List of common Nica fruits

I found this by accident but it seems like a useful guide to the most common Nica fruits.

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I had a banana that tasted like an apple when last time I was in Nicaragua. Has anyone heard of these? Do they have another name? It was very good!

They are called

manzanitas here, and Lady Fingers in the States. Definitely our favorite banana, too!!

Roger eats his plain, but I prefer mine wrapped in half a slice of bacon and broiled till just crisp. Mm, Mm good.


They are call " Manzanitos" and they are the best bananas in the world. I sometimes find them in here, but very expensive, about $2.00 for 3 or 4.



are you now, Sam-nica? It sounds like you're out of country, right?

yes u are correct.

I am in spaing at the moment.


Thanks for the link

great reference.

on a similar line of thought . . .

I'm looking for an encyclopaedic, coffee-table type, book on the flora and fauna of Nicaragua (Central America). I've see a couple good bird books, and plant books, but I was hoping for something a little more all-encompassing. If anyone has one or has any leads (I've been through Amazon, Chapters, Indigo) I'd be very interested.

PS. I just finished reading Thomas Belt's "The Naturalist In Nicaragua" 1874. A mining engineers travels through Nicaragua in the 1870s. It's a very interesting book, keeping in mind the social and political context in which it was written. You can pick it up on Amazon in paperback.


I just ordered Cocktails at Somoza's. Looking forward to the read. Anyone read it and have an opinion??

Coffee table book..

I've got a coffee table book about coffee tables and it has legs so it turns into a little coffee table, in case anyone's interested..

If you find one

please let me know. I've got a number of links to esoteric websites but can't find any up to date reference books