Union Fenosa

Anyone else ASTOUNDED by their UF bill???? Mine just keeps going up even though I am an electricity miser! One person in the house, one frig, TV 2-3 hours/day, minimal lights, washing machine usage one time per week and my bill last month was $C 1755. The bill was $C 800. 3 months ago with the same personal electrical consumption AND construction machines, e.g. welders and grinders. How can this be with DAILY electric cut-offs averaging 4 hrs/day?? I've checked to see if I'm providing electricity to the neighbors--negative . I'm posting a link to an article featured in an earlier post. Anyone had any luck with reclamos, etc.?


Anyone have any info on Nica based solar panel companies????

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Im assuming because I live in what is considered to be a poorer area, the rates are lower. We have 2 tv's going a fan a bunch of lights a fridge, and a handful of small appliances. (No A/C No Washing Machine)

We get a 20% discount that shows up on the bill because we use under something like 200 kwh (not sure of exact number)

Our bill comes out to the highest (during construction) at 250 cordobas at lowest 120 cordobas. However half the time the electricity isnt running anyway so, Im sure the bill would be higher.

it is a problem

I have also experienced a huge unexpained increase (300-400%) in electrical bills for a unoccupied house. I did get UF to decrease one month bill by 50%. So then they just gouged me 150-200%. But I can't fight them every month, and I am currently considering my options including go off the grid or cutting the power to my house and hope that UF will go away soon. The more people paying their extortion, the longer they will remain around. Let's Revolt!