Asian Food Stuffs in Managua

Asian Food Stuffs in Managua

Finding the occasional Asian food product in Hyper and other places in Managua can be a treat but if you're looking for a bigger selection, there's a little place in Alta Mira that carries the products above and quite a few more, lots I couldn't identify.

It's a house with white bars and gate, one block north and one block east of the stoplight by BDF on the main drag in Alta Mira.

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Good to know,

M- what do you think about the local sushi places and how many are there? It seemed like a fad when it hit the states a few years back but it's here to stay and thriving. Might not be a bad business idea for down there in an area that would support it..

Sorry Adam,

don't know much about sushi except that I haven't liked any I've tried. I have seen Sushi Itto's in Managua, but don't know if they have any competition or not.


I went to Sushitto on Car. a Masaya about 2 years ago, They did a pretty good job with their roles, I did not try anything else though. Prices were the same or a bit more then those in the US.

Melissa- I stopped in that Korean food Market a few times, they have some pretty interesting stuff. There is also another Asian food store (also selling all the "Made in China" toys and knick-knacks), or at least it was there last year, Up on the same street from Hospital Monte Espana. Sorry thats the best directions I can do.

Something's fishy...

Thanks for the info you 2. The sushi thing is kind of an afterthought. I have a couple of other ideas that I'd enjoy more. That's what it's all about, doing what you like in a place you like to do it.

Now we're talkin'

I used to make a trip to the Asian grocery in Tibas every couple of months when I lived in Costa Rica. Zillions of strange plastic bags of funny stuff like dried bean curd and garlic and bottles with only writing in Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese. Real stuff. That's what I am looking for here.

I do, as of yesterday, have a soy milk maker so fresh tofu is on my list for this afternoon.

The place Melissa is talking

The place Melissa is talking about is deffinitely the place for you. Most of the items are written in Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese, some do have English on the side as well.

The back has a bunch of refrigerators with all sorts of items strange and different, I am willing to try them, if someone can figure out how to cook them I will be over for dinner :)

Actually hon,

I don't like the Korean store right on the main street as there's way too many things I can't figure out. The place I mentioned is farther down the main street and one block off it past the BDF.

Both would be worth a trip into Managua for Phil though, and very convenient as they're in the same area.

Just stop by our finca on your next trip and I'll show Zayda how to cook some Oriental dishes for ya *L*!

As soon as the rain slows down ;) and the roads dry up


to that!