local travel via scooter

Have studied all comments fromMA and others re bringing a vehicle to Nica, as was my intention in driving from ontario. Am heeding the negative advice based on NL experiences. Will fly and while there buy... Now... I need a cheap vehicle while there. Does anyone have any experience about motor scooters purchased locally? like the Italian Vespa? Not a dirt or motor bike, please. If so, their cost (new preferably), insurance rates, etc.

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I suggest a small motorcycle is a better choice here, possibly with the addition of a bicycle. For short distances/in town, a bicycle will get you anywhere quickly with less concern for something getting ripped off. Once out of town, scooters are going to be less desirable on rutted roads and such.

And, don't forget, a bus will get you almost everywhere.


Edward, I don't have the specifics as I am still in Florida, however, I do remember info being posted on this site and I believe there was at least 1 website, maybe more. If I remember correctly, it was the much missed M.A. that posted it. Punch scooter or vespa or something like that into the search engine above and you should get the answer. Good Luck!