Bus transportation and Schedules

I willing be traveling from Liberia, CR to Granada next week. Are there buses to the border and from the border up to Granada.? Might anyone have information on schedules etc. Thanks in advance.

Paul Ruff

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Buses Liberia to Granada

Stay at the Hostel "Hotel Guanacaste" about 200 meters from the Bus Station in Liberia, the "Centramerica" Bus out of San José arrives between 8AM-9AM, the Bus is a/c with video and WC comfortable $10 or equiv. in Colones purchase your ticket at the Hotel, will take you to Rivas, Granada or Managua. The Bus stop for Granada is on the outskirts of town, simply take a taxi to your hotel there. About a 3+ Hour trip, expect at least 45 minutes at the border, be sure to have $8.00 USD Cash for entry into Nicaragua. This is an easy cheap way, no transferring to local Nicaraguan Buses at the Border and you save on collective taxi to Rivas, the buses on the nicaraguan side are crowded, not for those with luggage and valuables in hand.

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What About San Jose

Is there a "Centramerica" Bus from San Jose to Rivas?


Your best bet...

Take the Tica bus from San Jose... if you are flying into San jose and leaving immediately, chack at teh airport, you may be able to catch Tica bus directly from Aljuela instead of going to San Jose. Tica Bus leaves around 5:30 or 6 am and another around 12pm... meaning you will proabably have to spend the night in San Jose.


Does TicaBus stop in Rivas?


..... you have to tell them at the border when they stack your bags back in... so that they leave in the front.


Tica Bus and Nica Bus just like Grayhound

Lodging in Liberia

Flying into Liberia Monday from La Guardia (AA - $249.00). Will be following the advice from all about buses up to Granada. Spoke with Tica bus and although they stop at El Bramadero you just can't buy a ticket there and board. The gentleman said he would e mail me the name of a local bank and an account number where I would deposit $10 and the bus would pick me up in the morning about 9 am. Never got the e mail and it has been three days now so I am just going to wing it. Plane gets in about 1:00 pm and I think that is probably a little late to make a run for the border so I am seeking input for lodging in Liberia. Has anyone ever stayed at El Bramadero? Thanks in advance Paul Ruff

Liberia to Granada

This got a bit confusing. This is with regard to Paul's questions. First, I have never stayed there but I have eaten there. It looks like an ok place in a rotten location. It is right on the Pan Am, at the only intersection with a traffic light between Alajuela and Managua.

Unless you want to stay in Liberia for some reason, here is an alternative. Go to the bus station and grab a bus to La Cruz. It is 20 or so km from the border and a perfectly nice little town. The trip might take an hour. There are some decent little hotels there. I stayed in the only one with a parking lot because I wanted to leave my car there for a couple of days and go to SJdS and they were happy to let me do it.

In the morning you can grab a bus to the border or even take a cab. When I did it I did the cab as there were two of us with too much luggage and we figured not getting there with a busload would be good. In retrospect, it doesn't matter.

If you stay in Liberia, besides the regular buses there is a bus line (is it close to Pulman of Liberia but I always forget) that leaves from the regular bus station to the border with lots of luggage space. It was 600 cordobas last time I took it.

Easy (easiest route)

Liberia has a main bus terminal. Easy walk from the center, and many hotels are very near there. It is a frequently traveled route, but still probably in your interest to get an early start (no great loss if you dont though, but it is nice to have the extra time should anything go wrong). The border corssing is easy; always been my experience that the CR side is a 100 times better than the Nica side, but it is not bad as long as there aren´t several tour buses there at the same time. After the crossing, the easiest thing to do is get on the next bus for Rivas (they leave all the time, or might wait until full, but that rarely takes long). In Rivas, at the terminal, just get the next time for the Granada bus and then get some food or whatever to waste the 15-80 minutes you might have (buses sometimes leave more often than the posted schedule). There are also sometimes collectivo taxis, but these tend to be early- and late-day trips. Though it involves 2-3 buses, and a border crossing, this is an easy trip to do.


How much does the Taxi from the airport to the TicaBus Terminal cost? I bought my ticket already, dont feel like getting ripped off on the taxi ride.

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Walk off airport property an

Walk off airport property and cross the road to catch the cab. It shouldn't cost you more then 60-70C.


I appologize I didnt make myself clear. I was refering to the post above. How much does it cost to get from Liberia airport to the ticabus station close by. This is all in Costa Rica. I am taking the Tica Bus up to Managua

I havent tried flying into Liberia yet to enter Nicaragua, but I found that I had to this year since the plane tickets have skyrocketed in price from the previous years

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We paid about $5 last year. Not sure if that was due to the fact that there were 2 of us, or not (didnt care, really, it was $5). Being on a tour bus sometimes makes the border crossing easier, sometimes not (depends if another bus is there at the same time, and if they operate a separate passport window for bus drivers). Also, Ticabus, unless they recently changed their routes/times, only leaves once a day, for the North (used to be 6:00 a.m., out of San Jose). So, if you make that bus, great (but you still might have a long wait, determined by when your flight arrives), but if you dont, you need a hotel, which eats into the savings you got by using Liberia. Ticabus is pretty good for long trips, but yours isnt that long, though the Tica terminal in Managua is in a fairly decent location. Depends where you depart from, but if in North America/Miami, Sol Air goes to Managua, real cheap, sometimes less than $300.


Thanks for the info.

I fly out Philly (or Newark, JFK)whatever is cheaper. over the past 4 years the price has gone up every year, infact the first time I went there it cost $400, now they want $735.

I am not to worried about the location in Managua where the TicaBus is, cause I will be going directly to my fiances house and its one of the scarier barrios anyway "La Fuente" I never had a problem there, I just hear the stories from everyone in the neighborhood.

I am also willing to take one of the Schoolbus's up to the border and take another to rivas then to MAnagua. Just incase I miss the TicaBus. Do you know where the bus station is for the border compared to the one for TicaBus?

Thanks again

There are regular buses from

There are regular buses from the Liberia bus terminal to the frontera. Best if you leave Liberia early in the morning to arrive at the frontera just as they are opening. From the frontera you catch a bus to Rivas. From there you can find a bus direct to Granada which leave every two hours or take the bus going to Managua which leave every 15 minutes and have them drop you at Mombacho. Then you can catch the first bus on it's way to Granada which will only be a few minutes.