Hotel Campo Real-Managua

Can someone that is familiar with the location of this hotel let me know what good family activities/restaurants are close by? We are staying here since it is close to the orphanage where my daughter is currently located. There will be 2 gringo parents, 2 handsome gringo boys ages 13 & 16 and 1 beautiful nica girl age 11. Thanks!

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Hotel Campo Real

In addition, please remember to exchange US dollars for Cordobas. This is best done at a bank in Managua. The exchange rate is approximately 18 Cordobas to 1 USD. I also forgot to mention that Hotel Campo Real has excellent wireless Internet connectivity. I usually sit at the outdoor restaurant and check my email while having my morning coffee, which by the way, has the best coffee con leche ever.


Hotel Campo Real

I am a frequent visitor to Managua and after staying in the more Americanized hotels, I thought I had found a gold mine. Hotel Campo Real is, in my mind, the best hotel in Managua. This is of course, if you want to experience more of a local Nicaraguan ambience. The hotel, rooms, pool, grounds are all kept exceptionally clean. The staff is always helpful and courteous. This is the only hotel I have stayed in for the past 3 years of traveling there. They have small cottages that are ideal for a family and the prices are more than competitive. The food is excellent and offers a Spanish cuisine. From breakfast to dinner they offer great food and service. For side trips it offers a head start to just about everything. There are volcanoes a few kilometers away that offer canopy tours that take you from tree top to tree top or Masaya Volcanoe (active) that offers a drive up view allowing you to peer deep inside a 2000 ft hole that is one of the most incredible sites on the planet. Another few kilometers away, towards Granada, is Ticuantepe. It is a small town supported by the pineapple plantations with 100's of acres of growing pineapples, coffee, bananas, etc. The small town is picturesque and I recommend the tour that will take you through the pineapples to a waterfall and a gigantic stone wall that is home to 1000's of wild parrots. Another must see side trip (45 min. from hotel) is Laguna de Apoyo. This is a natural crater lake that is spectacular. Once you have gone over the vocanoe and driven down to the lake, there is a resort that offers cabins with lake view or the restaurant is lake side and a great place to just relax and have a meal. They also have water craft (no motors) to rent for lake excursions, i.e.: paddle or sail available. One more of many, Catarina? or maybe it is spelled Catatrina is a drive that will take you to the top of one of the highest peaks in the area. The temperature is 10- 15 degrees cooler and the view is outrageous. You look over Laguna de Apoyo and can see all the way to Granada. They also have horseback tours for a small fee. I have fallen in love with this country if you haven't noticed by now and will be retiring there in the next 2 years. I can promise you this; you will not be disappointed, especially with Campo Real.

Sincerely, George Schilling