New Corn Island Sign

New Corn Island Sign

Located at The Municipal Wharf

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Spells trouble

"To preserve our forms of communal ownership of the land"

Nice game being played out now... Politicians Support the communities to claim land ( more 750,000 Hectares being claimed by, for example, pearl lagoon, another 650,0000 by tasbaponi (overlapping about 300,000) hectares between both communities), and a few hundreds of thousands by Sandy bay/karawala, and even more by the Rama people to he south.... This will eventually lead to literal blood baths among the communities.

After the communities get the lands the politicians pushed them to fight for, the same politicians turn around and lease these land from the leaders of the communities.

A very neat form of "preserving our forms of communal ownership" and "to use and benefit from our land"

We'll see...

The wheels are in motion.

Interesting it is only in English

Is that because the problem is seen as only English speakers?

You couldn't be more wrong.

It is in English and because English is considered the Native Language; Spanish being forced upon Natives (in the Educational System) during the "Sandino Times." Some Islanders have never learned Spanish.

sign on corn island

Well said!!!Hopefully it will work out for everybody.