maybe.

Just found this at Slashdot today: "Water Filtration With a Tree Branch"

Russia and Costa Rica "humor"

Russia in planning to expand its military presence into other areas including Latin America. As bad as this may sound, it is certainly not unique to Russia.

First, Merco Press has an article about Russia's plans:

Venezuela - the beat goes on

An ex-general of Venezuela interviewed on CNN said his country is being taken over by Cuban military. It made me wonder.

Later I read this rather interesting comment,

"Where is the outcry of the free world about the invasion of Cuban troops in Venezuelan soil? The silence or omission of the press about this..." by Susana Font-Fontenot, NYT (2/25)

This petroleum-rich neighbor would certainly be a feather in Cuba's cap, assuming they could keep a string of Ma-burros in the presidency there, and an army of street toughs as their dupes.

Jinotepe mass jail break

Ten prisoners managed to break out of jail last night in Jinotepe at around 4 a.m.

Within half an hour the police were combing through the poorest barrios in town looking for them. This is the first time most residents of these barrios can remember the police entering these places except to sell confiscated goods to the local fences.

Scientists say Canal would destroy environment

Article in Nature by co-authored by Jorge Huete-Pérez, president of the Nicaraguan Academy of Sciences, calling for an urgent environmental assessment by a body that is independent of the Nicaraguan government:

" In preparation for a future of climate change, food insecurity and biodiversity loss, Nicaragua must establish long-term measures for the protection of its environment, not sacrifice itself to speculators."

Doctor's House in Jinotega

Doctor's House in Jinotega

With my wide angle lens on the Sony α-3000, cropped.

We Finally Got

We Finally Got

the roaster going.

I'd been tinkering with it for a month in my spare time, assuming I had a bad gas valve. It turned out to be something much simpler, , some commie insect had taken up residence in the gas line to the pilot light.

Shelley wanted some coffee to take back for her nurse friends, so the heat was on -so to speak.

Security Warning for Apple users

This has nothing to do with Nicaragua/NL but I decided it is worth putting here because it needs to be publicized as much as possible.

There is a security bug in some Apple software that leaves you exposed even if you think you have a secure connection (to somewhere, such as your bank). The good news is that someone has constructed a trivial test to see if you are vulnerable.

And then it rained….

And then it rained….

This is more like rainy season rain than the usual light rains we get here during February and March. The $50 open box special wide angle lens again.

Toto, I Don't Think

Toto,  I Don't Think

were in Nicaragua anymore . . . .

Limpiar la brisa? --Si, Gracias. Bien lleno? --No, suficiente. In Nicaragua bien lleno means a gallon pumped on the ground to prove that the tank is indeed full . . .Smiling young attendant does ALL the windows, earning him a $2 tip. Gaggle of young school girls wander by, uniforms but with tailored skirts. I've always liked El Salvador.

Claro is pissing me off - again!

It is time to bitch about Claro. When I first moved here 5 years ago, Claro offered serveral english channels. These channels included Fox news, ABC, NBC, and CBS. Five years on, and now just CBS is available in Matagalpa. Tonight even CBS is off the air. instead a Catholic channel is on. I really don't care about that, The reason I have Claro cable versus Tele-cable (the other cable company here in town) is because of the English language programming. I cannot even go into the office to bitch because I told Claro to cut my cable several months ago and they have not yet.

The Alcadia sent in the heavy machinery

The Alcadia sent in the heavy machinery

Man and machine began working around breakfast time and had graded most of the block before breaking for lunch. After this, the guys come back and lay the blocks back, that by hand.

The Alcadia's Sewage and Water System upgrades continued

The Alcadia's Sewage and Water System upgrades continued

Taken with the new 16mm lens on the A 3000 that I bought in Jinotega. Nothing egregiously wrong with lens -- though the Sigmas are reported to be sharper (19 mm Sigma is still not as wide as this). There are two attachments I can get for this lens that make it even wider or a fisheye lens.

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