Minimum Wage

When I first arrived here 2 years ago the value for the US dollar was 17.50 cordobas. It is now nearly 18.50 but there are no jobs and the ones that do exist don't pay enough to afford the cost of living. Which is 3,081 cordobas/US$170.00 ( currently ).

The current minimum wage ranges between 869.40 and 2,018.40 cordobas.

The value of the US dollar will have to skyrocket up to 63.79 cordobas in order for the minimium wage to remain as it is and the lowest paid worker to be able to afford the cost of living.

Then what?

We'll still need jobs and decent wages.

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Luis Barbosa, one of the leaders of the governmental National Front of Workers (FNT), mentioned that they maintain the proposal to establish a single minimum wage and an increment of the same that will assure the coverage of one hundred percent of the basic basket of 53 products, that recreated sums a cost of 7,400 Cordobas.

Zelaya said that it is not possible to establish a single minimum wage. At present nine for equal number of economic sectors exist, because the difference that there is among them is "very large".

"We go from 1,300 to little more than 2,300 Cordobas at present (in the salary rank between a sector and another). Setting an only minimum wage can occur in gradual form", he added.

Average: C$1,600

The average monthly minimum wage, that at present is in force, equals to 1,600 Cordobas. Nevertheless, nine minimum wage for equal quantity of sectors exist. For example, the minimum wage in the construction and the financial services is the highest one of all: 2,381.70 Cordobas.

3B: LA PRENSA Managua, Friday, November 23, 2007

- "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun" Katherine Hepburn

Minimum wage rises 18 percent

After 90 days of discussions the National Commission of minimum wage approved a 18 percent increment yesterday in the minimum wage, the highest one in the last three decades.

LA PRENSA - Thur., 5/17/07

- "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun" Katherine Hepburn

The minimum wages in effect

The mimimum wage for each worker from the follwing sectors are:

C$2,018.40 in construction and finances. C$1,654.30 in the services and commerce sector. C$1,619.40 in the mines and quarries. C$1,478.40 in the industry under special physical regimen. C$1,371.40 in fishing. C$1,264.40 in the domestic services sector. C$1,212.70 in manufacturing. C$1,124.76 in the central Government. C$869.40 in agriculture.

- LA PRENSA Mon., 3/19/07

- "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun" Katherine Hepburn

minimum wage

I am a journalist writing about some independent school teachers in Nicaragua. I want to compare their pay to that of public school teachers but I looked at the Ministry of Labor site and I don't know which sector they would belong to. Can anyone help me?

The likely choices seem to be servicios comunitarios, sociales, domesticos y personales; or gobierno central y municipal; or perhaps industrias sujetas a Regimen Especial Fiscal...

Yeah ...

my guess would be Community services, domestic, social, and personal services: 1,264.40 (U$68.98 dollars) raised to 1,492 córdobas (U$81.4 dollars) / Servicios comunitarios, sociales, domésticos y personales: de 1,264.40 (68.98 dólares) a 1,492 córdobas (81.4 dólares) too.

- "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun" Katherine Hepburn


Detailed info:,

Minimum Wage is for full time: daytime/48 hour/6am-6pm work, mixed/45 hour/6pm-9pm work or nocturmal/42 hour/9pm-6am work. Paid every 15th or 30th of each month and includes alginaldo, the 13th pay of the year which is paid along with the 12th and ¨last¨ to complete 52 weeks of pay.

Minimum Wage also includes 15 days of vacation time or paid vacation every six months as the employer requests and the employer must affiliate the employee to INSS, Nicaraguan Social Security Institute for medical and in some instances, sick days coverage. INSS charges the employer 15% and the employee 6.25% each pay period.

Vacation time is paid only if one doesn't have those days off from work and employees must have at least 1 day out of the week off from work.

- "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun" Katherine Hepburn

Misery loves company

US workers have had the same problem for the last couple of decades in that the minimum wage has not kept up with the increased cost of living. Not a problem if you make more than the minimum, but a sad relity for those on the low end of the food chain.

