Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed

To assist with a turtle project in Jiquitillo, 2.5 hours north of Chinandega. This is a small low key village with deserted clean beaches with nice surfing. Volunteers are needed from OCT-NOV to gather eggs. Volunteers who decide to stay 2 weeks or more will be awarded with cheap housing, great food and surfboards. Volunteers are also needed to assist with a preschool program and kids club. call 011-505-879-1795 or contact. During the months of October and November sea turtles come ashore here to lay their eggs. If you walk north up the beach a little in the evenings you may be lucky enough to see them.

Currently the local environmental group SELVA is starting a hatchery and welcomes volunteers to help with their efforts in protecting the sea turtles. If you are interested in this please contact us for further information.

www.rancho.esperanza.bvg3.com thanks Tom

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That doesn't look like any Sea Turtle I have seen in Nicaragua before -Leatherback Turtle - Green Sea Turtle - Hawksbill turtle - Loggerhead Turtle- It is none of those common Nicaraguan Sea Turtles. Looks like a Land Tortoise to me.JMO.

Dead tortuga lora

with a Zopilote Cabecirrojo. This turtle probably died from pollution near the coastline. Is this a better and more realistic view of what is happening all around the coastline. I was just trying to draw attention to the problem and show a need for more help.

I Doubt it.

Not too many Sea Turtles dying from pollution in Nicaraguas[Atlantic Coast] but lots of them dying because they end up in the local Diet. Stew Pots are more of a threat to Sea Turtles than pollution. At least on the Atlantic Coast don't know much about the Pacific Coast.

slowly but surely

concervation efforts are taking hold on the Dangerous Atlantic Coast

size limits, closed seasons, Hell this year you could not buy any illegal turtle meat in Port.

the green sea turtle has for centuries ago been the main source of protien for the people here.

this will not change over night but I personaly am seeing changes in the fishing habits and the attitudes of those around me in thia respect.

the last closed season on Lobsters (three months april may and june) have caused a marked increase of production (letting the little ones grow in this period)

I applause the advances made in both of these respects for the renewable resources.

this project of helping the little ones just make it to the sea is commendable, and vital to further rational preservation of the species.

Thank you for reading this thread.

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne

I agree

I think that the fishermen have seen a decline in catches in recent years & are starting to understand that maybe the Veda is a good thing. I hope that the fishing can hold out for those on the Atlantic Coast, because in many places that is the only chance they have.

the Zopilote Cabecirroja

Looks like a Cathartes aura. Speaking of huevos does that good food you mention include turtle egg omelet?

Gimme a break

its the only pic I have right now of any turtle but check out the volunteer project. you also forgot to mention the Olive Ridley Turtle.


This coming from a guy who takes a picture of a towel and calls it a frog!!!!??????

I thought LFJW had huevos, but this takes the cake :-).

But seriously, folks . . .

Sounds like a fun way to spend a couple weeks.

She's a beauty, but

I liked jst's "turtle watching" picture better :-)

No contest

but my turtle has bird crap on it!

The crap

only enhances the flavor when made into turtle soup...........

Canta no LLores

how does it

taste without the turtle?

Yes, I noticed that

That proved to me it wasn't a beach towel!