Beer drinking 1905

Beer drinking 1905

Often times in Nica I find myself in this type situation 100 years later... Anyone know where 'Guasimo' is? Do not see on map.

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thanks for the post mark

that's one of the best shots I ever seen posted on here. memories of Nicaragua indeed, -reminds me of the "Old Folks Back Home " song.Wonder if that is FDC on the table or some variation of chicha

I love these old photos as well.

This is similar but in Honduras.

more info

Here in this site a found a info about the photographer , it make sense ,because the place is close to a traveler way he used.

New info

I know El Guasimal , is a place like 3 km south of La Trinidad Estelí , a that time was considered part of Matagalpa.

The other places is Los guasimos is a point next to this one like 2km to the east.

By some old friends they ready died i know that place (El Guasimal )was like a pass stop traveling to Managua , when the people traveled in Cart.

Here you will find the places with that name, and his coordinates , (pag 53)

La Trinidad, Esteli

On the outskirts of La Trinidad, Estelí there's a "comarca" called "Los Guasimos," but am not sure if that's the official name or if that's just what it's popularly called. Either way, it's a possibility!

The picture mentions Matagalpa as well, so maybe it's somewhere in Matagalpa.

Here (maybe)?

A reference point (again, maybe?):

P.S. I have heard the name but have never been there so this might be another locale of same/similiar names.