Also sad: Nicaraguans can't realistically expect to improve their standard of living because the country doesn,t produce much of value!

Exports do not grow in value or quantity, and the population growth rate is so much higher than any conceivable growth in the economy that it is hard to predict much improvement in the future.

Most likely case scenerio: Nicaragua will see more emigration, more dependence on remittances and international aid, and a further decline in family strenght and social cohesiveness.

Don't shoot the messenger, that's what I see from the northern mountains.

"When you cross that river, Boy, you in a whole differnt country!" paraphrase from Carl Franz

family strength and social cohesiveness

Billy Bob, you're exactly right and that is The New World Orders exact objective, the Global Corporations want to destroy the family and society so indiividuals will be against each other in the fight for the almighty dollar. While they are fighting each other for/and concentrating on survival, the corporations steal their freedom and make them slaves of the dollar. Vicious cycle for the poor.

we should create a MAXIMUM wage

Since the annual salary of many CEO's exceed what some workers will earn in a life time, why don't we institute a maximum wage law and tie it to the minimum wage paid by that company?

For example if the minimum wage a company pays an employee is $10.00 an hour, the maximum wage would be a multiple (MP) of the ten dollar minimum wage. In this example the multiple is 500,000

This multiple would be set by stockholders, not the government to ensure we keep our capitalist economy as far away from the government as possible.

$10.00 minimum wage X 500,000 =$5,000,000 Maximum wage inclusive of all salaries, bonuses, stock options, and all other monies per job.

This would ensure no one was left behind since business executives would need to increase the minimum wage paid to employees in order to give themselves a raise. This would protect not only low income workers, but would ensure stock holders benefit more. We do not need any more crooked greedy executives and this regulation would help ensure everyone benefits from prosperity.

A private company would not need to adhere to this regulation.

1st Capt. Ron

we should even everything out.....

everybody gets the same regardless of effort. freedom isn't fair.

This has been done also

In the 1970s, a computer company in Los Angeles paid all technical staff $25,000/year and support staff $15,000/year. I don't know the long-term results as I moved away but the idea was that if you knew all the programmers made $25k (which was a very decent salary) than you knew you needed to achieve better than a potential replacement.

I have since thought about this is more general terms. I have know so many people who opted for "a better job" that they hated which payed just a little more than the job they liked. So, if all jobs paid the same, people might actually pick work they like.

That said, I am probably in a small minority. I have made a lot of life decisions to do what I felt was needed or I liked better over a higher pay. But, in general, it has kept my blood pressure down.


"So, if all jobs paid the same, people might actually pick work they like..."

If coaching football and cleaning toilets paid the same who would clean the toilets least of all be cause they liked it?

Different people, different interests

If those were the only two jobs, I would be cleaning toilets as (unfortunately) I have the skills necessary to clean toilets but not to coach football.

There are lots of jobs I "could do" and many others I either couldn't do or have no interest in. For example, I could be an electrician, an auto mechanic, a computer programmer, a teacher, and lots of other things. If they all paid the same I would be more likely to pick the one I had the most passion for.

Years ago I had an employee who just wanted to be a clerk. She was very smart and I would try to get her interested in new things. I remember, one day I had her doing something that required skills way beyond a clerk and she was doing great. I commended on it and she said "I am doing this for you as a favor. I don't want a job where I have to think".

Another example is a very smart and well-educated friend who delivered mail. I remember pointing out to him that with his education and abilities he could get a "better job". He said, "they rent my body but they don't rent my mind".

Bravo to your friend!!

love it!!! the bit about you may rent my body but not my!!

Ben & Jerry's Did That

Yeah, the ice cream people. As I remember, the maximum wage (which either Ben or Jerry was getting) was 12 times that of the janitor. Seemed totally fair. I'm all for it in at least government jobs.

If I recall, it didn't work

If I recall, it didn't work either.

