welding aluminum in Nicaragua

RATS...I am getting closer to the big move everyday...Today an integral part of my plan shows up on the UPS truck. It's a commercial peanut butter mill that I bought off evilBay. It's really heavy and it was very well packed and from the overall look of the machine, it's in excellent condition, but wait.... the big aluminum extruder hopper piece is snapped in two at the neck!....It's about a $325 part and a fight with UPS and the seller. I don't have time for this..Can I just find a welder in the Granada Masaya area that could weld it and paint it up to look like new?

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Peanut butter mill

I checked out the picture of grinders at the distributor site you posted. Do you have a recipe for Peanut butter. I love Cashews and am toying with the idea of buying one of these grinders. You can P.M. me with a recipe for Peanuts/cashews if it's too long for the Post. I'll share my sausage (From the Sausage grinding machine ) recipes with you in return!

well Sr Bag

Get the freshest nuts you can find, roast them at 350 for around twenty minutes then grind 'em up,,,you can add salt or sweetner after the grind. Not much to it... To make nut butters at home you can use a heavy duty food processor or even a good juice mill. What the Harvest Grain machine does is guarentee that each batch has the same texture and consistency..


Thankyou Sir.

You can find pretty

much anything down here. We found a blacksmith in Masaya who made us a draw knife from a picture I drew, good work too.

He wouldn't have the capability to work on aluminum though. You need a MIG or TIG welder. Managua is most likely the only place you'll find that.

I know I've seen ads for that kind of work, let me check the phone book today and I'll get back to ya.

that'd be great

Thanks Melissa, I do believe it's a high tech welding job and it'll be in contact w food as well... ...

Some welders in Managua...

Taller de Mechanica El Mago - 244-1965, Taller de Soldadura El Tallercito - 268-3121, Taller de Soldadura Luna, SA - 278-5059

These guys are listed in Managua, but I'm not sure if they can do exactly what you need done. If it's an integral part of your plan, as you say above, then you might not want to trust it to the craziness that is consider service and repair here. Good luck!


Melissa....I have been talking to the seller and he has a machine he can salvage the part from to replace my broken hopper.. I am fine with that and if I can keep the busted part as a spare, then I can have it fixed in Nica. It's the classic Olde Tyme machine, like in health food stores. A great machine, it'll grind two pounds a minute. http://www.harbornet.com/folks/tooner/peanutmkr.jpg I have been experimenting with a chili peanut butter and another one with bananas and bacon (the el vez). But a nut butter is only as good as the nuts you butter. I hope to be able to find fresh and or roasted peanuts and cashews. I have been wondering about fire roasting the nuts myself too.


So true to his word, my seller sent me a replacement hopper for the peanut butter mill. Problem is UPS picked up the machine from me to study the damage and now UPS is sending the whole thing back to the seller in Penn!! A long way off and I leave for Nica on the third. So all I have for my money spent is the hopper and a wing nut! Now it'll be no nut butter till Dec...I hear that's the start of the peanut harvest.

Your link

is 404'd (not working)...

my link to there never works

it was a picture of my machine. here's a link to the distributors http://www.pleasanthillgrain.com/nut_butter_machine.asp