While walking the streets of SJDS, we chanced upon a house in Panic. Out of curiosity, we waited outside to see what has caused it and voila, of course, a snake. What kind is it? Are they poisonous and can they also all of a sudden be found in houses in Managua?

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too bad... se this post

I caught the same one... and eventually released it... it is harmeless and beautiful to see upclose and even handle... Thing like this make my blood boil.

People here seem to kill snakes all the time, without discrimination, even boas... They know it is a harmless boa but kill it anyway...This is not limited to snakes.. birds for example... Any bird caught gets its feathers plucked so that it can no longer fly... Cruel and stupid and Ignorant... Adults are lax with the younger generation and this "Laisser Fair" attitude is ruining the country....

snake in rivas , rental home

canadians friends renting in rivas , we discovered a small snake with solid bands around the body , cant remember the colors wrapped around it . this was in the house,after there second day here . they got back from the east coast .we figured it came out of there luggage.

we had takin photos but some one sneaked into the house and stole the camera cound not post photo

is this one related to the one Granadasherif showed?

this posting:

colors and markings look similar, but maybe not exact?

I'd much rather have a snake than spiders, thankyuhverrahmuch.

Believe it or not..

It's a king snake, and it's very rare. We have a similar species in the US, and we call them Grey Banded Kings, and we have to major sun-species, the alterna and the blairi. If he was alive, I would have given you $200 US for him. I have some deep hued alternas I would have loved to breed it with.

Nicaragua has these kings, and they are somewhat mutts, interbred and so many variations and not that many herpetologist travel to Nicaragua to classify them. They also have tri-color milk snakes that are more standard, and discernable.

If you are serious about which king he is, count a row of scales and message that to me, and I'll get some buddies on it.


si or no?

Baby Castellana

Looks like a baby Castellana and they are venomous...

It's not

It doesn't have a rattle. It has the pattern, head, and coloration of the lampropeltis alterna, and is a Nicaraguan, or more accurately, a Central American phase. It is non-venomous, and eats bugs, mice, frogs, and other snakes. And it's quite valuable - it's equivilant to throwing 500-600 iguanas into Volcano Masaya - a total waste.

To give you an idea of how rare it is, you'll win the lottery before you happen across him again - if you're not intentionally looking for him. Nocturnal, super secretive.

Thanks for the info

I am not a big fan of snakes in general. I'm relieved to know that it's rare and not poisonous. I have come across scorpions inside our house but a snake is another matter:)

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How long was it?

My error. The castellena is red when young and shorter...