Natural Reserve sign (Mombacho)

Natural Reserve sign (Mombacho)

Sign in front of Mombacho Volcano

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My wife, brother and I hiked the "Puma" trail if I remember correctly and it was well worth it. A nice Unimog ride to the top as well. Mike

Great Trip

My friends and I decided to walk up Mombacho and then we went on the Puma trail. I never walked at that angle before! Then we ran down Mombacho. I was sick for 3 day after, every bone in my body hurt and I guess I was so dehydrated and I didnt get enough electrolytes, as well as the frequent change in climate from Hot at the bottom to cool and cloudy/wet at the top and back to the Heat at the bottom.

However its an amzaing experience up there, next time I will take that bus thing on the way up.