You are Right

B.B., is a sad situation, Nica's Pop. growth rate @3.2%/Yr. is the highest in Latin America with an averaged 1.9%/Yr. Pop. growth rate.

Unless we Nicas, stop making babies, we'll have a bleak future.


You need

population growth in Nicaragua. There just aren't enough people. There is enough potential resources for 30 to 40 million people here. The problem is that along with making babies the government needs to encourage immigration of small investors/entrepreneures and skilled labour force(will probably be filled by Chinese and Indians and other asian).

These small investors and this skilled labour force will put the economy in overdrive increasing both jobs and exports. It is wrong to try to concentrate only on large investors as is the case now. There needs to be government programs to encourage immigration, not just generic investment incentives.

Hola Sherif

Perhaps, This is a subject for a different post, but i'll ask the question anyways.

Under your plan, what would happen to the existent uneducated Nica's labor force, as they become displaced by the imported-skilled labor force? Would they become beggars or maybe kings, like in the Arab Emirates?

Facing reality, Nicaragua does not have the qualified labor force, nor the needed infrastructure, to realize any progress in any area, any time soon.

The potential of Nica to have a population of 30-40 millions, maybe there, but as it stands today, Nicaragua does not have the resources to sustain a population with the present growth rate.

Sorry to disagree with you,


it is a push...

I tried to hire people here with luck. There is literally nobody with the skill sets that are easily and readily found elsewhere, even in 3rd world countries like egypt, even Cuba.

Nicaragua will simply never get there without importing skill from outside. it will take too long to develop those skills here.

What i suggest is what all developed nations did.

The question about the resources you bring up is maybe valid in terms of energy and potable water, but these are infrastructure projects. Nicaragua will be able to secure loans for these, the trick is to jump start the economy first.

Beggars? no, they will have Jobs, and you will see that this will push for a better education system which is what happend in many 3rd world countries including India and Egypt 30 to 40 years ago.

You said it very well: "Facing reality, Nicaragua does not have the qualified labor force, nor the needed infrastructure, to realize any progress in any area, any time soon."

For once I’d have to agree with the Sherif.

( }:-( [ LOL ] )

“What i suggest is what all developed nations did.”

“You said it very well: "Facing reality, Nicaragua does not have the qualified labor force, nor the needed infrastructure, to realize any progress in any area, any time soon."

- It would be a push to do as you´ve suggested:

“The problem is that along with making babies the government needs to encourage immigration of small investors/entrepreneures and skilled labour force … ”

- "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun" Katherine Hepburn

Your reply

makes so much sense it has a prophetic feel to it.

Thanks for the heads up.

I’ve accomplished my mission here.

- "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun" Katherine Hepburn


Nicaragua's required minimum wage is at around $1,120 per month or $560 by weekly in Cordobas ,last time I checked about 5 months ago


Nicaragua’s average minimum wage: C$1,401.00.

Nicaragua’s Basic Food/Market/Shopping /Hunger Basket ( consisting of 53 products )´s total cost: C$3,500.00/US$190.00, including rent.

- "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun" Katherine Hepburn

The Canasta Basica Average

The Canasta Basica Average per year (in cordobas)

1988 277,083.60

1989 1,743,925.06

1990 118,456,083.97

1991 593.05

1992 730.14

1993 886.99

1994 970.61

1995 1,078.89

1996 1,225.59

1997 1,402.82

1998 1,577.65

1999 1,694.08

2000 1,852.4

2001 1,980.1

2002 2,078.1

2003 2,208.9

2004 2,464.6

2005 2,682.7

2006 2,937.7

2007 3,063.6

this chart breaks down the minimum wage of what is proposed by the government, businesses, and the Union as well as what the present min wage is per job category.


problem solved!

all you have to do.....

is move up the nicaragua minimum wage. it's just that simple

remember what ronald reagan said about recession, depression, and recovery? recession is when your neighbor loses his job, depression is when you lose your job, and recovery is when jimmy carter loses his job. really, it is just that simple. well this time it is.


