Immigration to Nicaragua

It seems that the population of Nicaragua is far too low to support a significant growth. I have come to believe that the country needs Immigrants! I am not talking about just any immigrants but rather pepole with a little money to invest (little meaning 10K or more) to start small businesses, farms, etc. and professionals (who have current job offers from Nicaraguan companies, or who have some cash to invest/Live off). It would be good for the country to promote immigration along with its drive to attract investors. Educated immigrants and the low cost of living/labour should be great attractions to investors. For my personal reasons, I would have liked to see more Professional IT (of sifgnificant background and experience) people here , as I cannot find ANY nicaraguan that comes close to what is needed for a sustainable outsourcing business (as an example)

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Don't worry about who comes Sharif

American and Canadian immigrants cut their own throats. I saw them do it in Mexico. People moved to Mexico partly because they could hire a maid for $6 a week. Pretty soon one of your neighbors started to feel that their maid deserved more so they paid her more and then she told her friends and then her friends ask for higher pay. This continues year after year until the low cost of living is no longer one of the main reasons to live there.

This is good for the maids but it is hard on the poorer immigrants.

This is bound to happen in Nicaragua as well so if you only have the $500 per month required by the Nicaragua government then you should think twice about moving there because sooner than you think you will not be able to live there for such a small amount.


Here is a novel alternative. Maybe not every retired person moving to Nicaragua because it is cheap needs a maid. I had my first part-time maid in Costa Rica and a part-time one here as well. It is only the fact that I have a stay-at-home wife that seems to have caused me to "need" a full-time one.

I think we all have a bit to learn.


The maid in my house is considered family. If I let her go what would she do? I help her, I loan her money to buy things, we talk, and another employer would just take advantage of her. She has food and a place to stay, and we have her sisters and mother over here all the time as guests. So, what does this have to do with needing a maid?

Canta no LLores

Population growth

There are more than 500,000 Nicaraguans living in the USA right now and most of them don't plan on moving back, which is too bad. They not only have more money than most who never left but they have been exposed to some good ideas that they could use if they returned. The money sent back to Nicaragua from the U.S. is very important to the Nicargua economy but it is expected to decrease. Apparently the 2nd gereration away from home don't remit as much money.

I don't know how many foreigners have now moved to Nicaragua but apparently 15,000 U.S. Social Security check are mailed to Nicaragua every month now.

I have to agree

Back when the Geek Ranch was a priority I thought it would be cool to get the government to "understand" what it was to the extent of granting longer-term visas for "the geeks". It could help encourage them to stick around and contribute to Nicaragua.

Of course, today, I can't justify the procedures and the end result to even get my own residency status. So, yeah, I think they need another option. The "economic citizenship" programs of Belize, Granada and others were shut down due to US pressure but they were "immediate citizenship" programs. I think there is room for something between what they were and the current hoop-jumping that would benefit Nicaragua.

More than just people who

want to help. Getting actual Immigrants from India, China, etc. to bring their culture into Nicaragua and use their know how to build business and even farms, will have an absolutely positive effect on the economy here (maybe we will then see a 10% growth as Rizo like to promise). Bring in a few small business people and quickly you will see large numbers arriving with all types of background.

Nicaragua can probably afford to more than double its population with the right immigrants. There is simply not enough people here!

Why is it not on any candidate's platform? Why is it that the Officials are not thinking about it?

How do you pick?

I see one big problem is how the government would pick who it allows to immigrate. While there is certainly space, some people will not benefit Nicaragua.

The most obvious example I see is "just another foreigner exploiting cheap labor". While some see "a job as a job" there is a big difference between this and someone who wants to:

  • Create businesses to be run by locals
  • Offer education and training opportunities to locals to move them up the economic ladder
  • Companies that help Nicaragua better compete in the world market

I would love to see something happen but I really don't have the right parameters to insure a success vs. just another government managed mess.

Fyl, I have come to deeply respect your moderate

well thought out commentaries, analysis of one or another issue, even when more often than not you expose youreself to attack by the more conservative elements inhabitating this web site. I think you are a bit idealistic in what you perceive, if I understood you correctly, as a solution to Nicaraguas population/economic problem. a) Corporations and entrepreurs are motivated by profit. I therefore fail to comprehend why any company would be motivated to invest here with the purpose of 'creating business to be run by locals'. PROFIT is the name of the game. That's why thousands of factories and jobs have been relocated from the US and Canada to places like Cambodia, Bangladesh, India,, Mexico, etc. Since profit is the motive, and training and educational programs proferred by a foreign copporation might inadvertently allow some Nicaraguans to improve their social and economic status, they would be limited in scope by the premise "how much more profit will I make by offering these programs". And, a socially/economically mobile workforce will begin demanding health care programs, job security, old age security, and so on. Major impediments, the primary cause of relocating to the Third World (I hate that term!)These corporations which have migrated to the Third World only did so because of the profit motive, and governments unsympathetic to human rights issues like unemployment insurance, old age security, etc. c)In my long life time I have yet to read any account of a corporation setting up shop elsewhere to improve another nations ability to better compete in the world market. I stand to be corrected on this life's experience. Show me if so. Sadly, I share your same idealism. But, the reality is simply that Nicaraguans cannot resolve their problems by trying to grab straws of idealism that their philosphers espouse. I have some ideas, but they are unpalatable to most contributors to this site, and we already know that a significant portion of Nicaragua's intelligencia and corporate upper class have fled this country when measures, rightly or wrongly, were instituted to move this nation from the three generation Somoza capitalist, elitist dictatorship imposed on the Nicaraguan peasantry. So long as Central American pienapples are $3.00 in Canadian supermarkets, when those same pienapples are pennies, in CR and Nicaland, so long will the profit motice prevail, because the growers get next to nothing for their produced, and they pay their laborers accordingly.

I bet you are a Liberal edward1

As everyone in Canada knows but maybe the American and Nicaraguan members of NL may not know. The Canadian Conservative party is the same as the American Republican party and the Canadian Liberals are the same as the American Democrats.

If you were in the States you would vote Democrat. Being a Democrat you would make long-winded diatribes (as you did above) stating all of your concerns but not offering any solutions.

As a "conservative element"

your mention of unemployment insurance and old age security was interesting. I must have called in sick the day those were declared Human Rights.

I do agree that idealism is best left to discussions over a few beers and not to be expected to go far in the real world.


The government should pick who can immigrate?

Of course!

It's a Libertarian concept - a central bureaucracy to judge individual people based on their thoughts and intentions. [/SARCASM]

Who will be useful...

I think that if a small economic contribution is required (such as starting a business or investing in an existing business) then the majority will be useful benefiting Nicaragua in the long run.

Exploiting Nicaraguan cheap labor is a problem that economics will solve if the right type of laws were in place to protect the workers. And Nicaragua is not that cheap, as compared to India, China, Vietnam, etc... It is cheap as compared to the US, but the US over priced itself so much there are few things produced there now, and instead it is a consumer pool for the goods produced by the rest of the world... Even professionals are now being Outsourced to India and other countries, meaning that they are too expensive in the US even for US companies and employers. US wages are therefore not the norm which is probably some level where the wage allows for a Decent life depending on the country where the worker lives (however decent is interpreted)