Post card of SJdS

Post card of SJdS

I bought this a long time ago on ebay, and was wondering if anyone might be able to figure out an approximate date. I'm really curious about the logs on the beach; looks like the photo was taken from near the pier. Nothing was written on back, and there's no date on it.

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Just Returned

My wife and I just returned after a week there and nothing in the pic looks familiar. But I'm going through all our pictures just to make sure.

This series of postcards

You are going to looove this! A similar postcard has been the topic of debate by some hundreds of individuals internationally now for over 6 months.

Check out the discussion at and be sure to follow the links to the four earlier threads.

I found your photo by searching for the text on the back of the unknown postcard shown at Cryptomundo.

Thank you to the response here on this forum, which descibes the history to this series of postcards. Now... the biiiiig question: can anyone here come up with the answer for our mystery fish question back over at Cryptomundo?

Oh - and you're likely to get a whole lot of visitors here, real soon :)


looks hinky to me

I agree with the person who posted on the other site, saying that the shadow on the far right should have gone across the tail of the fish. too bad; it looks like an interesting photo, and the story behind it would be fun to hear about. thanks for the link!

Great site

The fish looks like an early 20th century hoax to me. Maybe LFJW can name it.

Hold the Phone

You want LFJW to create a lie to solve a hoax?

Miskito Alan &#174

Fight fire with fire

Sounds like a plan

looks like Walker shot that one ; )

I'd say the late 1910s based on what I know about photography but, that's no CSI answer just a best guess. It has the same general appearance as scores of images I've seen from that period including the writing on the image. Is that writing on the image or an unexposed signature text right in the print making this more of a commercial postcard than a photo. Are any of those buildings still standing in Sur?

looks to me....

like the writing is part of the photo - I just held it up to the lamp to see for sure, and it's not ON the photo, but is part of it. I also tried to match up this photo with the ones on my wall, but they are from a different angle, so I can't tell for sure. The one mid photo with a gabled roof sure isn't there, and I doubt the one on the far left is there, either. Maybe the storm surge in the late 1900s wiped out a lot of these buildings? I remember being told the water reached as far as the parque, and severely damaged the old Somoza building next to Casablanca.

RPPC 1912

This is one in a series of about 40 or so from 1912. Does it have the AZO or CYKO triangle on reverse? There are 2 others from this series taken in San Juan Del Sur that I've seen. One shows the street (San Juan) and another was taken from another vantage point. Writing is part of the photo and was etched on the negative and contact sheet.

These cards were sold to US Marines who then sent them back to the States. Many of the cards in the series have Marines shown in the Postcards.

This series of cards comes with good story...

Civil strife took over Nicaragua in 1911 and the US Marines were sent in. They took over customs, reorginized finances, and kept a legion until 1925 only to have to return a year later. Eventually US Marines defeated these insurrectos in a time before CNN and video cameras.

There were insurrections and massacres in Leon and other towns. Insurrectos would come into towns or villages and murder anyone who supported the US business interests like fruit and such. Politicians were also targeted along with their families. This time was one of the lowest points in Nicarguan history.

Eventually Sandino consolidated this lot and became the defacto leader, however US Marines could never catch him.


on the back of the card is only POST CARD, "place stamp here", "Correspondence here" and "name and address here"

oh wait! I see now the AZO x 4 surrounding where the stamp goes, but it's in a square, not a triangle. Does that make a difference?

Now I'm wondering how much this could be worth. Anyone have any ideas? I forget how much I paid.

do I get a prize for closest guess ; )

do I get a prize for closest guess ; ) Thanks for all the info.

You're all wrong, sorry

This is a forgery. The picture is of the Highland Games held on the shore of Loch Ness, Scotland, in 1908 in the presence of Queen Victoria. The cabers for the caber tossing event are in the foreground. For some odd reason someone has scawled the SJDS bit on in Tippex. The other photograph shows 3 of the Queen's ghillies with a tadpole of the Loch Ness monster caught during the fishing competition and later made into several hundred haggis for distribution to the poor of the region.