Yup,Jimrichard, Regan destroyed the unions to cut down on the pressure they put on the Corporations for higher wages and better benefits. Now the american workers have lousy HMOs low wages (when they can find work) and the high paying jobs have now beeen exported to India, Mexico and China so they can be performed for half the cost, while the product remains at the same or higher price. CEO's get multi-million dollar retirement funds after just a few years in the office as a thank you for screwing their employees with threats of bankruptcy or lower wages and less benefits (see United's story). Senators and Congressmen pass laws to benefit the Corporations and ruin the country so when they retire from (ses)poolitics they can go to work as lobyist for the crooked corporations, and Justice, ethics, morality and decency be damned. Hurray for Reganomics. (Regans most repeated and famous quote was,"General Electric where progress is our most important product."

and the unions....

killed the big 3 auto manufacturers and the airlines. thank you unions. labor doesn't care that it kills the hand that feeds it.

go toyota!

Wrestling with pigs

all you get is filthy and the pigs love it. United is an Airline and they used the "if you don't take the pay and benefits cuts we'll have to file bankrupcy" ploy and then increased the wages of upper management and the board of directors, and gave a multimillion dollar retirement bonus to the CEO. Ford now owns Volvo as well as Jaguar and Land Rover. Come up for air my friend the republicans as well as the democrats are nothing more than corporate hacks who could care less whether the average person starves to death or not. It was the Republicans who made the proper law changes for Corporate America to move the best working class jobs overseas to save corporate dollars.

southwest airlines....

doesn't have union. who forces you to do anything? i think you have probably done the best you can for yourself, move away from the evil empire. but give up the is eating you up.

btw i think usa is not perfect, but it is pretty much the lone force for good in the world.

i don't know why you ignore the cause.....

here's the example, in 1980, at age 19, year between highschool and college, i worked as a stocker in a grocery store. the butcher made 17$ per hour. 2007 the butcher makes 9$ per hour bc there is a flood of illegal labor in the usa. if i were blue collar democrat and they allowed me to have my pay cut in half over a 27 year period, well i'd vote for a ronald reagan. bc the dems don't care about you, they care about their power.

yep, atento, the corp stiffs and dems are out to get you.

1980 excuse me?

1980 hmmm let's see (D-4yrs)Carter ('76 to '80) had just followed (R) Ford-- That's right Regan was elected and served from 80 to 88, then Bush#1 was in for 4 yrs, followed by Clinton for 8 yrs followed by Bush#2 for 8 years. So from 1980 until 2008 Democrats were in power one double term of 8 years (out of 28) and yes you're right things are definately better now than in 1979. And Bush has no trouble with compromises, he is notorious for compromising with congress. NOT! Are you for real? Democrats are power hungry? Wake up and smell the coffee.

you didn't address my argument....

look, labor is a commodity. 13 million illegal workers in the usa! you don't think that flood of labor affects blue collar workers and the construction tradesman? the country club republicans and the power hungry democrats have made a deal. i am neither. what are you? go to love and serve the lord.

