Top up prepaid cellular air time with bitcoin Yes, works in Nicaragua with both Movistar and Claro.

Letter From the Border: New Crisis is the Old Crisis

The title is the title from an article in The Intercept about how it works with what we call illegal immigrants into the US. If you read the article you will see that the label refugee makes a lot more sense for many.

Food and Water forum

I just created a new "Food and Water" forum on A42 at There are certainly some country-specific issues but there are also some global issues that need to be discussed/understood.

For example, Nicaragua has a lot of water but many countries do not. There is also the international issues related to GMO products and now international food trade is changing as more countries are restricting GMO products.

Colombia looks at legalizing pot

In the current bill, medical use, but it is clear pot has moved off the "dangerous narcotic" peg it was put on by the US in the 1930s.

Kickstarter--MEMORIAS DEL FUEGO: Women and Revolution in Nicaragua

A film about disappearing stories of women who fought in Nicaragua's Sandinista Revolution, and their continuing struggles for justice.


Hi Guys and Gals of this forum. Goran Bockman here. I'm coming to Esteli on Sep13th this fall to scout out where I would like to retire. I'm looking to hire someone to facilitate my traveling and living in Nicaragua, in the first instance for the coming 6 months. So if you know, or know of, anyone fitting the description below please contact me or have him/her contact me. Much appreciated!

Costa Rica and Pot

Initially rumors but now a bill to legalize medical use and, as is what is really needed, do some research.

Fr. D'Escoto "restored"

Pope Francis has "restored" Fr. Miguel D'Escoto.


Attention cacao growers. Ever heard of pataxte? It's cacao but it's not cacao. Tasty and that is just eating the pulp between the beans. Photos and the story is at I am wondering if it is grown in Nicaragua.

"B corporations"

Every time I post something critical of the US (today's US) I get jumped on for being anti-US. Let's try this on for size.

I previously posted an article about Vulture Capitalism on A42. It was not anti-Capitalism or even anti-US but some probably saw it that way. (The most anti-US is a post explaining how President Obama could "solve the problem" but has not.)

Getting Nicaraguan citizenship

Is it governments or corporations who are "in charge"

For buzzwords, think GMO, petroleum wars, and Wall Street. These issues come up here in NL but they are international in nature. They need an "international" discussion. See

Status of the move to A42

The short version is "it's happening", slowly. Why slowly? Because you (plural) aren't helping. Let me offer some NicaLiving history.

NL is over 10 years old. It started as a personal experiment -- mostly me talking to myself. It attracted interest because there was new content about Nicaragua. Much of that content and the moderation/organization of the content came from a small group of people (including myself) who volunteered their time. If you have been around here for a few years you know who they are.

Why expatriate?

It can use some more reasons.

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