Meanwhile, Venezuela continues bursting at the seams

Its citizens appear to be killing each other in open, class warfare. But let's put that in perspective. To wit:

Wiki (21 Mar 2014): "Venezuela is among the most violent places on Earth. In Venezuela, a person is murdered every 21 minutes. Crimes have been so prevalent in Venezuela that the government no longer produces crime data." How long has this criminal free-for-all been going on? What's the idea behind allowing it?

One of the convicts with fry

One of the convicts with fry

I currently have two batches of free-swimming fry in the tank. One pair seems to have fry that they're not bringing out of their stack of tejas, or one or the other of them shot blanks, or someone ate the eggs, or something.

You have to look closely to see the fry, but one is about 3/4 inches from the bottom, maybe an inch and a half from the left side, centered over a white piece of gravel. There are a number more to the right of that. This was cropped from the larger shot. This is a biparental pair.

Purification of salt water

Yet one more low-tech approach to producing pure water. While specifically designed for purification of salt water, it should work with any water that needs to be purified.

This particular product stands out because it is made from locally-made pottery and some metal scrap. No plywood, plastic and such.

It is Open Source you you can build on it. All described in A Simple Solar Oven Makes Salt Water Drinkable.

Nicaragua U-turn on pesticide ban

Newsroom Panama reports on what sounds like one more political game. Sounds like it is a ban but industry doesn't like it. Sorta sounds like the US EPA.

ONLY a week after imposing a ban on prohibited agrochemicals,the Nicaraguan government has taken a step back and is allowing entry to supplies already purchased by companies in the agricultural sector.

How Does That Work

How Does That Work

out for you?

The fixture, installed and looking completely functional on top of what looked like it's own cesspool, turned out on closer examination to be a bidet!

I've seen some toilet bidet conversion kits, but there could very well be a market for a fixture designed for dual use with the bidet function molded in. I haven't see that yet . .. . .

I wanted to chat with someone about their experiences with the unit, but the entire town was deserted, not a soul . . This was in Mexico, the tequila region.

Checking Email In Guatemala

Checking Email In Guatemala

at the iced coco stand.

Entrepreneurial guys got the password to the WiFi signal of the cafe across the street and offered free WiFi with the purchase of a coco.

Nicaragua documents from Wikileaks

Some time ago Wikileaks added a sophisticated search mechanism to their site. It was needed because of the huge volume of documents there. The search allows all sorts of filtering as well as the typical "keyword in subject" and "keyword in body" options. It is available at Here are some result statistics:

  • Nicaragua in the title: 7326 documents
  • Nicaragua in the document body: 20,692
  • "Daniel Ortega" in the title: 516
  • "Arnoldo Aleman" in the title: 26

need a u.s stamp

need to get a apostille from the state of pa.. for my birth certificate..with my birth cert. i need a self addressed stamped envelope..where can i get a u.s. stamp down here ,,u.s. embassy ??? any ideas..

New expat general info source.

Expatriates Stack Exchange: New. Still in beta.

At best, only peripherally related to anything Nicaraguan, but this is another resource.

From the site...

Expatriates Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people living abroad on a long-term basis. It's 100% free, no registration required.

Here's how it works:

  • Anybody can ask a question
  • Anybody can answer
  • The best answers are voted up and rise to the top

Nicaragua: Entrepreneuse and Successful

An interesting article about a smallholder farmer's organization called Nuevo Horizonte.

Martha Mautute is a 36 year old single woman from the town of Jalapa, Nueva Segovia. Martha has been an active member of the smallholder farmer's organization Nuevo Horizonte (New Horizons) for the past 5 years. While speaking with her she adamantly expressed how blessed and happy she is because of the opportunity she has to now share new knowledge with other women of her community.

Hard To Believe

The Huff Post would say anything negative about a fellow traveler, but here it is:

The Real Nicaragua also has an interesting thread about the inability of BanPro to meet their obligations. The poster relates how he is unable to remove his funds even though they show in his account.

Moving large sums of money is getting more problematic. Keeping large sums around is also an invitation to disaster.

Air Canada is fascist ?

The airline of the Great White North, obviously under orders of The Imperialists and the fascists waging economic war against $ucialismo XXI, suspended their 3x weekly flights between Taranna and Caracas.

Perhaps someone could explain to Maburro, in words of less than two syllables, that junk government bonds are not equivalent to hard currency?

Will the continued Chavista revolution ...

...under Maduro with Cuban 'advisors' achieve the neo-socialist ideal: a classless society, all equally poor?

Today's Cichlid picture -- the male who appears to have spawned with two females.

Today's Cichlid picture -- the male who appears to have spawned with two females.

Tried the Sony a3000 with an adapted 50 mm lens and got this one of the tank's dominant male. My landlord came by to pick up the rent this morning and looked at the tank. Apparently fish like this would go for $20 a fish in Costa Rica. The local name for the small cichlids is mojarra. He's a friend of my Spanish teacher and her husband.

Rent isn't going up -- lo mismo. He'll bring over the new contracto sometime before the middle of April. At that point, I'll have been in this house for a year.

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