Burning Man

Burning Man

This Burning Man, filled with firecrackers, was set on fire at midnight at the beach bar at Hotel Paraiso, Big Corn Island.

Happy New Year!

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Burning Man

Every year I intend to go to the world famous Burning Man Festival in Black Rock City, Nevada but it never seems to work out. If you own a motorhome and have room for one more person let me know otherwise I may have to go by Green Tortoise

Where are......

all the crazies? saw burning man on Globe Trekker, a pbs show. i like the crazies, from a distance.

Burning Man

They stole my idea. I was doing the same thing only a week ago & did it wearing shorts..............

I saw a picture

of a friend I know, singing the song, "You lite up my life"

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne