The New Nicaragua

Canal or no, the country is moving in the right direction.

Miss Gay Nicaragua Vows To Fight Homophobia

BEST WAYS TO Cash $US DOLLARS for Cordobas

(Additional note for Canadians at the end of this post)

Please note that this a thread about how to cash $US dollar bills for cordobas. It is not intended to be a thread about how to transfer money from overseas into Nicaragua. Also, it is based on my personal experience. I am open to correction and hope that people will weigh in with their own observations.

In order of preference ….

#1 Casinos

New forums added

I have added a new forum called Regional to A42 with, so far, sub-forums for CA-4, Central America and The Americas. While the Where? section was initially set up for only country-specific items it is clear that there needs to be a place for regional information as well.

Sketch Artist

I am looking for a sketch artist for a project of mine. I never see any at the tourist markets, ect. Maybe a student?

Any ideas? Thanks

Health care comparison

Democracy for Monsanto

How the US is telling El Salvador that Monsanto has more international rights than their own government. on A42.

More CA-4 adventures

Every time I think I understand how the CA-4 agreement works, something different enters the equation. My latest is posted on A42 in the CA-4 forum.

Social Security benefit letter

A friend has been trying to get a Social Security benefit letter from outside the US. He has been told that is no longer possible. The details are in the A42 forums.

Is this now true?

Communication Styles - True or False

This is from inter, part of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Question about CityPark rides

Every year in mid September CityPark comes to Ocotal. It's a number of rides for kids, but the quality is much better than the rides that come here a month earlier for the Fiestas Patronales.

I used to take my housekeeper's kids and nephews to CityPark, and we all enjoyed it. Unfortunately for me, I'm no longer in Nicaragua in September. Last year I gave my housekeeper money to go in my absence, but I miss watching the kids having fun there. My housekeeper thinks that after Ocotal, CityPark goes further north into Honduras.

Solís more open to Pérez proposal to de-militarize the drug war

While the Chinchilla administration seemed more open than Ortega on the idea, nothing happened. Now there actually might be progress.

Nicaragua: Cuba must be included in the Summit of the Americas

From A42.

Are there TukTuks in Granada?

If so, how popular are they and who uses them?

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