I would like to call Nicaragua from the USA?

I would like to call a friend living in Nicaragua from here in the USA & talk for longer than 10 minutes at a time. Here's the problem, right now I have a calling card AT&T and it costs like $25.00 for 50 minutes. Does anyone know what the best deal is *specifically* calling a mobile phone in Nicaragua? I've read that Yahoo pc-phone charges .19 cents which is way better than .50 but can i get better? does anyone know of a good USB phone to buy so I can try Yahoo IM!? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks so much!

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Calling Nica

Try SKYPE on your computer. Cheap to call from your computer to a land line. But if you can get your friend in Nica to use Skype also, then you can call skype to skype for free.

Computer to computer calls

I think all of the IM services provide voice service now. I use Skype, Yahoo Voice and Google Talk to talk to other people that have one of those services on their computer. If you are both on broadband it as good as regular landline service but if one party is using a dial-up service for their computer then it usually starts out okay but starts to break up after 5 or 10 minutes. It is a good way to go and free if both parties have broadband service and if you want to see each other while talking you can turn on your web cams.

I used Yahoo for the 1st time last week.

I used Yahoo last week for the first time. It took about 1 hour to activate, and I was disconnected 2 times with IM'S from yahoo, but after that it worked very well. I was also calling a mobile phone. I got tired of the calling cards not having a good connection, or not getting the advertised minutes. I wish my in-laws had computer so we coud connect that way. That will be the next step. Also I had a cheap set of headphones with a mike that worked fine. T.R.


My folks signed up several years ago with a calling plan from their carrier and they get charged .17 a minute to call me here in Nicalandia from the states.

Pura Nica, Bobby

a better calling card.

Hi, I would suggest you go to the nearest gas station you have and get a calling card there. Forget about them big name calling cards. Or, go to the nearest spanish owned convenience store and ask if they sell calling cards, most likey they will have them, and do tell them you need it to call Nicaragua or Central America. Some of these cards will let you talk any where from 45 to 60 mins., for 5.00 USD.

There have been dozens of posts about this

Go to the Search box at the top right corner of your screen and add something about telephones. You can enter phone; telephone; phone Nicaragua; USA phone, etc. Good luck, the Search feature sucks.

VoIP phone company

I use a company called Broadvox but here's another one that has an office in Nicaragua: DIGILINEA

I am not familiar with the company. It says "Unlimited Calling to Latin America for $5.95" on their Home Page. I didn't check any farther, so I don't know if that is for the month or for each call.