Steve on the finca 1999

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Just who I have been loooking for

I grew up with the Snakeman. He was here in Daytona 3 years ago since then we have lost contact I would like to find him.. Can anybody help... I have been looking at the site for 6 mo sounds like my kind on paradise.

Snakeman Steve

Tia Irene: Without a doubt Steve is there in Bluefields -- busy on his farm and managing the wonderful marina he had built last year in Barrio Old Bank. I spoke with him last in November, 2006 but spoke with a good friend of his on my trip there in January, 2007. I assume that by now you must have found him. Great guy.

Looking for Steve

"Snake Man" is still in Bluefields and I think that the "Granada Sheriff" might be be taking a spin to Bluefields in the near future and can get Steve's machine to contact your machine.

I was in Bluefields a couple of weeks ago; but, I did not see Steve walking the streets as usual; but, I am sure he is there.

Miskito Alan &#174


Steve is called the "Snake Man" of Bluefields who has lived and grown snakes there for about 10 years. Steve also used to come to Corn Island to buy snakes caught by the locals. Steve exports snakes to the USA (America).

Before any "tree-huggers" come down out of their trees to check on this snake explotation; remember that this "snake farm" and all exports are supervised by the Nicaraguan government.

Miskito Alan &#174

if they loved snakes.....

wouldn't they be snake huggers? if they loved trees, why would they care about snakes? from a tree hugger that doesn't particularly like snakes. nothing personal snake lovers.

Not a tree hugger but...

Being "supervised by the Nicaraguan government" sounds like the perfect opportunity for explotation!


Tourism is also supervised by the Nicaraguan government.

Is that also a perfect opportunity for explotation?

Miskito Alan &#174

si senor


Snake man is whack

Snake man is a sad misanthrope, who's been linked to the Gaskin marriage that tried to illegally purchase the pearl cays which are indigenous land. Mr Gaskin died and was buried in Bluefields without an autopsy at a time when all Bluefields was saying that snake man was having some Mrs Gaskin. It is unclear weather the Englishman who died in Bluefields was really Mr Gaskin. The Gaskins bought their Cay from well known murderers Peter Martinez and Peter Tsokos.