IE7 or firefox

Since joining NC I have had a problem accessing differ features of the site, specifically the edit feature in my account and spell check.I asked about it and after all the advice it came down to that I needed to change my browser to firefox and this worked.So now Ihave two browsers on my system and I upgraded to Ip7 and still have the same problem.I have not decided if I like firefox all that much to switch to one browser I have been using IP and I am use to it. Can anyone explain my problem and or point out the pros and cons of the two differ browsers.

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Lets try that again

I forgot that you can't enclose words in angle brackets on this Site without losing them.

While in IE click on -Tools- then on -Internet Options- then on the 'Advanced' tab. Go down the list and adjust any settings that may be screwing up NL.


hey thanks jack I went in and hit reset defaults and that has cured the problem. funny though i do not remember ever entering that section and making any changes because i am not that fluent in computer and try to stay out of areas that i do not understand. thanks for the help

Glad it worked John

If I am unsure about whether to allow or disable a setting I tick the Prompt box and then allow it if it is a Site that I trust.

Browser trouble

I have Firefox, Opera and IE7 on my computer. I mostly use IE7 and I have no trouble with NL. You may have some of the ActiveX or other settings disabled. In IE click on then click on the 'Advanced' tab and adjust your settings.


I'm logged on now with IE7.0.5730.11. The edit feature for my bio info seems to work fine. I can't find a spell check on NL with either IE or Firefox (I actually use Mozilla suite 1.7.12 which combines Firefox with Thunderbird email).

I use a handful of websites that do require IE and won't work with Firefox, like Wal Mart music downloads. Unless you have a situation like that, it's just personal preference as far as I know.

IE7 doesn't put the big arrow in front, by the way.


I dont know whats wrong with my ie it just will not display the edit tab in my personal info I did a system check and all was good and I ran a new feature of ie7 for connectiin problems and all came back ok. I guess i will have to keep two browsers

That's very strange

I guess it means you're perfect just the way you are :-)


You know thats what I have always said( that I am perfect it is everyone else that is messed up). Hey John thank you for your help

No problemo

I realized Mozilla doesn't seem to acknowledge the existence of Mozilla Suite any more, and I'm downloading Firefox 2 now.


Now I'm on Firefox 2, and the edit tab is there in my bio.


I am running fox 1.8 and do not have any problem I just wish I could get my ie7 to run all features