Coffee "rust" is result of climate change?

That is what an article asserts. Maybe so, maybe not but it does a good job of explaining the problem and the consequences.

The article appears in The Guardian under the title Latin America: how climate change will wipe out coffee crops – and farmers.


Armed thugs. Motorcycle gangs. Their defense of Chavismo - la revolución bolivariana - involved disrupting peaceful opposition rallies with threats of violence. They and other 'colectivos chavistas' are the reason the death toll of the current nationwide demonstrations against the government of Venezuela keeps climbing. The police, the National Guard look the other way when these armed, black-masked hooligans show up.


Why are so many migrants here in the first place?

The question is being asked from the US perspective. While immigration to the US is not just from Latin America, there is clearly where the big numbers come from. Many articles try to justify immigration by saying "we need them". Maybe the US does -- or the price of California lettuce would go up -- but that doesn't address why they see the US as the land of opportunity.


just got a big 1 here in mga

Who says you can't get off the US no fly list?

We all know about the US no fly list. What we don't know is what it takes to get on the list. While some people seem like obvious candidates to go on the list, many people seem to have ended up there because someone in the government just wanted to harass them. Up until now, we also haven't known what it takes to get off the list.

Well, good news. One person actually did manage to get off the list and her story is available with lots of details. (Note that she was put on it by mistake -- it is probably harder to get off the list if you were intended to be there.)

Birds of a feather

The UN General Assembly, apparently and suddenly seduced by The Empire and mainstream media, yesterday voted overwhelmingly that Crimea's referendum to break away from Ukraine was not valid.

There were 11 dissenting votes:

  • Armenia
  • Belarus
  • Bolivia
  • Cuba
  • North Korea
  • Nicaragua
  • Russia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Venezuela
  • Zimbabwe

Nicaragua unconditionally recognizes incorporation of Crimea into Russia

While I don't think there is any surprise here, Voice of Russia reports that Nicaragua has recognized the incorporation of Crimea into Russia.

Ranchon aquatic park

Ranchon aquatic park

Near la Dalia. Open Fri-Sun, word is out the Beer is spoken here...

Cattle country

Cattle country

NE of Matagalpa. It`s amazing how green it is here so late in the dry season. the Segovias look like a desert right now.

Cave at Salto Santa Emelia

Cave at Salto Santa Emelia

Comes with standard Mocoana.

Salto Santa Emelia

Salto Santa Emelia

entrance through the restaurant (50 cords pp) at km147 on the road from Matagalpa to La Dalia. Steep but decent trail leads to falls and cave. English, Spanish , and Italian ( the chef) spoken.

Profound stuff

Profound stuff

You saw it first on NL.

Claro TV and English

Been in Nica land 2+ years and slowly watched English channels dropping off of Claro's line up. So the other day I was playing around and set my TV to SAP, Second Audio Program. Voila.......Sorry, that's French. But many channels, when you set your TV to SAP, have English! Maybe this was known and posted before but for me...........A Revelation.

US Defense Spending

US Defense Spending

Graphic in support of This is for 2012.

More Anti-narco cooperation in the region

The Enhanced Cooperation Agreement to Fight Organized Crime in Central America and the Dominican Republic was signed a year ago. The result (starting this year) has been meetings every two weeks at the Justice Training Center for Central America and the Caribbean in Costa Rica to implement actions against narco-trafficking organizations and organized crime.

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