Pali in Nandaime

Now there's a new food store even closer to our finca, a Pali in Nandaime. It's located on the corner by the town square in a renovated old house. It's small, about two thirds the size of Jinotepe's Pali, but the place looks good.

They've got about 8 feet of fresh veggie display and roughly ten feet of fully-stocked (beef, pork and chicken) meat counter.

The store was spotlessly clean yesterday with lots of employees standing around looking for customers. Must just have opened recently.

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Epitome of evil

Y'all just keep shopping at the devil's store. Wal-Mart is evil evil evil and run by republicans who are all evil evil evil and nothing good will ever come because Wal-Mart is a big corporation and all big corps are evil evil evil and watch how all the mom and pop pulperias in Nandaime disappear because Wal-Mart is evil evil evil and...



Repeat after me: joomla joomla joomla joomla joomla



I stopped shopping at WalMart over a year ago and haven't missed it. I'm sure they haven't missed me, either, but at least I can sleep at night knowing I'm not contributing to their bottom line. At least up here, it seems all their stuff is imported Chinese junk, and who needs more of that?

I know the padre's post was sarcasm, but mine is not. *-)


have you been inside?

Roger stopped

by to pick up five whole chickens on his way home from "work" two days ago (got more Cajun-fryin' to do). He was very impressed with what he saw.

If Nandaime keeps progressing like this, we won't have to come all the way to Jinotepe for supplies once we get on our finca. Nandaime's just a hop, skip and a jump up the road from Ochomogo.