Young Boa visiting

Young Boa visiting

Last Night we came back home to find this visitor crawling in the kitchen. We were not sure what it was... Until I took a flash light to see the colors better. My wife's first instinct was to grap the Machete, then the Hammer. I told her it was a Boa and was harmless. She said Oh Yeah! How come you're running away from it.... she went on to get a jar, a broom and push the Boa into the jar (I really felt ashamed as she demonstrtated more courage than I could ever muster in the face of somehting I am used to seeing on TV or in the Zoo) Once into the jar i hand no problems getting close and waiting for a good picture.. I even threw in a Moth in case it got hungry and in case it is the type of thing it eats when it is this small (if anyone knows what it eats at this stage of its life, please let me know)

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From an expert

"it is a Sibon sartori - a type of snail eating snake. I found one in Guatemala . It looks alot like california kingsnake." I showed this photo to the herpetologist I work with. He has spent a lot of time in Guatemala and Costa Rica. His response.

thank you

very much....

Yuk, Never mind the Boa

What about the Moth? What species was that? imagine feeding your pet snake (Like a Boa) a handful of "Pinkies" Man that's sick!

It did not eat it

and when it shat it had some beatle things and some little geko skeletons. it even pisses.... Which really took me by surprise, and it stinks.... I was not expecting that of a snake.. i thought they conserved there water! i guess here they do not need to.

snake shit

really stinks - I think I read once that the foulness of it is one of its defenses, especially if it's not a poisonous one. I've picked up garden snakes, totally harmless, but when they shit on me, were incredibly foulsmelling.

Reminds me of turkey vulture defense: vomit. Talk about foul!! Thankfully I do not have first hand experience.

That's Wonderful

My, sort of Brother in Law, cuts cane for a living. One day he was doing some weeding on the Estate, he was bent over and came face to face with a poisonous(Well known ...shit yourself snake..!) ready to strike! It was dead, frozen in death. it had been killed whilst they were burning the old harvest off. By the way, I'll bet you that all snakes stink.

I saw the same one

in the second snake box in the Zoo where they display all the Boas... it was in with much larger Boas.. Not sure what they call it here and I could not find anyone to tell me.

I found this1

It looks like a tree snake... but the head is a bit different. in that case what I thought was a baby is actually close to full size.

Not a Boa

Definetely not a Boa. Although I don't know what type of snake it is, it looks like a cross between a black racer and a yellow rat snake!

It might be

There are some Nica boas with black markings click here

Could it be a baby?

I spent considerable time googling it and couldn't find a single snake in the world that matched its markings. What came sort of close were king snakes and the lyra snake, but not that close.

We need the snake man in your link to the Let 410 picture, Jack.

I emailed

Vincent Russo from Jack's link. He said it is definitively not a Boa and it is probably venemous. The problem is that I never told where (Which Country) I found it. So maybe i have to clarify that...

He said i should not touch it.

The strange part is that I was playing with it yesterday and it behaved like a Boa... Meaning it did not bite me! I would hate to be wrong about what it is after handeling it like that... My wife is right i am crazy!

I should get

a better shot of the Head... It is big like a boa's

sure that's a boa?

all the ones I've ever seen have been a soft brown color. I tried to research snakes in Nica and CA, but didn't have a lot of luck (dial up hell here).

that sure is one beautiful snake. I'm glad your wife didn't kill it.


not sure what it is.. but calling it a boa saved its life.

feed it some pinkies

Pinkies are what the pet shop owners call the hairess baby mice that they sell for snake feed.

Get some for yourself too. Good for your health according to this guy Click here then click on Fun near the bottom of the left column.

Snake suggestions

My daughter has a ball python, we fed it 'pinkies' when it was young and gradually 3 years later we're up to large mice. I personally prefer frozen food for Nikki, because the thought of torturing live mice makes me rather ill. I personally would release it back into the wild but if you must keep it....get it a bigger cage and don't forget a dish of water along with the rodent of choice. Ball Pythons have to be spritzed with water might want to try that as well. You may also want to get it a snake house or make one yourself...kinda like a cave to hide from the light during the day.

So what have you named the baby?

It's back

into the wild now...

where would that be

the bedroom