Wild Animals

So, the picture of the big ole boar got me wondering.

What kind of wild animals exist in Nica? I know it's probably like the states in that different areas will have different animals but I'm just curious what they are.

Pete- I'm not sure a question goes in this area but I didn't find an appropriate topic listed in the create forum section. Please advise.

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Bats vs. Horses

The number of bat species is mind-boggling. Bats can be a problem for horses in Nicaragua. I believe it's a vampire bat that will bite a horse at night and keep returning to draw more blood from the wound on subsequent days. There is actually a product that you buy in a vet store that will coagulate the blood to prevent the bat's return. I don't remember the name but it has part of the word "murcielago" in it. I've used the product on my horses with success.

Vampire horses

You may have build a large coffin Denny. For your horse to sleep in during the day.

It's an anticoagulant

like warfarin http://digital.library.okstate.edu/oas/oas_htm_files/v59/p112_114nf.html... these's a nasty incidence of rabies in cattle from vampire bat bites - no recorded human cases though.

Apparently their saliva contains a clot dissolving agent of use in treating strokes - some good in everything perhaps


Leeches are back in favor as well.

critters that bite

I know for a fact there are boas and scorpians ...probably a few cayman and crocks?

Well; if you really want to know


No boar, quite a few deer but an astonishing number of bats. I'm certainly not a twitcher but am mightily looking forward to seeing one tenth of the birdlife - unbelievably rich.

By the way perhaps, instead of slagging naughty users off, we should irreversibly change their user name to something off the mammal list (beginning with hog-nosed skunk perhaps)

Maybe more than I wanted to know

73 different species of bat in Nicaragua. I didn't know there were that many different bats in the whole world.

vampire bats on Ometepe

National Geographic was in Alta Gracias years ago filming a documentary about vampire bats and the local cattle. I have looked but can't seem to find the film on dvd or tape...


here's a link to the NG site regarding that film: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/fieldtales/bats/gettingshot.html

great video clips

Thanks for the link..I'll ask NetFlix to order it for me....


I have been outside of town here and seen a place built looking like a bomb shelter where rumor has it the Frente did dispicable things to people.

Now that it has been abandonded for years Bats have taken it over and it is a good place to get "Soil" for my garden.

But what is that "White stuff in the SOIL"?

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne

white stuff

I read somewhere that it was Uric acid or was that from a Sea Gull?

Uric acid/urea is birds

Their pee and poop combine.

Is that

Carcel Modelo?

White stuff, not gifts from God

Too bad the vampire bats weren't there when the room was being used.

Actualy I was refering to the

Similar white stuff in chicken fertlizer

It is fertlizer too..

Hey Yall want a picture of the place?

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne

Does a bear

$hit in the woods John? lol


Do we want a picture of bat poop?

Do ya hafta ask twice?

He didn't say

a picture of poop, John - he said a picture of the PLACE! Yes, LFJW - please put up a pic of the PLACE - thanks.

I was to the PLACE this

Morning at daylight and the camera that Alan and I shared...

which was a gift(Dam, not the river kind)of Traveling Man...He would NOT let us pay him for it...

Just would not take a decient Pic. I will get a new one manyanna..LOL

to old or has a virus... but I will post this..

It is an old Prefab Bomb shelter 2 miles outside of town.. Very isolated, it was used for an interigation center.

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne

It is raining like a cow

urenateing on a flat rock (trying to not get censored here)

but when the weather clears a little I will go get the pic's..

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne

and 42 raptors

some of the richest fauna I've ever seen. The raptors are 'top of the pile' for birds of course and an indicator of the diversity.

The bat varieties also point to an incredibly rich biodiversity.

What a place !


I can see why you might be concerned Adam, there are at least 2 species of anteaters in Nicaragua. Not sure if there is an adamanteater.

You might be able to handle the little tamandua. In nature they live on termites mostly, but people who keep them for pets feed them fruit and meat.

Big One -Giant Anteater

Myrmecophaga tridactyla

Has anyone seen a Giant Anteater in Nicaragua?

I know in Costa Rica no one has seen the giant anteater in the wild since 1986. These are the ones that are about 70 pounds.

How about the

Chupa Cabra?

Funny you should ask

I don't know about...

The Anteater...

But I have seen a Threetoed Sloth about 40 pounds...

Reminded me of a drunken Sailor trying to make it back to the ship..

Dam (and not the river kind) musta had a belly full of FDC.

He won't in no hurry.

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne


If they exist I'll start to worry, otherwise I'm just curious. Once I make the move I think it would be cool to hike around the country to see what's out there. Just wondering what kind of things might be lurking...

I don't think a big puma

care's what his food is named... There are lot's of big cats in the higher elevations... I've only been as close to a Puma as some fresh scat but never seen one in the wild. There's a book called Carnivores of Central America that seems to be on close out on eBay and Amazon for cheap. It's a packed with exotic critters, kinkajus, Olingos, Coatimundi,Grison, hog nosed skunks and lot's more. I got my copy for like $4....

Yah, thanks, not

I ordered the book and then I got sucked into ordering 2 others as well. When am I going to find time to read them, I can't even keep up with all the edycatenal stuff on this Site.

Cool, thanks

I'll check it out.