Citizen of Nicaragua

Question about citizenship in Nicaragua. I know that there's people that have been in my situation so please reply with information I can use.

Both my parents were born in Nicaragua, but I was born in Los Angeles. I'm interested in becoming a Nica citizen as well.

Is it possible to be a citizen of the U.S. and Nicaragua?

Are there benefits to being a Nica citizen? No, obviously not to take advantage of Nica's social security benefits or handouts on welfare. Perhaps buying a piece of Nicaland? Perhaps buying on a beach?

Are there benefits for taxes or travelling perhaps?

I want to retire in Nicaland so will being a citizen make it easier?

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Lots of Citizenship responses

Thanks for the comments. Keep them coming. I'm sure I and others can benefit. I hope to visit Nicaragua in the next few months so I'm going to try. I have an uncle (born in Nic) that has gone back and retired in Nic so he may know. I'll certainly post my experience in a few months.


You probably are already eligible to be a citizen of Nicaragua.

The Political Constitution of Nicaragua states the following:

1) With certain minor exceptions, all persons born in Nicaragua automatically are citizens of Nicaragua.

2) No citizen of Nicaragua can be deprived of nationality. Nicaraguan nationality is not lost when aquiring another nationality

3) Those born abroad to parents who were originally Nicaraguan citizens are eligible for Nicaraguan citizenship, when it is applied for after reaching the age of majority.

The Articles of interest to you are Arto 15, 16, and 20 of the Constitucion Politica de Nicaragua y sus Reformas, which can be viewed here:

As far as what effect the aquisition of Nicaraguan citizenship would have upon your US Citizenship, there was a little-known agreement signed between the US and Nicaraguan government in the early 1900's, recognizing double-nationality for Nicaraguan/US citizens. They did have a copy of this document available on the website of Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores (MINREX), however, I am not able to access it at this moment because MINREX's server seems to be down. You might try looking here:

As far as benefits, this depends on what you consider a "benefit." I hold two passports and as a frequent world traveller I use my Nicaraguan passport extensively because (besides the national pride/identity issue):

1) it is very inexpensive-- around $30, compared to my passport of other nationality which costs over $100.

2) it allows for much less expensive visas for some countries, which vary their visa fees. For example, if you decided to visit Chile, a visa-reciprocity fee for US citizens costs over $100, while for Nicaraguans entry is free. There are a number of countries where this exists.

3) visa-free travel for all European states, including those of the Schengen-area, and many Asian countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, etc). If you visit Turkey, US citizens pay for a $25 or $50 on arrival, but Nicaragua has a visa-free agreement with Turkey, so just a passport stamp at no charge.

4) more politically neutral. Also more unknown. When I visited Iran earlier this year people were curious about where Nicaragua was. Many places I go to, most people have never met a Nicaraguan before and I like to think I can act as an at-large ambassador for my country.

5) I figure that in the case of property issues, being a citizen cannot hurt. In fact, it probably helps a lot, especially when dealing with banks, getting loans, etc.

Hope this helps.

Dual Citizenship

DUAL CITIZENSHIP is not recognized by Nicaragua. Exception: Countries of Central America and other countries with which Nicaragua has agreements of dual citizenship. No agreement exists with the United States.'US%20citizenship%3Alaws'

ok I"m

which is it? Can you have dual citizenship w/US & Nicaragua....or can you not? According to what I've just read above.....I can't. But the previous entry said I could. Does anyone know what the bottom line is?

Norman Caldera,

Lic. Norman Caldera, the Minister of External Affairs, is a dual-citizen of the USA and Nicaragua. When he was on the hot-plate in the Nicaraguan media on this issue (given a possible conflict of interests), he sited this agreement that dates back to somewhere between the 1910's to 1930's.

MINREX's digital library is down right now, so I cannot direct you right to the document.

However, keep in mind that given your personal circumstances, legally you may have always been considered a Nicaraguan citizen by Nicaragua. Now whether the US choses to recognize your Nicaraguan citizenship or whether Nicaragua choses to recognize your US citizenship is in most cases irrelevant.

IMHO, the important issue is whether you would retain your US Citizenship (and passport). From all the laws that I have seen, yes you would retain both.

I don't think the USA

Recognizes dual citizenship from anywhere,but we are not talking about USA dual citizen ship Jack Davies, but rather Nicaragua as a second Citizenship,all they want to see when you come into the States is your USA passport period,we are still bound by the USA citizenship laws such as draft,yearly taxes etc.


I commented on this twice before FAP

I am a dual citizen of the USA and Canada. I was probably one of the first to be able to do this. They changed the law to allow this around 1980.

I used to travel with both passports. I haven't renewed my Canadian passport for some time now but I can renew it if I choose.

The way that the Nicaraguan laws are at the present I will have to give up both of my present citizenships if I want to become a Nicaraguan.

Yes We Have Dual Citizenship

When I enter Nicaragua I use my Nicaraguan passport,When I run into trouble I show my U.S.A passport, when I come out of Nicaraguan and into USA I use my USA passport.

I was told by Nicaraguan Customs that Nicaraguans are entitled to dual citizenship Now this applies to Nicaraguan born, I cetainly don't think so for USA born Americans,unless their parents are Nicaraguans.



Well that is a government Website in my post and it says you can't but maybe they would make an exception for you. Your parents were born there so you should automatically be eligible for Nicaragua citizenship and you already have your U.S. citizenship. It doesn't sound like there is any way that I could have dual citizenship but maybe you have a chance.

Your website is interesting

Your website is interesting thanks.

It would be interesting if the Convention between the US and Nicaragua somehow was repealed, since your source no longer cites it, so I suspect it has been.

In any case, Nicaragua's not recognizing dual citizenship and you being able to hold two citizenships are two very distinct issues. All it means is that if you get in trouble in Nicaragua and you are also a Nicaraguan citizen you can't say "You can't do this to me. . . I'm an American!"

Your continued eligibility for US Citizenship is governed by the laws of the United States, just like your eligibility for Nicaraguan citizenship is governed by the laws of Nicaragua. Makes sense, no?

Plenty, and I mean PLENTY of Nicaraguans (both naturals and naturalized) hold citizenship in more than one country.

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Birth right?

Mine have three to, but we are still waiting for the Miskito Passport.

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