Illegal workers

You're right the illegals are hurting the economy, and the jobs corporate america are exporting also hurting the US. There have been laws in place to stop the illegals from working in the USA for more than 30 years. The government turned a blind eye so corporate america could keep the wages down. Again the GOP the party of"Law and Order" were the ones who gave the illegals amnesty a few decades ago, ignored the laws, now they're trying to do the same thing again. The "power hungry" democrats, didn't have to have their daddy's hand picked Supreme Court to appoint them president. Did you know that George W. Bush has been quoted in the paper as having said"..the constitution is just a God-damned piece of paper." here is a man that has consistently violated the law then twisted words to justify his position. The constitution says that only congress has the authority to declare war, and it was a republican dominated congress that was in power when Geo. W. Bush declared war on Iraq, not congress, and they with the help of the democrats excused his illegal behavior Regan the great paramount of the Republican party was the author of the Iran-Contra fiasco, (which was later declared a criminal conspiracy)showed he was more POWERFUL than the law. I am not hateful, I am not Republican, I am not Democrat. I AM AN AMERICAN, and I love my country and I am angry that the Fat Cats are stealing it, and zealots like your self who are uninformed are helping them instead of learning what is happening to the home of our forefathers, and stepping up to help by getting informed instead of trying to lay the blame on one party or the other and allowing that to be your conscience. That was the same mindset that Rosa Parks was dealing with when she got on the bus in Montgomery, now are you going to say she was in the wrong or the wrong party was in power that caused that to happen also? As for love and serve the lord, I am signed up to go to Central America(for the missions)and can't wait to get out of the police state U.S.of C.A. (corporate america) You know the same America that says you can't pray in school and removed the Ten Commandments from the court house, then allows a teacher to assign her students to live like Muslims for a week including reading of the Quran (this is documented it was a court case). Please don't get me started. I am informed. "the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Thomas Paine. "He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from opposition; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself-" Thomas Paine -Dissertation on First Principles of Government.

i feel the love....

ron paul, who i respect but don't always agree with, represents part of my county. he has made the declaration of war argument about 4 - 5 years ago. i heard him make that argument in my county. made a lot of sense. i can't understand why congress abrogates its duty. i don't think i am a zealot. just a traditionalist. i went to a christian grade school and high school, so am not that offended by removing prayer from gov't schools. do you know who tom delay is? i took away his gun. as for the constitution, i believe it gets in the way for the liberals. eg, roe vs wade. i didn't see that in the constitution but, dayum, warren burger sure did. brother, i feel your pain, go to love and serve the lord.

ron paul

The honorable Ron Paul

Do you really think he didn't know about this * and why pray tell if he is an honorable (Republican) man didn't he hit the media and cry foul?? Wake up AMERICA!! Neither party is for the people can't you see that? Where is the honor, ethics and morals we need to be a great country loved by the world again??


None are so blind as those who will not see.

from wikipedia....

In Congress, Paul has distinguished himself by his strict and sometimes unpopular adherence to his set of libertarian and conservative principles.[1] He has never voted to raise taxes or congressional pay and refuses to participate in the congressional pension system or take government-paid junkets.[2][3] He also opposed the USA PATRIOT Act,[4] the Military Commissions Act of 2006, and the Iraq War.[5]

he represents half my county.

i don't want to be loved by the world....

my family loves me, my country respects me for my service (us army, 6 years active, 14 reserve.) i want the usa to walk softly and carry a big stick. (someone else's line.) and use the stick when necessary. a stick without use is impotence.

Big Stick

When someone(the world)loves you, you don't (oddly enough) need to bash their head in with a "big stick". The Big Stick is needed to help Corporate America steal resources, or do you think Al Qaeda hates America as the result of your cousin or my half-brother buying from their bazaar while on vacation. The USA went into the middle east and stole a section of land and plopped down the rules that this land belonged to Israel after W.W.II and didn't respect the fact that there were people living on the land that was stolen.(That is why there is a Masc on Israels' temple hill in Jerusalem.) Just like our founding fathers did to the native Americans. (How can you "discover" land occupied by a civilization?) Now Israel can't understand why the Palestinians are upset. And being Muslim their Muslim neighbors agree that,that wrong should be righted.(after all this is the land where they cut off the theifs' 'offending hand') But in their arrogance the USA says 'we don't give a damned about what is right or wrong, the end justifies the means, because we "walk softly and carry a big stick"'.

Might does not make right.

Right of Israel to exist

Senor Atento-You cannot say that the land was stolen per se. Jewish people have just as long a history in Palestine as the modern Palestinians. What most people don't realize(particularly, Americans who tend to be ignorant of world history) is that the Palestinians are not Arabs but are descendants of the ancient Philistines and Canaanite tribes of David and Goliath fame. The Jews and the Palestinians have been fighting the war over who controls that land since ancient times. The real problem is that Britain starting with the Balfour Declaration of 1917 forward to the post WW2 era mismanaged the establishment of the modern Mid-East after the fall of the Ottoman Empire.The modern state of Israel should have included the Gaza strip-Jordan, the West Bank and the now Hezbollah controlled part of southern Lebanon should have been designated as the homeland of the Palestinians. Sea access for the Palestinians would have been through Tyre and Sidon

should and woulds

That the British messed up, no dispute.

