Granada Ferry

Granada Ferry

This is the pier where the ferry departs on mondays and Thursday around 2pm for Ometepe and San Carlos. There might be another boat for Altagracia and Ometepe on wed and sat. Get there early and buy your tickets,have your passport ready, be forceful and stake out your seat in first class and sit under the air-conditioner

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Curious as to any comparison

Curious as to any comparison between this ferry trip and the one I took from Cancun, Mexico to Cozumel. IIRC, the Mexican ferry was a hydrofoil, around a 40 footer, rather boxy in design, having the appearance of a catamaran. There was an upper deck and one down below which I was herded into with many others. It was crowded to capacity or overloaded. There was a tv set mounted high on the wall in one corner and there were auxiliary speakers. MTV or its Mexican counterpart was blasting at full volume with massive distortion and speaker rattling. It was about a twenty minute trip. It was hot and humid and most passengers were noticeably perspiring. I'm not complaining - far be it from me. It was a short trip, after all. How does the Ometepe ferry compare?

I took that same trip

This does not even come close, that is a luxury liner in comparison

16 hours

Try walking or sitting around feeling the up and down motion of the boat for 16 hours. It beats sitting around the house in america.

Conflicting Advice?

Your last "ferry pic" comment stated that you were in 1st class with AC; but, your next trip would be on the deck laying in a hammock.

Miskito Alan &#174

first class

You must get first class ticket so they will let you put your hammock up top. They dont let second class come up top. They are locked down below. First class also has access to life jackets and other flotation devices. Just like the titanic. Its worth the extra couple of dollars.

I'm Mixed Up

That other comment was by "Don Proctor".

This comment is by "Hulk Hogan".

Sorry - I got confused;

but, you & Don Proctor" do resemble each other.

Miskito Alan &#174