Casa de Taquezal

Casa de Taquezal

Casa de Taquezal (Barro, Escremento de vaca, cañas)

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Adobe or Wattle and Daub?

Because it is so old it is hard to tell in the photo but it could be Wattle and Daub instead of adobe.

The difference is that adobe is building with blocks made of dirt with straw or other fiber in them. Wattle and Daub, on the other hand, is where small sticks are used as a mesh and they are then "plastered". The plaster will be a combination of materials possibly including clay, cow dung, chopped straw and horsehair.

A finish coat of lime-based plaster is used for weather protection--something that is clearly gone from this building--whatever it was made from.

Casa Adobe ( Taquezal)

I just guanted to post that picture because it brings good memories and, personally do not care if it is adobe or taquezal, do appreciate the short explanation on the type of construction it has for the rest of the members to know the correct term. Thank you,

Armando Gonzalez