To the fact that people were forcibly evicted from property where they had lived for hundreds of years, I hope you will not dispute. Not evicted by Brits. After independence.

With fantastic amounts of aid money from the US and an armor plated veto in the UN, Israel has been highly attractive to people all over the world resulting in millions of people migrating there. People with no immediate family ties, who may have had 1 person 8 generations back who lived there have displaced people born and raised on that land. People of 10 generations in Russia come and become voters. Palestinians and Arabs born in Israel are at the same time denied equality or the vote or even forced behind a wall.

I for one do not believe the fiction that the West Bank or Gaza are independent. They are holy owned subsidiaries of Israel Inc.

The British were out in 1948 - the Israel Palestine dispute has been prolonged, exacerbated, and was to a large extent created by the Good Old USA. Only one country in the world can solve it, Uncle Sam. Only one country carries the responsibility of nuclear war erupting in the middle east, the US of A.

Don't even try to put the blame on the Brits. The Israelis 'stole' their Nuclear know how from the US of A. That also was where they obtained their missile technology and the fighter bombers to deliver their atomic bombs. Funny that only the Russians ever managed such a theft from the US military.

Right to exist, possibly. But not this travesty of existence.

know your history, Sage

The State of Israel was created by UN Mandate-not by the USA. The USA and the Soviet Union both recognized the new state within 3 days, and the Soviets had supported Israeli's creation as vigorously as the US.The new state was threatened by 5 Arab armies and attacked. The general in charge of part of the attacking Arab forces was one Lieutenant-General Sir John Bagot Glubb, "British" commander of the Arab Legion of Transjordan.I also believe the Brits(sic English) took part in the French /English seizure of the Suez Canal in 1956 so obviously they had not entirely left the area, had they? The war that erupted after partition led to the flight of Palestinians to neighboring countries.Most of the Arabs could give a damn about the Palestinians. The issue for the Arab World is the retaking of what they view as Islamic Holy Land.They want Spain and large chunks of Europe back as well.After all is said and done in the Mid East, the real fight will be between the Persians of Iran, The Arabs, and the Pakistanis. Israel ain't going anywhere and they ain't gonna start a nuclear war-Nor is the US! Anybody else starts one they're on their own against the rest of the world. As far as Israeli technology stealing-well you certainly have no shortage of Jewish scientists-in all the major European countries and America-I think they even had a lot of Jewish scientists in Russia if I remember right so perhaps we could give some credit to Israel for doing a lot of stuff on their own or even trading some of their technology for ours. Israel is a ally of the USA and vice versa. So is England and vice versa.Thats the way the world works.I know that runs counter to your socialist/communist viewpoint, Sage--- but Thank God that England has people like Tony Blair, Maggie Thatcher and Winston Churchill still running the show most of the time.Let's just hope they find somebody better than insipid Gordon Brown by the next election.

having lived in asia...

i suspect you are applying western logic to eastern has nothing to do with it. see what a reformed terrorist says:

remember i read your general butler thing and paused to consider the argument.

helping to get informed

Please when you're not real busy try reading this:

there is another atricle called 'Gangsters for Capitalism' at:

this might open your eyes a little also. And I apoligize for the "zealot" remark, that was uncalled for, totally. Peace be with you.

general butler......

interesting. having served in the us army, the power usa could project before ww II was peanuts. so for him to think he was a high class muscle man is very interesting.

currently, the power we can project is somewhat diminished by clinton's cutbacks. thanks for apologizing for the zealot comment. i am zealous about some things, namely freedom and the protections guaranteed by the constitution.

and also with you!

General Butler

Trying to slight him is unworthy of you he did what he did,or are you calling him a liar? If you are where is your authority? If you're not then are you trying to excuse the immoral and illegal actions he is admitting to having done for "Corporate America"? I really don't understand what you are trying to put across. Power hungry is when you don't give a damned about the law just so you can acomplish your goals. George Bush is the one who gave the tax breaks which really caused cutbacks or do you think that wars can be fought without money, or that progres is free. How are the 'Katrina' victims doing? With the trillions of dollars of debt that this administration has ran up, what have they done to help the American people, Haliburton is getting rich as well as Kellog, Brown and Root, who else oh, thats right there have been a multitude of CEO's retiring with multi-million dollar packages. Where is our national debt now? Clinton at least had america in the black following this line further would be redundant you know what Bush has done to try and destroy the true America with favoritism. He just pardoned his buddy for comiting obstruction of justice. And there is not one living soul in D.C. who is standing up and calling a spade a spade as far as being honest with the "PEOPLE", and you're trying to defend them? Do you really care about your country or just what you can get as the result of the underhanded dealings of one group of people or another?

katrina victims....

gov blanco, a democrat, held off on allowing the feds in. a democrat mayor and democrat governor (local control) for years oversaw the levies - living in a city 20 feet below sea level that is falling off the continental shelf into the gulf of mexico, yep bush's fault. yes, i live on the gulf of mexico too, have hurricanes pass through here, but i assume the risk, not the rest of the usa taxpayers.

i am unimpressed with bush, sending more money into a sinkhole falling off the continent.

anyone that builds in the path of hurricanes should have flood insurance, why is that bush's fault? yep, the big easy, liberal bastion, really was kinda of lax, easy going about their plans and preparation, wouldn't you say. or do you not know that much about hurricanes? it's simple, "run from water, hide from wind." there you go. "i live 20 feet under sea level, bush, it's your fault. i have no free will where i live or what i do." i have a friend who says, 20th century saying "freedom isn't free" and his 21st century saying is "freedom isn't fair." is that what i hear you saying? do you want outcome based equality? peace be with you.

i respect the military service of general butler, wesley clark, john kerry, and george bush, but i don't agree with all their policies.

the tax cuts put more money into the usa coffers bc it put more people back to work. you'll remember jfk enacted tax cuts.

clinton, bush 1, the great ronald reagan who brought down the iron curtain, jimmy carter, none of them did anything about terrorism. clinton was feckless. had bin laden offered many times to him. this world is goverened by the violent use of force. the wahabbi/al quaeda/hamas/iranians understand that. bush at least is trying something, even if he was incredibly naive. he should not have gone into iraq and should have gone more forcefully into afghanistan. thank you very much.

re Katrina

it was known clear back in 1969 when Hurricane Camille just barely missed New Orleans and socked Biloxi instead that a direct hit would cause the dikes holding back Lake Ponchartrain to fail. The dikes were designed,built and maintained by the US Army Corps of Engineers.The dike system is federal not local and there have been many requests over the last 50 years to make them far stronger. Given that we have had several more Republican administrations and Congresses in that time interval than Democratic why wasn't the dike system reinforced by them? Answer is that Louisiana being a traditional Democratic state doesn't get money when the Republicans are in power. But, you are right in one sense-that is that New Orleans should not be rebuilt as it existed previously. As the hundreds of dike failures along the upper Mississippi River demonstrated in 1993 nothing can stop the power of Mama Nature when she wants to destroy what man has built. I was out at sea during Hurricane Camille( we were taking 75ft high waves during the height of the storm ) and we pulled into Pilot Town at the mouth of the Mississippi right after the blow. Camille had lifted the Mississippi River right out of the riverbed and dumped 6-10ft of seaweed from the river bottom on top of Pilot Town.We spent a week working with the military and National Guard cleaning up and burning the thousands of dead cows and other livestock that had drowned. Never seen more rattlesnakes and cottonmouths in my life than I did tromping through all that seaweed and muck.